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There were 3 goals in making this base.
1. Not to cut the bench base if it did not work out. I have 2×4 legs into a 2×4 foot design. this would work on straight legs.
2. Strong …the bench is heavy and 5 ft by 26in
3. Cheap. The cost came out about $25 of parts I bought.
I bought 4 3" locking casters at Harbor Freight 3.99 each. 4 steel plates $2 each and 14 2.5 inch 1/4 lag bolts for mounting the backer into the 2×4. all the other were long deck screws and extra screws I had in boxes. I used washers and 1 in screws for the casters and made sure they would be swinging clear of the back and able to get to the front for the black locking pad. I used some 5 inch oak I had for the parts.
I predrilled everything and had most drills out and the impact driver. In my design the caster board had to go below the backer board for strength and the braces and steel plate for more strength.
I looked at many designs for flip down and lever style and just didn't fit my needs. Also did not want to do the work and cut my bench legs. So I put 1/2 boards under the base, lag bolted the new caster base on with 6 bolts, so my bench went up only 1/2 inch. In getting the second frame ready if I leaned on the bench it would move already. first base a success. Second one mounted and it moves well.
I may be moving to a shop where I need to move the bench every day and that was also in my goals. Success.



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Looks handy.

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Great innovation.

I believe that others designs and builds are a good starting point to work from to make things work for us!