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I'm trying something a bit different in this video and doing a voiceover. I have gotten a lot of feedback from people that thought it would be a good addition so we are trying it out, would love to hear which way you prefer.

Check the first part of this video out for some insight on how I cut out the blocks for this project and the different technique I used to put together the coin box.

In this second part of the two part series I get to gluing mario together. Both of these videos are about x-mas present I put together for this last year. Most of the description from the previous video applies here, I used the same wood (aromatic cedar, maple, and walnut) to get the different colors, which were actually a bit better suited to Mario's pallet then the coinbox imho. glue up was obviously a different technique which definitely worked better for the more irregularly shaped mario where I didn't have a border to butt it up against, and it also let me sand the end pieces while they were still in individual lines (with power tools)

Thanks for watching, tell me what you think!



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Did you figure out the pattern or get it somewhere? I have two grandsons that are Mario fans.