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Blog series by robscastle updated 02-12-2021 04:47 AM 43 parts 81884 reads 328 comments total

Part 1: A Small Kids Seat inspired by S Maloof's work

07-10-2014 07:36 AM by robscastle | 4 comments »

After doing some experiments with Sam Maloof’s signature joints, I decided to try a small project. The reason being, doing a single joint in isolation is not really testing your skills, apart from providing the evidence you may have the capability to progress further, so lets see. Making one off furniture in my mind is not something I would normally undertake, mainly because its attempting to compete with the finish, and cost of mass produced furniture. So keeping that in mind ...

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Part 2: Maloof Stool rear legs rough out

07-12-2014 03:51 AM by robscastle | 3 comments »

I kinda chickened out making the “good” stool just yet, and knocked up some Camphor Laurel to do a prototype, read as a nervous departure from the final product! Here is the current result having made the base/seat and rough out of the two back legs. This is a side view of the legs just dry fitted at this stage I am not overly worried about the overlap as it will be profiled down at a later stage However I need to pay more attebtion to cutting detail as here there is t...

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Part 3: Maloof Stool Front legs and seat rough out

07-13-2014 03:10 AM by robscastle | 6 comments »

An absolutley brilliant winters Day here in Brisbane, and although I dont usually disturb the peace of a Sunday I decided to do some more work on the prototype stool..First up I forgot to post a picture of the rough stock I made the stool from.So here is a reconstiited section fro the original 4 m piece From it I resawed everything to make the stool. Now onward to the front legs I marked out a rough concept and cut them out with the bandsaw. Both legs are clamped together to ...

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Part 4: Maloof Stool Final construction and initial sanding complete

07-14-2014 01:13 AM by robscastle | 4 comments »

I have completed the prototype stool, I just finished 4 hours sanding attaching the back and tidying up Here is the raw product, currently sanded to 320 Grit, it still has a few dings to remove but overall construction is finished Now I need to answer a couple of questions from the last blog SPalm: The sculpturing of the seat was done using a Arbortech Turbo planer How I did it was: I marked out a general shape and then removed a strip from each side straight down ...

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Part 5: Maloof Stool (the real one) makes Progress

08-19-2014 05:43 AM by robscastle | 6 comments »

Today I decided to progress the “real” Maloof stool I began in June. I started off doing the rear legs however I must have had some sort of lapse of the brain as I cut the legs out on the bandsaw first, why I did it who knows I had already made a prototype as well! So after I realised the monumental error of having no datum surfaces to work with I had to Double Side Tape them and the off cuts back together again temporarly. A vist to the sander returned a level work...

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Part 6: Oh no how may mistakes can a person make

08-19-2014 09:13 AM by robscastle | 9 comments »

My Sam Maloof inspired stool has yet another error. I am very disapointed that after making a prototype stool of which I had on the ground with me I find yet another really dumb error. I have cut the front profile in reverse! I was going to go inside for a beer to celebrate my days work when after a reply I realised the front profile was reversed! How could one do this and after already making a prototype and having it with me at the time. I think I must be going senile or ...

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Part 7: Maloof stool Rough Profile and glue up

08-20-2014 02:56 AM by robscastle | 3 comments »

The day started well.I read all the blog comments and replied accordingly. Thats about all that needs to be said about posting screwups. Stools seat work: After fixing the front profile and annotaing the template accordingly I set up for the seat area shaping.I fixed the base onto a saw horse and marked out the areas I was going to work on, the chalk lines were as accurate as I needed The tool I used was an angle grinder fitted with an Arbortech Turboplane. The first rough ou...

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Part 8: Maloof Stool Raw finished

08-20-2014 06:17 AM by robscastle | 8 comments »

Here is the finished (as a blog) stool Once it came out of the clamps all the joints looked OK so it underwent 3 hours of sculpting and preliminary 80 Grit sanding. Followed by a good blast down with compressed air and an through examination of the joints was conducted. There are some gaps in the joints, knots and areas of the back rest needing filling so that will happen along with final series of finish sanding, a protective coat applied, and then posted as a project, so that ends ...

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Part 9: Re cycled Jarrah stool

09-01-2014 10:58 AM by robscastle | 5 comments »

If you read my Sledge Hammer blog I initally started making a wooden stool from all the Jarrah off cuts I recovered from my Potato Crate repairs. Well I got active on the weekend and started. The seat I used a off cut for the joint tongue Once I had a reasonable fit I glued it up and began to route the rebates for the legs. The legs I tried to make the legs from some some of the stock But after cutting the tenons I decide they were in fact too big and woul...

