Recycled timber work

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Blog series by robscastle updated 12-13-2018 12:43 AM 88 parts 173361 reads 338 comments total

Part 1: The basics

07-02-2013 08:11 AM by robscastle | 0 comments »

There are quite a few LJs asking about the pros and cons of working with recycled timber.I use recycled timber regularly and thought my experiences may be of benefit to others. Lets look at the availability and what’s actually available from the bottom of the pile and then up to attractive sort after timber. From the bottom Packing crates, pallets and general shipping products. Lets look at pallets,They are generally made from a very diverse range of materials. Commercia...

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Part 2: Shop management of recycled timber

07-02-2013 10:37 PM by robscastle | 3 comments »

Ok so you have got your recycled timber home. Depending on your circumstances the storage or immediate use is up to the individual. Handling and Storage Remember its recycled wood discarded from a supplier so there will be possibly exposed nails and screws which could injure you, so use protective gloves if required and watch when stepping on the pile for puncture risks. I forgot to mention earlier there is also a trend to use plastic pallets these days although not really of secon...

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Part 3: When you are onto something really good

07-03-2013 08:29 AM by robscastle | 1 comment »

OK this is something everybody into recycling should know. Some really brilliant tips. Attached to my Working with recycled timber blogs are excellent tips fellow LJs have taken the time to pass on, and they directly add additional knowledge to the subject matter I was covering. I personally think they are very worthwhile and are essential contributions to the WW knowledge bank, It provides the two heads are better than one (or in some cases three) for situations. So along wi...

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Part 4: Recovering / repairing or breaking down wood

07-04-2013 09:07 AM by robscastle | 2 comments »

There are lots of furniture items about which end up in a street clean up. I saw a blue painted set of drawers which appeared on vacant block near me some time ago, I didn’t take much notice of it but just watched it. It didn’t move for a couple of days so I went over and checked it out, when I opened a drawer I saw it was assembled using blind dovetails in it so I decided to bring it home. Once I got it back home and had a good look at it was worthwhile sanding the paint...

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Part 5: Some Recycled furniture Timber and Perils of Foreign Objects

07-08-2013 01:36 AM by robscastle | 2 comments »

In my last Blog I closed with a comment I was doing a refurbishment and had recovered some timber for reuse. So lets look at the results that can be obtained. Background. It was a pine cabinet which had been stained with a dark finish. The timber I worked with in this first section had already been dressed.So reducing stock below standard thickness and then attempting to use it in conjunction with other projects needs to be considered, as it may well end up being more problems tha...

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Part 6: TJB Woodie and Jessie Picture frame

07-16-2013 11:00 PM by robscastle | 1 comment »

I made this picture frame up after number four Son Toby and his lovely lady Ashlee visited over the weekend. Background: Outfits: We all went to a birthday party for number one son Adam’s son Rocky, it was a cowboy theme so that explains the outfits in the post. The Frame: The picture frame was inspired by Toby’s interest in “rustic” use of recycled timber. The timber: The timber used is Oregon/Douglas Fir and was in its previous life ...

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Part 7: 20 Stave Drum. Stock preparation

08-10-2013 09:17 AM by robscastle | 1 comment »

I have enough timber to reattempt making staves, in particular a 20 stave drum is the project. My last attempt to make staves gave me so much grief at the glue up stage I almost binned everything mid process in sheer frustration.It was only after walking away from the activity temporarily I found the confidence to try again.I eventually had a encouraging limited success with the activity. Then it was only just recently, after reading Julian’s Router Jig for Making Round Boxes a co...

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Part 8: 20 Stave Drum. Stave glue up

08-10-2013 09:54 AM by robscastle | 1 comment »

OK after laying out the staves and using painters tape to hold everything together I applied a bead of Tite Bond III glue to each stave edge and attempted to roll them up together to form the cylinder, well it did not work well staves fell off the tape so I had to apply painters tape on the inside to hold them together as I rolled them into the cylinder. The tape started breaking away and then started being a nuisance, so I quickly applied a run of electrical tape all around the outside to...

