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Project Information

A friend of mine knows that I do a lot of woodworking. He asked me to design and build 2 cabinets for their new youth room at their church.

One cabinet is open in front and back, and holds a standard 19" steel rack for computer rack mounted items.

The other cabinet will be lockable with a total of 3 shelves for computer equipment.

I designed them in Sketchup. He requested that also use up 2 sheets of 3/4" plywood he had been storing for many years.

The hardest part of this project was man-handling those heavy sheets of 3/4" oak plywood!! I got my wife to help me set them up on the sawhorses. I still had to do a lot of planning to table saw the pieces into their final parts.

I used conventional oil based stain, followed by 2 coats of flat polyurethane. I had to match some other cabinets being built by somebody else on this project.

You can see all my Trials & Tribulations on my woodworking web site




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Good project for a good place and very well executed too.