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Project Information

I have more scrap than money, so instead of buying a benchtop sander (even though I love that Ridgid belt and spindle sander) I just made a bench mount for my Porter Cable 4×24 belt sander. This 12 amp monster is probably more powerful than any bench mount sander, and I can adjust how aggressive it is by using finer grit and adjusting the speed. With a universal tool adapter I can plug it into my shop vac (my only dust collection at the monent) and there's barely any dust on the bench. It's just a 1/2" plywood base with a piece of 2×2 furring strip screwed to the bottom so it holds onto the bench edge when I push work into it. The 'prongs' of the holder are just 2×4 pieces cut to size and vaugely shaped. A shim locks the sander in place. Ugly but it works.



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Way to go. I love creativity!!............Jim