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8" beaded rim wedding plate
Gel stain, sealer, satin lacquer

I adapted a pattern from Tatiana Baldina to use on this plate. For the rim and back I first applied a gel stain, then applied the pattern and carved through the stain to leave the white chips underneath. After the carving was completed I applied one coat of Seal Coat Sanding Sealer followed by three coats of spray satin lacquer.

I hope Stefanie and Ricky will remember their wedding vows every time they see this plate.

Thanks for looking!



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That"s a really wonderful plate. I am always in awe of people who can do such wonderfully skilled chip carving. I've given it a shot by taking an introductory course that was held at a woodworking club I belonged to a few years back but couldn't quite get the hang of it. I'm truly jealous of your talent.

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Thanks for your comments. If you are interested in trying chip carving again, I am sure I can teach you how to chip carve plates like this and many other items. Helping you succeed is a main part of my work.
Video tutorials to get you going are free. Sign up here -

Others will be jealous of your talent soon!

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Realy amaizing carving with so many details. Very precise composition.