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Part 10: Re cycled Jarrah stool Sculpted and sanded stage 1

09-02-2014 10:29 AM by robscastle | 6 comments »

I am a day behind with the progress postings but anyway here we go I used the bandsaw to cut the curves, a sanding disk to do the bits I couldnt reach with the bandsaw then the and Oscillating sander to smooth out everything. Due to the seat being a bit on the thin side I thought it best to add some stiffening, just in case somebody decides to stand on it, not that it would break but hey why take the chance. I didnt take any pictures of the actual rough shaping. Once I had th...

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Part 11: Table top 1500mm x1500mm Part 1

07-30-2016 08:42 AM by robscastle | 10 comments »

Number one Son Adam has just bought a bigger family home in Sydney. The Dining room is squarish, not too sure of the overall dimensions but it looks square to me.Anyway while I was there helping move in he asked me if I could make him a wooden table top as he wanted to make a steel frame to mount it in for the room. Something similar in design to this one. Anyway the room was measured up and decided a table 1500mm x 1500mm was the size they wanted. Upon my return home I ferret...

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Part 12: 1500 mm Table Top a short diversion while I make Jigs and a shopping list

07-31-2016 03:48 AM by robscastle | 5 comments »

My intention was to biscuit joint all the boards together using 6 in the edges and 2 in the ends, however clamping material 1.6m in length was a challenge along with holding two boards flat. So I made a purpose built Jig to biscuit the timber and then to allow me to clamp 4 boards up together.This means I can now biscuit join 2 sets of boards and stilll have the width ability to drum sand them if required.To over come the length issues I daisy chained 4 sash clamps in pairs to do the job....

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Part 13: 1500mm Table Top clamping the sections up

08-01-2016 08:50 AM by robscastle | 7 comments »

Once the five sections were ready to glue together as one table top I checked the edges and any that were not going to close on glue up were recut with my table saw to make them parallel. Then I set off looking for panel clamps to hold the sections together for the glue up.I had in mind using Plano brand panel clamps but at (shock horror) $460 per clamp and then they were only 1200 in length I decided that not only would they not be able to do the job in regard to size or price for tha...

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Part 14: 1500 mm Table Top Squaring and edging work

08-02-2016 03:40 AM by robscastle | 5 comments »

I released the clamps this morning and with the help of my wife got the table top up onto some temporary stands, they are simply four metal table frames 600mm x 600mm each so I just taped the four center legs together to make a work platform Using my building square and tape measure I checked the table for overall dimensions and squarness.Sure enough the diagonal measurements showed it was out of square by about 10mm.So after doing some more precise measurements I set up my saw guide a...

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Part 15: 1500 mm Table attaching the edges

08-03-2016 07:09 AM by robscastle | 1 comment »

Well I went shopping again today, on my list was two more sash clamps and timber suitable for edging the table, the reason for this was because the edging was bigger than the table profile my unistrut clamps could not be used as sucessfully.I managed to buy two clamps, from Trade Tools 1×1680 mm ($59) and 1×1980 mm ($69) these were exactly the same as the pair from my friend Michael.The edging timber was a different matter I bought a 3 m piece for $32 but when I milled it and cut of...

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Part 16: 1500 mm Table top working the top

08-04-2016 03:27 AM by robscastle | 9 comments »

Well the table progress is advancing well, I am now up to surfacing the top and edges Due to very overcast weather I had to set up in the garage as I was keen again to get on with it without having to wait for the weather to clear So my trusty plane was awoken from its slumber and away we went together around around and around. After about an hour or so of work I had the edges level with the table top and was reasonably happy with the finish. The weather cleared amd I move...

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Part 17: 1500mm Table under Bracing and shrinkage management

08-10-2016 04:04 AM by robscastle | 5 comments »

I installed the underbracing for the table top today, I had the work on hold whilst the table underwent some stress changes over the last couple of weeks. Some Shrinkage. I had it stored away near where I was working and heard on numerous occasions a sharp crack from it.I was sitting quietly near it when I heard it again and observed over the week a shrinkage crack appearing on one of the sets of edge jointed boards, at first it only barely visible but eventually grew to about 4mm wide...

