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I made these two boxes during the Christmas building season. I had already finished my shopping, but my kid wanted to make a box for his special lady friend for a Christmas gift. It made sense to me that if I was going to set the shop up to make one box, we should make three for the same amount of effort. Also, this way we would have an extra in the event one of us made a mistake.

The boxes are cherry and the lids are bird's eye maple. I used a dovetail jig to cut the joints. The lids are not hinged, they sit in a rabbet at the top of the box.

I made the handles from offcuts of the box sides. I ran the offcuts over a round over bit for the top and the bottom was done with a round nose bit. They were pretty easy to make. The hard part was working with small pieces. The first handle is padauk, which is what The Boy used for his box sides. The second handle is cherry.

The finish is a few coats of boiled linseed oil and wiping varnish.

I am donating the box with the padauk handle to the fundraising raffle for the Artistry In Wood show in Anchorage. I'm keeping the other one for myself.



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Very nice. A high quality box like that should jack up the proceeds for the raffle.