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Baton Rouge, LA
Over the past month I have been looking at different radios for my office. I want one that can play my MP3s I own but also use my Spotify account. I looked online and could not find anything that would work as I wanted. So, I decided that I would attempt to create my own. I bought a few items

Material List:
1 - 1"x6"x8" Red Cedar
1 - .5"x24"x3" Walnut
1 - Raspberry Pi 4B
1 - 5" touch screen for the Pi
1 - 11" X 24" speaker screen

Odd material that I used
Scrap spruce, poplar, oak and plywood
1 - old 1 terabyte USB hard drive
1 - one old USB audio speaker

I have a basic idea in my minds eye of what size and look I want for this device. I know I should do all measurements or find plans or create plans, but I enjoy just creating without any guide. I am sure there will be waste and mistakes, but so be it. The final project will look as it will look once I see it and like it.

My first step was to order all the electronic components. So that is what I decided to do on this build. So I got all my electronic parts and started building. So over the past couple of weeks I built a basic box guts.

As you can see its a pretty tight fit. I did not want to have the "radio" be to large. I wanted to make sure to build the guts first that way I could make sure things would fit properly. For example, the HDMI and USBC connector out the side of the monitor would be a problem if not accounted for.


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I love the combination of new tech and good ole wood. You’re far smarter than I am to be able to put together and program the Raspberry. Can’t wait to see the finished product.