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Part 18: Base for the 1500mm x1500mm Table top

09-27-2016 09:24 AM by robscastle | 5 comments »

Today I commenced making a base for my sons New 1500 mm x 1500mm Dining Table. Originally he was going to fabricate a metal base however after seeing “Wally’s Huon Beams” he decided I should do it instead! He sent me the design of what he was going to build and asked it I could use the beams and make it in wood.making the vertical post 150mm x 150mm the legs 1m x 150mm x 75mm and the support braces 100mm x 70mm. I agreed of course, what else had I to do but work ou...

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Part 19: The 1500mm x 1500mm Table Dry Assembled

10-20-2016 01:04 AM by robscastle | 8 comments »

For any of the LJs interested in seeing just how big this monster is I thought I had better add these final photos before the table heads off to my Sons Place for Christmas. Its just dry assembled at this stage hence if you spot some parts missing thats why. The top as reported previously has suffered shrinkage all around the various spots on the edges and also across one of the table top joins. Its nothing unexpected but I didnt think it would be as pronounced as it is In this ph...

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Part 20: 1500 x 1500 Table finished and STW

01-02-2017 08:31 AM by robscastle | 5 comments »

Here is the completed table installed in No 1 Son (and Family) s place. The shrinkage I reported in previous blogs proved to be very difficult for me to repair so I bit bullet and took to it with a mallet breaking it apart in two sections and then reglueing the offending sections and triming the edging to suit. This may seem a bit of overkill but I was at the stage of not being able to sucessfully patch it with filler strips and get a nice consistant look. How I d...

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Part 21: Medium size Maloof Chair - Preparing the seats

03-04-2017 05:12 AM by robscastle | 4 comments »

My * friend saw the Maloof kids chairs I made for the family and asked if I would malke her one for her grand daughter. As I had all the templates and suitable material I accepted to make her one.Then she added “but I want it bigger” Oh yeah I thought and asked just how much bigger? She said about 100mm overall and I declined the request, she insisted saying she only wanted one, I thought was thats even more reason not to do it, ... then said so. The conversation continue...

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Part 22: MSMC out of the clamps and into the bandsaw

03-04-2017 09:23 AM by robscastle | 6 comments »

OK making good progress on the Medium Size Maloof Chairs (MSMC)today. I solved the mismatched piece by using a hand plane, so afer much huffing and puffing and then later reading Joe and David’s comments I could have left it there and sculpted it out oh well. Any way I profiled the seat edges in the bandsaw and commenced cutting out the legs as well. I used all Walnut this time but found I had completly consumed every piece that was a useable size and length for the re...

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Part 23: Maloof Medium Chair continues I got the timber!

03-11-2017 08:06 AM by robscastle | 5 comments »

OK I am back, I left off with the activity needing some more Walnut to continue with the chairs. I rang Degoose and he invited me to come see him, adding he didnt have any Walnut but we could go see his fellow woodworker Trevor Gaskill afterwards. Lots of exciting things are happening at Lazy larrys Wood Works, so if Larry is a buddy you may want to give him a call to get the good goss. Anyway Larry showed me some New Guinea Rosewood pieces he had which were exactly what I needed. ...

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Part 24: GN Prototype Chair (or Pottz made me do it)

04-23-2017 12:37 AM by robscastle | 10 comments »

Pottz spotted a Sam Maloof chair I was making for the family and wanted a picture, so I sent him a few attached to one of my replies.Anyway he educated me about a person called George Nakashima in the process, so being a bit of an inquisitive sort of person I went off and researched George myself. Now this guy is a fellow Americian, and obviously of japanese heritage and he had an engineering background but ended up in a Internment Camp in the USA during WWII. His life story is a very ...

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Part 25: GN Prototype chair Making the seat and assemblying most parts

04-23-2017 11:35 AM by robscastle | 9 comments »

I continued after lunch and made the seat cut out the joints and dry assembled everything. Construction process I used a contractors saw with a miter sled rip fence and my tenoning jig to cut all the timbers To make the seat I cut up some pallet frames, cut a taper on the underside to 30mm and glued them all together. The overall thickness at the back was not 50mm so I added a section to achieve the 50mm thickness. I cut the seat joints on the saw and fine tuned the fit wit...

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Part 26: GN Prototype chair redesign and final assembly

04-25-2017 06:08 AM by robscastle | 4 comments »

Hey its ANZAC Day public holiday here in Australia so in Remembrance of our fallen I manned the trenches this morning, the wooden trenches that is. First up I took the advice of our learned LJs and redesigned the seat and legs to suit their suggestions. Here is the rebuild. OK now back to the past. The seat sculpting commenced. I made a couple of jigs to shape the seat Then powering up the grinder and I had the chips flying big time. Next was the morticin...