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Part 9: 20 Stave Drum. Routing the Staves

08-10-2013 10:42 AM by robscastle | 2 comments »

The drum cylinder section is now complete and reasonably ridged enough to handle. Now all I need is to decide what pattern to apply to the staves.Initially I was going to use my 3D router Carver but the narrow staves discounted it fairly early. I then thought about putting circles on each stave, but decided against it as being plain and boring after making the pattern and doing a test run and seeing the result. So I decided to go with an duplicated elongated pattern. I set about...

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Part 10: Attaching the base, base trim and a reinforcing ring

08-13-2013 02:20 AM by robscastle | 2 comments »

The drum project is progressing well. The base was cut from a piece of 15mm ply and attached with a “few” screws and glue. I sat the drum on the ply traced a line around the outside and cut the profile out on the bandsaw then ran a straight bearing mounted router bit around the edge to cut it back parallel and smooth I had some concerns about the segments at the top breaking off if somebody stood on the drum so I made a reinforcing ring to support them all. I h...

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Part 11: Sometimes things do not go well

08-13-2013 07:45 AM by robscastle | 1 comment »

Yesterday I spent all day sawing up a couple of hardwood pallet slats. I was trying to make a octagonal 20 deg slope sides tray. I must have spent countless hours sawing up material to ensure I could do what I had imagined. However when I thought I had the system down pat I had sections going off at different planes. So I sawed everything up again and met with the same result. I then Googled wood working stave work and found some formulas worthy of a Prince Phillip design award...

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Part 12: sanding Activity and the results

08-14-2013 09:33 AM by robscastle | 2 comments »

I scavenged this piece of Huon Pine from a renovation some time ago, we were pulling out some old cupboards and doors. Its the bottom panel from a door and if you check my Door what door? Blog you will see it there. Size was 620 mm x 450 mm x 10mm There was about eight layers of paint/varnish on each side. With a half sheet sander and 4 x sheets of 40 grit I set to work The A side in progress The B Side I didn’t take a in progress shot The A side finishe...

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Part 13: Hidden Feature !

08-25-2013 09:24 AM by robscastle | 4 comments »

Here is a series of shots I took when working the timber for my octagonal trays. You may remember, (if you read it that is) of a previous blog highlighting the remaining metal from power driven nails linked with wire. Well here are the photos showing the FOD exposed after I has sawn it up, and another showing embedded metal in other places except the nail holes. Picture No 1. Showing residual metal lying inside the nail hole and only visible after cutting with the saw.Not sure if ...

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Part 14: Concrete Cancer almost got me

09-18-2013 11:13 PM by robscastle | 3 comments »

After a day at Degoose’s shop checking out his CNC and getting the new Spa powered up I returned home with yet another boot load of his fine timber. I unloaded everything and stashed it all away and then went to go inside to relax and some refreshments, however as I stepped onto the first step of the stairs it almost broke in half! What the !! I thought how could that be? Checking underneath I saw the reason metal corrosion had fractured the step beyond repair So ...

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Part 15: When working on Step No 2 a sanding surprise

09-19-2013 05:54 AM by robscastle | 4 comments »

If you read my Concrete Cancer Blog you would have seen the ongoing work that I needed to do in step repair. Well I found yet another piece of timber in my stash suitable for step No 2 It was in a reasonable condition, a couple of screw holes but nothing obvious FO wise, but will require a jointer and thicknesser run to remove some slight twist before installation. So I began preparing it much the same as with Step No 1 before.Again I am not sure what the timber is but it weight a &...

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Part 16: Step 2 complete

09-20-2013 07:15 AM by robscastle | 2 comments »

Well we now have two wooden steps the stairs they look a bit odd with a top and bottom step made from timber, but we will have to live with it for a while. You saw the screw removal in the previous blog, so I will not bore you with and repeats. The process After removing the two broken screws I cut four plugs from the offcut and inserted them. Reason being I wanted to use the timber with the damaged side facing up. Did the sander routine again only I started with 32 Grit this tim...

