Marie's Table... A Marquetry Adventure

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Blog series by shipwright updated 08-06-2012 10:28 PM 11 parts 56144 reads 256 comments total

Part 1: Where it all Started.

07-20-2012 06:37 AM by shipwright | 32 comments »

Some of you may remember a couple of months ago I posted a new segment in my blog about marquetry cutting styles describing the “painting in wood” style. Well, once I started cutting the classic French design (pattern in the back of the workbook from ASFM) I started musing about where it might end up. I’ve made enough boxes and while they were a good venue for some simple marquetry and served well to practice on, my real interest is in bigger projects and more furniture kin...

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Part 2: More Marquetry for the Top.

07-21-2012 01:02 AM by shipwright | 19 comments »

The first photo here is the one the last segment finished off with. I re-post it here because it was at this point that I first noticed that the motif was crooked in the ellipse. In the ASFM workbook it is just a line drawing on a page. I scanned it and retraced it in inkscape to clean it up but didn’t notice that it was not straight on the page in the book. So of course, now that I know I can’t live with it. So here’s the solution. First, cut an MDF pattern (white th...

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Part 3: A Sidetrack and finishing the Tabletop

07-21-2012 11:48 PM by shipwright | 22 comments »

When the last episode ended our fearless hero was in a quandary. He had ditched the purpleheart garland in favor of a rope band that he didn’t like either and was in search of a way to bring some dark color back into the pale interior of the table top. (OK enough third person already) Anyway the decision was to re-cut the “music” motif, this time in the piece by piece or classic method. That would render four identical copies for my trouble and I could use them on other proj...

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Part 4: The Marqueteur's Nightmare

07-23-2012 12:45 AM by shipwright | 22 comments »

At the end of the last segment I said that I would do this one on the thing that we who do marquetry, with modern veneers at least, fear most…. sanding through to reveal the substrate. I can show you a picture of what it looks like but there’s no way I can tell you what it feels like. Here’s what I discovered while very carefully leveling the central medallion of this table with fine sandpaper. I looked at it and said something like ”Oh gee whiz, that’s really t...

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Part 5: Getting the Legs Started.

07-24-2012 12:44 AM by shipwright | 18 comments »

Back in the first part of this blog I posted this photo and said that the project was going to turn out quite like the “plan”. ... but this is a sketch of a leg and just a corner of a table so what goes? Well the answer is that the original idea here was to make a table with really cool legs. The ringed ball idea had just come to me from ??? who knows where but when I sketched it I liked it. Then I added the table and indicated lots of marquetry even on the curved parts. So...

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Part 6: Oooooh, Nice Legs!

07-25-2012 11:18 PM by shipwright | 33 comments »

Ok, next step is to get some leg blanks out and prepare them to accept the ringed balls. This was just a matter of dimensioning some big leaf maple of which I have a nice stock and routing half holes on center in all the halves before gluing them up. Here are the pieces all ready to glue up. And here they are all glued up and fitted with the balls to check for fit and alignment. In this photo I’m using my Veritas radius-master to create a high precision curve pattern for t...

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Part 7: Pretty Apron to go with the Nice Legs

07-27-2012 12:33 AM by shipwright | 22 comments »

I guess we all probably agree that what this table needs to sharpen it up is a little more marquetry, right? Ok, so lets get working on the aprons. The first job is to make a “frisage”, a geometrically arranged background for the marquetry. For this table I’ve decided upon a “chevron” match of macassar ebony. The tricky part is that I will be cutting the holes for the central pieces of the motif in two back to back halves and then cutting the inlay pieces sepa...

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Part 8: Finishing up the Aprons.

07-28-2012 12:21 AM by shipwright | 16 comments »

There will be a little flashback in time here as some of this was done before the legs were finished up. Anyway I will just throw in a few photos of some of the joinery involved without going into much detail. Roughing out the mortises. And the tenons. I like to leave the tenons a little big and final fit while cleaning the mortises. Looks good. I glued a strip on the tops of the apron pieces after fitting to locate the table frame inside the recess in the botto...

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Part 9: A Couple of Chevalet Videos.

07-28-2012 02:22 AM by shipwright | 29 comments »

A couple of segments back Rance asked in a comment if I could do a close up of the chevalet making a cut. I gave it a try today. This is the best I can do with my cheap camera and my cheap tripod but it actually shows the cut reasonably well. The cut itself is not very good because the camera was in my line of sight and in my way. Also I normally cut further down in the vee of the jaws but the camera couldn’t see in there so I’m cutting a little higher. CAUTION: BORING !! u...

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Part 10: Delicate Moldings

07-30-2012 12:50 AM by shipwright | 25 comments »

I always knew that the scrolled edges of the aprons were going to need some kind of trim to define them but I kept putting off designing them because I wanted to see the pieces first and then decide what would suit. Each solution I had thought about had its drawbacks but the one I really wanted seemed to have the most…... so I decided to try and figure out a way to do it. To put the cart before the horse, this is what I envisioned, a delicate 1/8” x 1/4” half round moldin...

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Part 11: Finishing and Polishing to Music

08-06-2012 10:28 PM by shipwright | 18 comments »

This will be the last part of this blog until after the project is posted. I wasn’t even going to do this one but a funny thing happened today. I was applying a french polish to the tabletop and listening to some classical music on the radio when I noticed that my hand was following the music. I thought some of you might get a kick out of it too so I did a short video of it. I think I could really mess this up listening to Hendrix. The other parts are all in the spray booth. Not...

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