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Project Information

Wood And Materials Used
Rimu (upcycled from an old bedframe), jarrah, rātā
Tools Used
Hand tools (full disclosure: I had machine help to make that big rebate!)
new zealand
I made a window! I've never done anything like it, though I've done wood + glass when I made a Craftsman style lantern.

I used heart rimu for the frame, and upcycled an old rimu bedframe for the sash.

I planned for a simple rebate for the glass and a bead to keep it in place.

I made jarrah dowels for the drawbore pins.

A wee crack appeared in the sill, so I mended with a bowtie made from rata.

A local leadlight artist put the stained glass together. The glass is now double-glazed with safety glass on both sides and weighs 8.3kg. In the sash, it weights 12.7kg. (and I had a fair amount of anxiety around the glass staying in!)

I used big brass hinges to ensure it's strong and won't fall out. And now it's installed in my house!!


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Very nice looking window, well done.

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Beautifully done. Looks really nice in place.