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Part 27: Shoe Rack cabinet Concept

09-21-2017 07:37 AM by robscastle | 16 comments »

I am going to make a shoe rack cabinet based on the project David Dean posted in Oct 2012It will only have one tilt out section as I need to have room for work boots and other formal high heel boots of which all need hiding away. So whats prompted this? Here is the situation at our front entrance as we speak. Although we have a cupboard its outlived its usefullness, and there are shoes and boots scattered about. This is the timber I am going to use. Some swamp Gum and, ...

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Part 28: Shoe Rack Cabinet The work begins

09-22-2017 04:19 AM by robscastle | 6 comments »

The Red Ironbark The 30Kg plus piece of Red Ironbark was first in line for working, mainly because of its sheer weight alone, I set the Table saw up and then wrestled the post onto the table. I estimated that I could get a series of pieces about 25mm each from the post I was surprised just how flat the timber is and layed them all out for the thicknesser, as I believed the jointer could not improve on much. Sure enough I got five pieces from it. I had to make two cuts f...

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Part 29: Shoe Rack Cabinet some skill based results at last

09-23-2017 02:55 AM by robscastle | 28 comments »

With all the brute force timber cutting and preparation work over it was now time for some interesting progress Today I achieved the following: 1. Cut up the raised panels cut the rails including Profiling all the rails and stiles2. Profiled all the raised Panels.3. Did a dry fit up to check everything.4. Pulled it all apart sanded everything and Polished the raised panels and then sealed the frame work 5. Assembled and glued up the “B” Side of the cupboard. I used my ...

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Part 30: Shoe Rack Cabinet Starting the framework

09-25-2017 06:59 AM by robscastle | 5 comments »

Today I made the face frame and rear bracing then realised that I had a few errors to deal with.1. I had grossly underestimated the amount of timber I needed to do the job,and2. The face frame I made I didnt like so I pulled it off again.3. No stock of fine thread screws.4. Made some smoke, and 5. Broke something. So I spent a lot of time doing stuff but didnt really produce much progress. Here is the frame work. I am not sure what you think but as the day went by and I started t...

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Part 31: Shoe Rack Cabinet Framework continues and door work starts

09-28-2017 06:13 AM by robscastle | 10 comments »

Ok I continued on and completed the frame work then went hinge hunting and commenced the top tilting door and bottom swinging doors.After spending half a day running around trying to find Face frame inset door hinges that I wanted I gave up as a time waster, maybe they do not exist who knows. Anyway finished the front frame work. The top section will be the tilt out section and below the mid rail two hinged doors will be fitted A digression and “tool Tip” you cannot u...

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Part 32: Shoe Rack Cabinet door work complete - minus the hinges

09-29-2017 10:32 PM by robscastle | 10 comments »

Well I repaired all the panels changed a couple of frame pieces with router goofs in them and glued everything together. Spent all day perfecting repairs and reworking little annoying bits of chip out and the likes. I have taken a few pictures of the actual framework in a hope that I can find a solution to my hinge dielema. The problem only effects the two lower swinging doors. The dimensions of the Face frame are.1 At the Front about 35mm2. At the back 25mm3. The door wid...

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Part 33: Shoe Rack Cabinet top

10-01-2017 08:02 AM by robscastle | 3 comments »

Well some “funny’ things have happened since the last blog.I think I left off after wrestling yet another Red Ironbark post onto my table saw and cutting it up for material for the Shoe Cabinet top. Well today I set to work thicknessing the planks and for some reason they self destructed after working them, most pecular I must say, so from five planks only two were usable. Have a look at this: The planks: I had never experienced this so took some pictures for referenc...

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Part 34: Shoe Rack Cabinet Door hinges fitted and The tilt drawer started

10-04-2017 09:01 AM by robscastle | 5 comments »

OK after getting some good advice I decided to stop waiting for a miracle and get on with the hinge work. The hinges are Euro style inset for frameless cabinets type with blocks to simulate a frameless cabinet.Not something I wanted to do but needed to get on with it so this is what I did. The hinge arrangement. There are small blocks attached to the cabinet sides building the profile out flush with the face frame.Not the best looking solution but I needed to get some progress go...

