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Project Information

I thought I'd share my current project I'm working on for a client. This is a bedroom set using 3 large pieces of chestnut in the headboard, the two nightstands and a light bar above the bed. There will also be two pedestrian 30" drawers under the bed made from birch ply.

Here is what the overall concept I drew up & was approved:

The part I'm excited about is the waterfall slabs on the nightstands and lightbar as I have never done these, even thought I've done about 15 slabs of different things (tables, desks, beds), but never waterfall. It gave me an excuse to get the Festool Domino 700 and use it.

I'm particularly interested in doing the nightstand on the right side. I designed all these pieces - but this piece is something I think is going to turn out pretty good if I can execute it. I call it my "skeleton nightstand" as you'll be able to see all the drawers all the time. They'll ride on wooden dovetail slides that I'll make on my CNC. I've always hated that really nice drawers are hidden so much of the time. I thought it was time to expose the drawers completely.

Here is a closeup.

As this is my first project on Lumberjocks, feel free to ask questions, critique and give any suggestions or comments that you have. Even though I've been doing custom commissioned work for over 5 years, I learn something new on each project.




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this should be moved and put in the blogs this is for finished projects.hope to see it here when done.

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well now I don't know what to do. I don't see how to convert this to a blog.

As this was "approved", I assumed if I was doing something wrong, I would have been given that advice up front.

Oh well. Now I'm just grinding gears.