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Project Information

The BBQ buddy is made from a large 2 inch thick slab of White Oak with live edges for the top. I like to leave a Makers Mark on some of my work, so I left the bandsaw marks on the Oak. I applied a water based sealant followed by a Coffee Brown Dura Seal. For the cabinet I fabricated an internal frame around two pipes that extend to the ground with flanges that bolt to the concrete. The skin on the cabinet is Douglas Fir. I used an old Japanese method (Shou Sugi Ban) of charring the wood with a blowtorch - scorching the wood until achieving an alligator skin char look. After that I brushed the wood with a steel brush. This is for exterior use only. I have seen architects use this to highlight a feature on the exterior of a house, or even use this technique on small outbuildings. Bugs will never chose this wood to munch on and it's a natural sealant. The entire slab and cabinet was coated with several coats of Poly U.
Thanks for checking out the BBQ Buddy.



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A table…...................I thought this was an extension of the cat pee thread. JK Nice job on the BBQ bar.