Box making Curved Front Box

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Blog series by robscastle updated 10-20-2016 01:25 AM 17 parts 30124 reads 85 comments total

Part 1: In the begining there was a raggedy piece of wood

11-08-2013 08:57 AM by robscastle | 5 comments »

I haven’t been doing too much today apart from tidying up.You can only shuffle stuff about from one spot to other before boredom sets in. So I found this piece of wood as I was tidying up and thought I would turn it into some box stock. It was a bit raggedy but I thought I may be able to get enough timber to make a box. So as I had jointed it already I simply rolled out my band saw and rule to determine if I could get three slices about 10mm and enough for the base. The timber...

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Part 2: The start

11-12-2013 07:26 AM by robscastle | 4 comments »

I was looking at RogerBean’s fantastic boxes, and as a result of some ongoing messages decided to try one myself The carcass its self is from recycled materials some pallet slats and the lid and base from an old cupboard I bought at a garage sale for $15. It was block board and all I was going to do with it was break it down, I told the owner at the time and said if it doesn’t get sold I would buy it, well he almost insisted I buy it there and then so I did. I studied Ro...

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Part 3: Dimensions and jigs

11-12-2013 08:55 PM by robscastle | 3 comments »

I am jumping ahead here a few steps and provided the dimensions so an appreciation of the size can be achieved. The original timber stock dimensions were W 400mm D 200mm x H 180mm These were reduced for the following reasons. 1. I found that the wood veneer I wanted to use was not big enough to complete the work. Critical aspect.2. I had quite a few problems maintaining a accurate datum point as I finished the three individual curved sections.3. Natural reduction as the timber was jo...

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Part 4: preparing the front dry assembly and glue up

11-13-2013 02:06 AM by robscastle | 5 comments »

In this part I fabricate the front sides top and bottom do a dry fit up and then glue it all together Fabrication of the front I did quite a bit of brain squirming trying to figure how I could profile the three laminated parts so they were all the same. Essentially I gave up and glued the three together into a laminated one piece front. I lay the parts out on my table saw top so I had a flat surface to work on.I used the two long ends as datum lines to get everything on one plan...

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Part 5: Cutting the box open

11-13-2013 07:14 AM by robscastle | 5 comments »

Well so much for wanting to cut the box open with my bandsaw. I realised the sides were too big and the curved face blew it out to 297mm. So it was onto the table saw. there goes Critical priority no 2 I fitted the thinnest kerf blade I had and away I went. Cutting a box open using various planes is usually a candidate for a mess, let alone making a series of cuts as I raised the blade, but I managed to get it started and finished at the same point miracles do occur! ...

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Part 6: Veneer work stalled SOS need help

11-14-2013 06:01 AM by robscastle | 6 comments »

I have two pieces of Tasmanian Blackwood veneer available to use on the Curved front Box The problem is guess I do not know how to go about it, I don’t want to waste the veneer by cutting it up incorrectly but in the same I don’t fully understand how to select a suitable piece. Does it start from the front wrap around the left and right sides and meet at the back as a join?Next what determines the aspect for the top of the Lid? You obviously don’t “...

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Part 7: Veneer work recommences

11-15-2013 03:31 AM by robscastle | 2 comments »

Well after my brain methane discharge I spent the rest of the evening and early morning considering my options. First up I must thank all those who provided all the feedback. You would not think a simple task could stump you completely. Thank You all. So with renewed vigour and confidence bright and early I made some cardboard templates to get the veneer dilemma on a roll. Out with the squares and measured off two strips using some craft cardboard I use as lining backs. ...

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Part 8: Veneer run No 1

11-15-2013 09:22 AM by robscastle | 6 comments »

Some interesting progress was made today, the front caul and veneer trim Jig have been made. The front caul tested and produced some good results. The Veneer Caul. I made it from the off cuts plus two more to get the depth required.gave it a dry fit up and everything looked OK. Here is a view of the reversed panel base I used. I found a couple of veneer pieces for the base material which would fit nicely so on they went. The top of the lid I did inside the garage ...