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Part 35: Shoe rack cabinet Tilting Door done Back is on and In Location

10-05-2017 03:22 AM by robscastle | 5 comments »

I completed the Tilting Drawer today, rounded over the edges sanded and sealed it Fitted a drop handle, along with the other two doors. Took everything into the house and assembled it there. Once that was all OK on went the back. Then the top To get the the top to fit correctly it required a bit of surgery I had to cut a couple of pieces out to allow for the existing house profiles. 1 The brickwork. and, 2. And at the back to match the existing pan...

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Part 36: Mushroom seat Mk II Pt 1

11-10-2018 09:03 AM by robscastle | 4 comments »

Back in 2011 and from the looks of it, it was before I joined LJs that I made a mushroom seat from some pine recycled pallet wood. At the time I used polyeurathene glue and Kreg pocket holes along with biscuit joints. I am not sure how I made the “splay” joints at the time, ... I think I just sanded them until i got a reasonable fit!. The inside detail It spent most of its life in the garden as my go seat when I was doing “stuff” Last week I was ...

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Part 37: Mushroom Seat Mk II Pt 2 unassembled finished

11-11-2018 06:41 AM by robscastle | 7 comments »

Today I managed to get quite a bit more done: 1. Made the seat top2. Glued the two halves of the base together3. Sanded everything4. Polished everything First up I joined two more pieces together to make the seat. Post Note: Parallel clamps courtesy of Degoose’s fire sale! While they were drying I wrestled the base into a position to glue the two halves together.First up I tried to screw them but that idea was a fail as all it did was misalign the sections.So it was out wit...

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Part 38: My First Slab part 1

10-23-2019 07:04 AM by robscastle | 18 comments »

I brought a huge slab of wood back from my friend Grant’s place in Kyogle I have no real idea what the species is so would be keen to hear your opinion on it. Note :- From the suppliers belief its flooded gum or Sydney rose gum is another name Here it is upon arrival. Today I spent a bit of time on it and sanded to top face to 40Grit Not being real sure just what I was going to build with it at this stage I decided to Turbo plane the edges to remove any bark ...

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Part 39: My First Slab Question time for me

11-06-2019 06:49 AM by robscastle | 18 comments »

I guess its pitched to those who have made slab tables.Mark A. DeCou, Manitario etc I can assure you I am an expert at finishing slabs most of the time. However wooden ones are a learning curve for me, so its a few da questions if you please. 1. Do you really need to fit dutch mans or butterfly’s in the cracks?2. Which is the preferred side to be up, in relation the the live edge the wide side or the narrower side?3. When using epoxy to fill voids what brands did you use?4....

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Part 40: My First Slab Day 2

11-07-2019 08:46 AM by robscastle | 9 comments »

well after getting lots of good advice I hauled the slab out and began to surface it to determine which side I would use. Side 2 In the Raw. (SIDE BLOODY 2 Mate) Then it was time to get the turboplaner going the finish after a complete workover next I ferret out my slab guide but it didn’t take much grey matter t work out it was not suitable, so I had to make another one. looks a bit like Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger standing side by side ! ...

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Part 41: Day 3 lots of exciting stuff to share

11-08-2019 08:57 AM by robscastle | 17 comments »

Well its Day 3 and I got stuck into the slab big time.A series of preparatory activities were required before I was able to do any actual work.I thought they may be of interest so I have included them. No1 Was the leveling of the work surface.No2 Mounting the router in the sledNo 3 fitting guide rails and aligning the slab on the table. How I did it (apologies to Anieia McGuinnesss) No 1 Leveling of the work surface.As my drive way is no...

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Part 42: Grants Slab day 6

11-11-2019 04:44 AM by robscastle | 4 comments »

Well I guess all the dedicated followers are patiently waiting to see what fantastic results I got with Glow in the dark Epoxy resin filler and all that sort of stuff. Well these are the bare cold facts. 1.First up why did I call it furniture? well I did it because I really intended to make some legs for it and call it a table.however a few factors were recognised as reality. 2. I have no idea what I am going to do with it, and it may well likely it ends up back at my mate GrantR...

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Part 43: Sewing station repair

02-12-2021 04:47 AM by robscastle | 11 comments »

It seem sewing stations are the flavour at the moment.I had a lady ask me to repair her sewing station. The construction of the station is very well done, however the choice of veneered particle board is not. The station is worth about $600 to $900 from what I see on Horn furniture website. So I emailed them to see if spare parts were available, as the whole floor had been damaged beyond repair. While waiting to get a reply...

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