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If you look at my profile, you'll see I have built 3 different lamps so far. There is a craft exhibition coming up and I had the materials so I decided to build another in a slightly different style for the exhibition. The lamp base is made from yellow birch, the shade rims are made from walnut and the separators are walnut. The rings are made of 4 mitered pieces of walnut which have been splined together with a walnut spline. the circle cutting was roughed on the bandsaw and final dimensioning was done using a jig on a router table. I have been experimenting with carved elements so I decided to stipple the end grain of the horizontal support using a small carving gouge. My experience with carved elements so far is that people love to reach out and touch them. they want to see what the texture feels like. The ends of the vertical separators are also stippled the same as in my previous designs. The shoji screen paper was obtained from eshoji. the project was finished with minwax tung oil varnish. its as smooth as silk. Hope you like it.



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I like it!