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I saw this idea on Lumberjocks and thought it would be a great project to make for a friend.
Something that is fairly compact that she can take around and setup to paint when she feels inspired.

The box is actually made of poplar. I chose poplar simply because I like the look of it, its easy to carve and I wasn't really sure where this would end up when I started so if I was going to screw up something it wouldn't be a very expensive wood!

I had some issues with the finishing, I tried shellac, but wasn't happy with the look so ended up sanding it down again and going with some oil and wiping varnish.

Stocked up with some paint, brushes, a painters pallete and a 8×10 canvas. It's ready for christmas!




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merry christmas !

she is going to love it .

very well done .

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Very nice gift for an artist. I ought make something like that for my daughter, maybe I could get her to start painting again.

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Very nice Jeff, I need to start making some jewelry boxes for friends and relatives.