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Had a customer that wanted a pedestal table for there breakfast area and found a picture of one on the web they liked. I had not done one of this style before and thought it would be a challenging but doable project. Once I broke down the different parts into individual projects it was not to difficult. The bottom table skirt I thought I would build a jig, resaw some walnut into long thin strips to make a laminate skirt, but at the last minute decided it was to time consuming and decided on a ring made of small segments. Looks ok I think.

What was difficult was the "aging" of the table the customer wanted. Here I had made a table that came together well with sharp crisp edges and profiles, and now I had to go after the table with sand paper, screw drivers, hammers, nails.. and "age" the table. Kind of like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. Well what ever the customer wants, right !?? :)



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Yep whatever the customer wants.

So the top and pedestal came out nice.
I am not so sure I like the base. I think having my feet hit it or be on top of it would wear it or be annoying.

Was that their choice also…? Just something to keep in mind for the future. Our furniture should be comfortable. At least in my opinion.

Nice job.

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Very Nice Work Indeed Dusty! Thanks For Posting!