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I saw a neat looking simple table design in the Oct/Nov 2013 issue of American Woodworker magazine. It was titled Uncle Bob's Table.

I decided to make the same table, but in red oak instead of alder. At the same time, I ran across an article about using grain filler on open grain woods like red oak. I ordered the plain white Behlen grain filler and decided to give it a try.

One of my biggest issues was not realizing I would need to mix the Behlen grain filler when it arrived. I had a paint mixer bit, but my only hand drill had way too high of speed… I made a big mess everywhere. Some "salty sailor" terms were uttered.

I went to the drill press, slowed the speed way down….....and carefully mixed it. It probably took 15 minutes of mixing time on the drill press.

After a lot of experimenting, I zeroed in the following process:

-sand to 220 grit
-once coat of polyurethane
-sand to 220 grit, remove dust
-apply wood filler
-after 10 minutes, wipe against the grain using burlap to remove filler
-let dry, sand to 220 grit
-several rounds of 220 grit and polyurethane until done

I was very pleased with the final table. I have never made a finish so smooth you can see the reflection of a coffee cup… the photo above!!

To see all of my trials & tribulations during this project. see my web site.



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Great job! What color stain did you use?

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It came out really gorgeous. Like the pretty grains and great finish. Well done!