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The box itself is made out of American cherry. The lid is African mahogany, hard maple, and a smidge more American Cherry.

I finished the box with 2 coats of satin Osmo Polyx, which is most definitely my favorite finish. It gives a really smooth, well made feel to everything but it still feels like wood. Some finishes just feel like plastic.

I always try to put my brand on everything I make. My wife is not going to be happy when we have kids. She'll get over it, though, when she realizes it'll make it easier for our kids to be identified if they're kidnapped.

I need to replace these screws with forged nails or something…at the very least I need to give these ones a coat of black paint so they don't stand out.

A very important rule for life: don't call something a treasure chest if it doesn't appear to be filled with money or other valuables in at least one photograph.

The additional brand inside the lid was done out of disappointment. I had wanted to make a hidden compartment in the lid, but it ultimately proved to be too complex for my skills and to hide where my attempts had made the inside lid ugly I covered it with some strips of scrap wood I had lying around. For some reason it felt like branding that too would make it look better. It didn't help, imho



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Real nice work on that chest. Fine looking piece

Cheers, Jim