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Dont have all the photos up yet, but we are just about finished remodeling, our house had a great 14 by 20 outdoor wood shop that was not used while i was gone. Now that i am retired, we have renovated it, enclosed it in properly, jumped the amps to 100, secured the walls, insulation, made it our second home. My wife loves doing scroll work, i am learning how to use our new delta contractor saw, and other normal shop tools. We have a unique ceiling in the sense we wrapped around LED lights around ceiling joists and upper walls, so we turn out the lights and turn them on and its just like normal shop lights. We have the standard 8 shop lights set up throughout the shop, working on various projects. I am a newbie woodcrafter so i make enough from yard games to keep us in wood I guess you can say. We are constantly looking and learning. If you are in the area, stop by we love to sit down and drink coffee and chat it up!




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Like the LED idea i want to improve the lighting on my shop as well.