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I had a contest back in October 2010 to give away a baseball bed. I posted it on Lumberjocks and my facebook page. They had to guess the game number and the final score. It sounds like the odds are stack, but it is not as hard as you think. Close to the end of game 5, I had two people that were on tack to win it that night and one did. Ron one of our Lumberjocks picked it correctly. He guessed it 3-1 Giants in game 5.

The bed was our standard baseball bed, but with the score of that last game.

Even though I am just now posting this, we got that bed built in in a few weeks and sent it out for his grandson. They loved it. I wasn't left totally empty handed. A couple weeks before Christmas, I received a package Mr. Ron and his family. A box full of several different desserts. You can believe they were gone within a couple days. That was right in the middle or my 80 hour/week schedule and they made a good snack during those long hours.

It was great giving away something and having someone excited to receive it, I'll have to do it again, when I get some free time.

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Hi Chris

Very nice of you to do that. It looks like the person who recieved it, is happy with his new bed.

God Bless

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I like it, I'm sure it made some youngster extremley happy!

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Nice Gesture Chris.

Great build, too.