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Part 9: Veneer Flattening Process

11-16-2013 04:49 AM by robscastle | 3 comments »

I have a couple of methods available to flatten veneer.One is a hydraulic ram from a Auto Body repair kit,the other is my purpose made mechanical screw Veneer press. The Ram works on the material set up on the concrete floor of the garage and uses the floor bearer above. The mechanical press is simply a couple of laminated Particle board kitchen bench off cuts about 400mm x 400mm with twelve bolts around the outside. I had all the veneer for the box in the mechanical clamp ov...

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Part 10: The second veneer run and trim work commences

11-20-2013 09:19 AM by robscastle | 2 comments »

I had a couple of days consumed while the veneer was softened and flattened.Then I was busy again applying the finishing veneer layer to the outside. Lots of selecting of matching grain gluing clamping trimming and the repeating the process for each section. Once all that was all done I then began producing the trim I cut the profile sections on the band saw and then dimensioned them in the drum sander. I then set up the shaper to route the trim rabbet. After a couple of t...

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Part 11: Front Alternative method

11-20-2013 10:58 PM by robscastle | 13 comments »

Well now here is some good news, I thought so anyway !Background.Kiefer posted a banana stand he made for is daughter, a great job too! and to add to the skills a blog was added as to how he made the curve shape, take a look because there is information there I used but did not repeat here. So what’s all the excitement? well I read the blog then the project this morning and realised I had gone to a lot of effort and time to make the curved front I used. So appreciating the concep...

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Part 12: The Trim work Commences

11-23-2013 12:34 AM by robscastle | 4 comments »

The trim work has commenced in ernest, after my rabbeting disaster I kinda lost interest for a while and went and did something different for a while, see the rambling’s on the bottom of #11 Anyway I an back into it today, out with the Oscillating Sander Bandsaw and the Disk sander as well First up it was selecting the most suitable trim for the front top and bottom of the curved front, fitted them up and the sanded to suit the profile. Once I had that done I the needed an acc...

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Part 13: The trim drives me nuts or more frustrating errors

11-24-2013 02:58 AM by robscastle | 2 comments »

I completed the trim so today start to finish the edges today. I had no end of problems,1. The box is really too big for any of my equipment.a. My Router bits are not really geared o the size as well but saved my bacon !!b My ability to sand something that big, specifically the box body the lid not so bad. All this work I created no end of ongoing errors, More veneer tear out, and in the same area so its definitely a glue up problem give myself an uppercut!Trying to remove any PVA b...

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Part 14: Starting the internal trays

11-26-2013 07:17 AM by robscastle | 5 comments »

Today I started the design and build up of the internal trays. The overall concept is two trays the lower the deepest with central dividers to allow easy removal. After doing some sketches and trying to determine a practical solution it was back to cutting curved profiles for the fronts. I wanted to avoid this process and use kerf sawn curved sections, but my inexperience in doing timber 10 to 12mm sections saw me returning to cutting the fronts on the bandsaw. I wanted to avoid h...

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Part 15: Completion and Dry fit up of the Trays

11-27-2013 01:10 AM by robscastle | 2 comments »

I continued from yesterday, cut dovetails for the rear section joints and butts for the front The bases were plywood shaped and rebated on the bandsaw and shaper The process was fairly straightforward. Cut the tray frames to fit the internals of the Box base,then cut the plywood to match the frames Route a rebate into the tray frames Now this step again had me thinking again, cutting a slot or rebate in straight timber is no challenge, but cutting a piece of concave timber was....

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Part 16: Finished in its Raw Form

11-28-2013 07:54 AM by robscastle | 4 comments »

Today I completed the assembly of the trays, added some extra storage sections and The Curved Front Box is structurally finished. Remaining to do is: The selection fitment of the hinges locks and stays.The repair of the veneer chip out.Determining of external and internal finishes, and The installation of the veneer edge trim. So this is the end of the construction Blog and the next time you see the box it will be posted as a completed project. Its highly likely that will happen in e...

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Part 17: The finished product from 2013

10-20-2016 01:25 AM by robscastle | 14 comments »

I found this box tucked away today and realised I had never completed the blog or posted it as a project way back in 2013. Its got a few veneer chip outs which need fixing but I must have lost interest in it. So here is a few completed shots warts and all. I had a magpie stroll over to see what I was doing then all his mates arrived to get in the action I just kept taking pictures and they just got closer and closer They even checked out the internal trays as w...

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