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I made this dedicated jig to facilitate cutting the tapers on the legs for those 10 chairs I'll be making for the table which I made for my church. With this jig I can cut both the taper on each leg, plus the taper on the upper part of the back leg. It slides in the miter slot so the cut will always be the same.

[Photo #1] shows the jig ready to go to cut the leg taper.

[Photo #2] Here you can see the hold down clamps I made because I don't have any of the fancy hold downs. These work just fine to keep the piece still while being cut.

[Photo #3] shows a finished leg in the jig.

[Photo #4] Shows the jig all opened up. The side fence has 2 possible positions, set by dowel holes. I also wrote 'leg' and 'back' on the jig to help me keep straight which cut I'm making. The fence alternately covers up one word or the other.

[Photo #5] Here the jig has the fence set to cut the back taper on the back leg of the chair.

[Photo #6] Now the leg piece has been spun and flipped and put in the jig to cut the back taper.

I cut the leg taper for my prototype with a general tapering jig and soon discovered how much set up was necessary for each cut. That's when I knew it would be well worth the time and effort to make a jig. It all depended on my figuring out how to make it usable for both tapers. I think t will really speed up the process once I start making the chairs this winter.



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Nice design, should work well in repeatability on the legs. I really like the can action clamps for holding the stock, think I'll copy that.