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Project Information

My next door neighbor asked me to build
a chair for him. I normally make the remark
when someone asks me to build something
"Give me a print", Well he did not have a print
but he said he had a chair, all I would have to do
was to copy it. That chair sat on my work bench
during the build and would take measurements
as I needed them. A lot of the pieces where slightly
thicker than the 1x that I could buy, all the lumber
that I used was 2x and I ran it through my planner.
The finish is shellac, Not my favorite finish, It dries
to quick and hard to get into small places.
I had to take it apart, apply the shellac
and then reassemble it.
The last photo was the sample chair after a recoat of
of shellac, the other photos are of the one I built, it is
just a little lighter, but shellac will darken in time.
It was a real fun job.



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Beautiful and unique design.

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Not the usual chair design.

Very unique and well made too.

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Pretty cool chair. You could make him a rocker to match.