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Starting up
Have a Pine plank.....1/2" x 6" x 6', that needs a Project. Thought I could use one plank to build the entire box....and try to use mainly hand tools doing it.

Needed to cross cut things down to sizes....2 for the front and back of the box, 1 for a the panel for a lid, another one for the panel for the box's bottom...and 2 pieces for the ends...Stanley Mitre Box to cross cut..

Plank had "issues" going on...

Had a bit of twist going on....and the tree's Pith was running right down the center

The Pith I can deal with....except I need a power tool..

Was too much Cardio to rip the pith out with a handsaw...Tablesaw much easier...then needed a jointer...
To joint the edges for a decent glue up..

With an "assist" from the bench vise as a 3rd hand..and a caul or two..

Let these sit overnight..

Then come back tomorrow, and flatten them all with a plane...then I can start on 1/2" through dovetails for the corners...Right now? I'm picking dried glue off of me fingers...

Stay tuned...


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Ok...clamps came off today...a plane from the Plane Swap was put to work...

Had 6 pieces to flatten....some still had a bit of twist to get rid of, too...then bundle the 4 long ones up..

Joint them until they all matched...same with the shorter ends..

Parts is parts. Made a mess on my shop floor, too...

Decided to sweep this up, before going any further along...also sorted through the mess ON the bench..

Needed a few lay out tools...and a clear space on the bench to work from...

Should be able to lay out some Pins?

Then run a backsaw..

Old Jackson Backsaw...then knife a baseline...

Before I can chop half way down on the outside face..

Then flip over and complete the chops...Show face first, to avoid any "blowouts"...Once the waste is gone..use these Pins to lay out the tails. I use a bandsaw to saw the tails ( can see where I am cutting a lot better) ( today, blade broke, install a new one)

Chop out the waste...then try a dry fit..

Not too hateful? 3 hours to get this far? Mostly in wood prep...Area between the shoulder blades was getting a bit too sore..time to stop for the corner done..only 3 more to do...tomorrow, eh?

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Sunday..decided to kill some time, waiting on a Kick-off. 2 hours in the shop should do the trick?
Decided a better way to space out the the chisel would fit..

was to use that chisel. Bevel gauge is a Stanley SW 6". Combo square is a 6" Swanson.
Once the lay outs are done, time for the saw?

Except, this saw has almost no set to it's teeth...we have ways...

That old, plain candle..rub that along the tooth line..otherwise, the saw gets into a the baselines..

Not sure who made the knife...seems to fit my hand, though..Tools?

Plywood chopping block, to save the top of my bench from any chisel hits. Clamp to keep parts in place while I chop.
Chop 1/2 way down on the outside face...then flip over and complete the chopping of the pins...

Then sharpen up a pencil...and stand the pin board up..

Making sure "IN" markings line up on the inside...hold the pin board in place while I trace around the pins..

Bandsaw (because I can see WHERE I am cutting) to leave the lines..cutting on the waste side...then chop 1/2 way down into the outside face..

Prevents any blow-outs...then flip over to complete the chops...and try a test fit..

Corners #1 and #2...repeat the above for Corner #3..
At the far end in this photo...

And another dry fit..
Corner #2

Which leaves the last corner to do, next time I wander down to the shop...want to get the 4 corners done, before the Stanley No. 45 can start getting "Groovy"...each side will get 3 grooves on their inside faces....then a fourth on on the outside faces, after the glue up....idea is to form a dust seal, and use that to split off the lid.

Stay tuned..:cool:

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All 4 corners are now done..

Even tried out some clamps...

To see just how much a PITA this will be to glue up, Wednesday....

Stay episode will be all about getting "Groovy"..