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My wife happend to spot a few really nice cuttingboards from you all on this site while looking over my shoulder one day…and then challenged me to make one as her Christmas gift.

I love a good challenge-So i went out right out and purchased the Hard Maple & Purpleheart lumber.

The biggest issue:
My jointer? A salvaged Bailey #7
My planer? A rehabbed Bailey #5 jack plane and #4 smoother from a generous LJ here.

I finished it with coats of a 50/50 mix of Salad Bowl finsh/Mineral Spirits, then added small 1/4" tall clear rubber feet (the bumpers for cabinet doors) so that the bottom will dry if my wife doesnt towl it off well enough.

Here is the result. (i likely will not make another until I get a jointer & planer, that was a lot of planing and purpleheart seems to dull the irons really quick)

I didnt flatten the first glue-up dead flat before crosscutting, this led to a very slight bow in sides of the board but in my opinion it turned out aesthetically pleasing.
While it isnt as perfect as I would like, my wife will likely never notice them and she was extremely impressed.

...i am thankful she doesnt know how common this project is :)



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Wow, is all I can say. For the limited tools that you had that cutting board came out very very nice. My first cutting board I had all those tools that you spoke of that you're lacking, and it did not come out as well as yours did. Great great job

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It's hard not to like Purpleheart.
And your right, Purpleheart is hard.

Great looking design and execution…..............