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Project Information

My Sophia asked me to make bird feeder for her friend Sarah in 2006, unfortunately Sarah had already moved away. So we have been feeding the birds in our backyard ever since. Sophia and I built this together, so it's even more special.

We often see projects that take a great deal of effort and craftsmanship to create. We are always anxious to share these creations with our Lumberjocks community, but, this one has been in service for over a decade.

Just simple cedar fence picket, and a couple left over prices of plexiglass. I have had to replace the strings several times, wash it out 2 times a year. I guess it will make it another 10 years.



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Well made and a great project for a child to help with.


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Great project and looks like a happy Cardinal on it.

Our feeders are busy and we have a pair of Cardinals under it all the time. Right now is mating time for them and the male has been feeding the female. The two are never far apart.