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There is a near-zero chance of getting DC in the current shop, so my power tools must all move outside during use. This gets hard with a lathe because not only was the concrete floor badly floated, but the area outside the door is covered in pea gravel. Standard mobile bases just won't work.

It's an A frame sized to fit through the shop door, made from redwood beams that my neighbor generously gave me when remodeling their house in TX. Large mortise and tenons, notches, and 1/2 inch oak pegs.

Large diameter solid rubber tires are mounted on the heavy end of the stand, below the headstock. The opposite end is longer than the lathe to improve leverage when moving. That'll also allow adding a bed extension, if I ever decide that's a necessary and good idea. To deploy the wheels, I use one hand to lift the headstock end by the rope, and shove the wedge-end stick into place between the block the tires are mounted to and the stand. This locks the wheels down, and I can move it by lifting the other end.



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Looks like a good solution! I don't have DC on my lathe in my shop, but I just avoid sanding on it as much as possible, and sweep up afterwards. And if I'm turning juniper, the whole shop smells of that for a couple weeks.

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That is a heck of stand. Cool idea.