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Project Information

I do have to apologize for posting multiple projects right in a row but as I mentioned its been a while so just trying to catch up.

1st pic. A couple candle holders and a vase, had to cut the vase in half due to some unbelievable hard wood that I could not get through.
Wood: oak, pulled this wood out of my dads firewood pile and introduced him to spaulted oak which he couldn't get over the beauty of the wood so he spent the mild winter checking logs before they went into the fireplace.
Finish: just a few coats of Tung oil.
Dimensions: 5" & 6" tall and 3" @ widest point on the vase

2nd pic. This is a platter I made for my mom last November and tried my hand at wood burning it turned out ok could of been better thou.
Wood: Oak with a center band of Mahogany
Finish: I think I used a spray laquer on that one.
Size: 14"

Pics 3 & 4 just some small turnings I like doing smalls sometimes caused usually they act as a model for a larger piece in the future.
Wood: firewood Oak and Cocobolo
Finish: clear acrylic spray
Dimensions: 4 & 5" tall 2 1/2" & 3" on width

Thank you very much for looking and please all comments are welcomed especially tips or suggestions.



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Nice work, some good looking wood.