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It has long been our custom, my wife and I, at close of play, to have an open air shower and relax with a cup of coffee and a packet of biscuits by the pond, or under the fig tree, depending on the weather. We're usually joined by a cat or two, and we discuss the days events, or lack thereof, and make plans for the future. The cats rarely contribute, it must be said, nor do they take coffee.
A few weeks ago, SWMBO pointed out that it was a two-handed hassle to use a "full grown" tray for such a meagre collection of items - and so the project "2 cups of coffee & a packet of biscuits, please" was born.
It took but a day to implement - let's face it, it isn't great carpentering - but it does involve 6 M&T joints (doweled as well more for the visual effect than for structure), and a floating plywood base.
It's floorboard pine finished with floor wax protector (a finish which Mr Kat discussed a while back)

(The project title is, of course, based upon the excellent Splodgenessabounds song)



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Outstanding! It will add to the richness of the moment.

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You must explain what an open air shower is…never heard of it before

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An outdoor shower is, err, just a shower that's outdoors - there's nothing quite like standing in the open air being showered with water. The Africans just fill an oil barrel with water and let it heat up in the sun. I took a feed from our solar water system…

Just in case the wife reads this - it's a work in progress - it's not finished.