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Feeling Groovy a Box Project
Need a lot of grooves made. To house both the lid's panel and the bottom of the box...PLUS a groove for the dust seal...Best tool I have for that?

Is a Stanley No. 45. Set up with a 1/4" wide straight cutter...Then figure a way to hold the parts still, long enough to plough the grooves needed..

Yes, it IS screwed down to the bench....this is afterall a WORK bench, NOT some Dinning Room table top..1/4" x 1/4" groove, set 1/4" up from an edge. turn the part around..

and do the other edge....including the longer sides...

So far..that is 8 grooves done... only 4 more to do..

Except..this one has to go here....and the short rods on the 45 will NOT reach that far...
We have ways..

The Stanley 45 also comes with a set of long rods...simple enough to switch out

There is to be a groove milled on the outside of this box, that barely overlaps this form a dust seal.

I also spent a bit of time, to size the panels to match the grooves...then add a rebate all the way around..

Can not do a full dry fit...would never get it back apart...

Spent this morning doing a final fitting of the panels...trying to avoid them being too tight...even trim them a bit..before a glue up could happen, this morning....

Stay more groove to mill..tomorrow..


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Fine tuned the fit of the panels this morning...then the cussing could begin...

Finally...we have a glue up...Intend to fill in the square holes tomorrow. When the clamps come back off, I need to mill the 4th groove to split off the lid....then I can fill in any holes. Need to clean up the glue joints, too..
Stay tuned..

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Well...the 4th groove went in the wrong location...

Too late, now...once the 4th groove is milled...I removed what little was left of the Dust Seal...

And a plane to level things down. Then see about some hinges...

Goodell Pratt Co. drill to do the pilot holes. That screwdriver is a Phillips...then see about a latch..

Nice to have a box of Hardware. Before I can add handles to the ends...

I have a few holes to fill...this one was a bit large..the rest not so much...then a saw to trim each flush..

What holes? Then the handle on the ends...

Then see about a finish..

Stay tuned..

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So....a coat of Witch's Brew ( half stain mix, the other half Amber Shellac)...

Then hit it with a branding iron...just the right amount of "roughness" to fit right in with the shop..

A view from the hinge side of things...and

The handle on this end ( there IS another down on the other end,BTW)

Since this is a Shellac finish...I think I can call this done?

The Project was to see IF I could build something with a single board....actually...there is still a wee bit left over.
All 6 parts came from a single Pine board...1/2" x 6" x 6'.....seemed about right to build a box with?

Thanks for looking in!

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Another good looking box. Good to see you are still at it, Bandit. Any idea how many boxes you have made?