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Not a lot of pictures for this one as I am sure everyone has made something similar. Basically it's a modified version of the plant stand published in issue #177 of Wood Magazine others on this forum have followed. The structural frame is made of cedar 2×4's which I sanded and sealed, the shelf slats are made from 1×6" cedar stock that I ripped to a nominal 1×1.5" then planed to final thickness and width using my newly acquired and restored Bailey #5.

While this is not my first project built on my new bench, it is the most 'finished' thanks to 3 coats of spar varnish (pun intended!). It gave me the chance to use all of my tools, hand and power, and I am proud of the final result. I learned a lot about spar varnish application of course, most importantly that I do not like applying spar varnish, but if I do it again I will use the terry covered sponge instead of a brush!

Other things I learned are how to form radiuses with my jigsaw, how to sharpen and set up my hand plane, how important dust management is for sanding by hand and how vital it is I replace my crappy bench vice with something more, uh… sturdy?

What makes this one special for more than just an exercise on how to use my tools is that I made it for my dearest friend and partner Cali for her 36th birthday. (Well, it was presented in it's finished form a few days after, but hey!) I think it will go well with the Adirondack chairs I plan to make next…

Anyhow, thanks for looking and providing inspiration!



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You should be proud! You did a good job in it! I could use one like that on our patio.
I'm sure Cali will love it and put it to good use!
Thanks for sharing!

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Cool design !!!