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Jig is made using left over 3/4" apple-ply (garbage) and straight grained jatoba.

- Cut an 8" by 14" base from 3/4" plywood
- Made a 1/2" deep dovetail slot down center of the top of the base to accommodate dovetail shaped runner.
- Drilled a 5/16" hole about 2" from one end in the center of the slot and drove a 1/4" threaded T nut into hole
- Cut two 3/4" dados on the underside of the base, one located at the bandsaw miter slot and one located past the far edge of the bandsaw table
- Cut 2 runners from 3/4" plywood. I put two T nuts through the outer runner
- Glued runners into dados on the base
- glued a 1/4" dowel into a hole placed 1" away from the end of the jatoba runner

- Place base on the bandsaw with one runner in miter slot to position jig.
- Use bolts in the outer runner to hold jig in place (see picture 4)
- Slide runner until dowel is located at the radius of the arc you wish to cut
- Use knurled nob to push up into the dovetail runner to hold place in the slot

In this case, I drilled a 1/4 hole in a block and double stick tape to mount the block onto my panel so I could mount onto the dowel in order to cut the arch. (see picture 5)



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very nice. an old song just came to my mind: The Friends of Distinction - Going in Circles..

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That should come in real handy, nice work