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I finished 4 of these flags in two days. One to keep, one for my mother, and 2 for an auction at my in-laws family picnic. I cut the wood out for 12 of them although I only painted and finished the 4. I ran out of time. The painting process took forever.

The 'stripes' are 4" x 1/4" x 6' long fence boards cut in half and then cut to length. I can make one flag from one fence board which costs less than a dollar at Lowes. The stars were cut out of some scrap red oak that I planed down to 1/4".

The 'stripes' have rough twine run through them with knots in it to keep them spaced apart. This was a tedious process and I had to create a needle from a piece of metal coat hanger. Drilling the holes through the 'stripe' boards was a problem since each board was rough cut fence board and getting the drill press to run the bit through at a rough angle was a pain sometimes. I created a stopper block for the chop saw to cut the 45's in the ends of each board which moved the process along nicely. The star is on both sides and is drilled through with the rough twine tying it on.

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Cool project. What is the length of the finished flag?