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Project Information

When I got my first DE shaving set, I wasn't quite happy with it. The main problem was that the shaft on the razor was to short, and the brush was a little light weight for my preference. So I had an old rosewood knob and some plane hardware in my left over box. Ordered the badger knot from The razor shaft is made from cocobolo turned and sanded in my drill press. The scales on the cut-throat is made from a dark wood sample of unknown origin i had lying around. The knife (A 1952 garantie of Edithwerke, Solingen I got after my grandfather) had originally plastic scales, witch was broken. The razor head is from Mühle. Very happy with the outcome, especially the brush, with it's good weight and balance. And the knot is threaded to the base, so I can easily change the knot if it's worn, or I want to try other kinds. I really want to try horse hair, if I can get arround to snatch a few tail hairs from my sisters horse with out her noticing :p

Edit: the finish om all 3 are linseed oil, several coatings and burnishing with #0000 steel wool in between. The original shellacking on the rosewood knob in my opinion hides the beautiful wood rather than emphasizing it, and the liseed oil also have a really nice sheen.

The idea for this project came from the assumption that a razor and a plane is essentially the same thing: a chisel set in a fixed position, and that the Norwegian word høvel is used for both planes and razors.