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I used a 1×10 piece of pine wood and cut it to about 16 inches long. I then used 1 1/2 in letter templates for the letters and a hand router and Dremel to cut in about 1/2 inch deep around the letters. Followed up with a razor blade to get in the fine detail edges. I used an off-white color for the base and hand painted the letters with acrylic paint. The vowels are painted with gold leaf and then several coats of spray poly put over it all. Oh, before painting I used a wood hardener liquid on the wood to make it stronger while keeping some flexability.
This pictue is after 8 months of a 1 yr old having it (close to 2 now). She has thrown it (a few times) and walked on it (numerous times) and has not even cracked it. She has managed to chip a tiny bit of paint on the corners of a few letters.



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Good idea. Thanks for posting.