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I decided to post some pictures of various items in my shop I made, all are made of scrap and not made to look pretty, just functional. Most of the items here I created after seeing something similar on here, or youtube/pinterest etc. Hopefully you see something that could work in your shop, as well.

The first picture is A tape dispenser/holder. I originally just had my tape stacked on a shelf, where it would inevitably fall the second I looked at it. At the front is an old hacksaw blade. For the clear tape I removed it from its original holster and removed the metal cutting piece from there, as the hacksaw blade wasn't cutting through it. Its pretty much butt-joints and brad nails other then the wood separating pieces, which I used a router and 1/2 inch straight cutting bit.

The second picture is a box for operating various fasteners I would remove when taking something apart/extra fasteners. I was putting originally them in a plastic container but it got quite messy quite quick.

The third picture is my first attempt at making drawers and pulls. Sloppy but functional, and a learning experience. They hold some of my drill bits, some sanding tools and most of my fasteners.

The fourth picture is a pedestal with a lazy Susan on top that I use for painting oddly sized items. On top of it is a 1×6 with nails though it that I use sometimes when I don't want to wait for the bottom to dry, and just lay it on the nails so I can continue painting. (it is not attached to the pedestal.)

The fifth picture is just a little toolbox I am going to be using in my house for storing the tools I use most often and do not feel like running up and down the stairs for (screwdriver, pin nails, hammer, pliers etc). Currently there home is on top of my dresser and its messy.

The last picture is my attempt at a dust collection system. I know its mostly NOT wood but its related, and hey, The base of the bucket is made of wood, so it counts! Haha. All kidding aside it works great and Literally cost me $25 for the hose, fittings, bucket and top (if you spend $5 more at home depot you can get a 20ft hose instead of the 8ft, but I didn't need it). The inside has a baffle made from 1/2 inch plywood I had laying around, the base is made from 1/4 inch plywood and some casters I already had. The only thing I had for this that you may not is an extra attachment end that I used for the side of the bucket. The small hose attached with the tape is not usually there, but I don't have the adapter yet and was using old vacuum hose for my random orbit sander so I just taped it temporarily)

Hope you see something you like! If you want more pictures/information on anything you see here let me know!



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That's my line "Not pretty but functional" LOL - all good useful items though ay?

Your drawers are much better than mine - mine suck big time.

Thx for sharing

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Made of scrap, not made to be pretty. There is not much sense in spending a lot of time and effort making a box to hold hardware or tape. If it's not leaving your shop, or going up for sale, then all you need is functional. Mission accomplished. I do like the idea of the box for hardware, I'm always taking things apart and throwing the stuff into a big can. It takes a lot longer later on, to sort through the mess. I believe I will make one of them later. Great job. Thanks for sharing.

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I liked the number 4 idea, thanks for sharing.

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Great idea for the finishing stand. Going on my to-do list.

On your dust separator, You might want to consider double decking orange buckets to increase the dust capacity. You will find that the bottom of the bucket will sit on top of the lid of another so you can cut a hole in the lid and the bottom out of the top one and nest one inside the other. You'll want to seal the joint with some silcone. On mine the baffle is actually between the 2 buckets.