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Showcase cover image for A Dragonfly For The Teacher

Project Information

Grandpa Jack sent Grandson Sam to School today with a Hickory cutting board for his kindergarten teacher. The Dragonfly inlay was made with a template from Tarter Woodworking & worked very well. The Dragonfly is Yellowheart & Wenge. The board is 12×18 & 1 5/8 in thick, finished with Howard's Butcher Block Oil. Sam are you still in your jammys in the afternoon?? Thanks to all our Teachers who make such an impression on their students
 this age..................Granpa Jack      P.S. I am thinking all the Teachers
Raven Stream Elementary School will be wanting my Grandsons in their class next year. LOL



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A definite step up from Apples! LOL! Cute kid!

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Ah the smoothies are back!
and another great piece of craftsmanship, I checked out Tarter thats some piece of gear you use.

Keep up the good work and you will become Patron for the Raven Stream Elementary School
and hey where is the Husky?