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Workshop Information

United States
After suffering a series of losses several years ago, including my old woodshop, I'm now rebuilding from scratch and giving woodworking another go with a business mindset. I am extremely excited and have plenty of small products in mind… just need to acquire all the the tools and continue rounding out my skills. After shaking the rust off and getting things running smoothly, I plan on expanding the business into blacksmithing, old fashioned printing press and candle making.

Hope you like the pictures, I will try to keep things updated. Look forward to enjoying this site!



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glad to hear your getting back,looks like your off to a good start.welcome to lumber jocks.

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Terrific shop. I love that you are getting back into it after a while away. I did the same thing about a year ago and I am still trying to finish the build out in my shop. Looks like you are way ahead of me! :)