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Part 17: Pallet Step stools

12-11-2013 08:04 AM by robscastle | 6 comments »

I submitted a repair procedure for Potato Crates for our local chip manufacturer. The potato Crate is a skid with four sides on 1.2m x 1.2m x 1.3m high all hardwood construction with angle iron cover strips on the four corners. It holds 900 kgs of potatoes as they are unloaded from road transport, then inbound for the cool room before processing, usually within 24hr of arrival they are in Chip Packet ready for distribution! There is a shot of a couple at the Processing Plant ...

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Part 18: Pallet Mower Shed

12-27-2013 10:28 PM by robscastle | 7 comments »

I was able to collect some metal pallets and conventional pallets from a business near by. I spoke with the owner and he has pleased that somebody could, 1 Take them away, and 2. Make use of it all. So after a few trips home I have it all in the yard, much to the annoyance of Aurora, best get it all de nailed stacked and put to use PDQ! So I used an angle grinder to cut the front section out of two of the metal frames and use one to stack reclaimed timber in. The other I cut ...

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Part 19: Pine and Jarrah Boxes Preparing the stock

03-14-2014 05:06 AM by robscastle | 2 comments »

I was trying to tidy up again as our house is getting lots of clutter, mainly from me bringing home stray pieces of timber I find. I thought I had better look very closely at my stash of recycled timbers. I had heaps so I pulled out about 28 pieces of various lengths and dimensions I ran them through on the table saw to true them up and then commenced thicknessing them. I ended up with enough stock to make the boxes. I then decided to add panels in the sides from more r...

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Part 20: Pine and Jarrah Boxes making the frames

03-14-2014 05:52 AM by robscastle | 1 comment »

After preparing all the materials I then found that I had too many different widths and not enough of the one size, so I resawed the three 88mm width on their own to match the 9x I had at 83mm Although I was as mean as possible with the thicknesser the final thickness ended up being 16mm so I am on the very minimum work thickness to be able to do panel work. Joints were the next decision, after all there were only going to be work boxes so I didn’t want to spend too much time on f...

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Part 21: Pine and jarrah Boxes Making the panels

03-14-2014 06:41 AM by robscastle | 1 comment »

Upon cutting all the profiles and dry assembling everything it was now time to fit the panel inserts. From the split stock I prepared there was quite a bit of additional work required getting them all to 6mm thickness. The thicknesser was initially used to get the material to a useable state, it worked well although the timber is very hard. Its previous life as a potato crate certainly seasoned it well, there was absolutely no distortion upon splitting the material. I changed the cut...

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Part 22: Pine and Jarrah Boxes pre assembly fit up

03-14-2014 06:56 AM by robscastle | 1 comment »

Once the glue up of the panels had been allowed to dry overnight it was time to lay everything out and ensure every thing fits up OK. Prior to assembly squareness was checked again and minor sawing to size undertaken.The finger joints needed a slight tweeking to get everything on a level base line an correct fit up. Once the final assembly checks were completed a final sanding was undertaken starting with 180 grit and finishing with 320 grit to remove glue residue and some minor spl...

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Part 23: Pine and Jarrah boxes finishing

03-14-2014 07:06 AM by robscastle | 3 comments »

Once the boxes were finally assembled the jig came out again this time the mystery four holes in jig and red circles were used to finish off the assembly. The four holes are inbuilt carry handles and the red circles a predrill locators for the final screws.I used countersunk climacoat 32mm screws, one in each finger joint. The carry handles were radiused with a round over bit in the trimmer and then a coat of shellac applied. OMG its back to cleaning up again ! Enjoy

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Part 24: PTLT making the frame

05-09-2014 11:13 AM by robscastle | 2 comments »

On Friday I spent most of the day doing joints, that’s wooden joints not the plant variety! I originally started with the intention to build the Classic Japanese style table featured in the Australian Woodsmith Magazine Issue 107. I wanted to see if I was competent enough to make the joints so I prototyped the Front and End Stretcher in some recycled pine. Here is a picture of the stretchers and the associated Magazine The end stretcher is complete1:1 scale, where as the...

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Part 25: PTLT finishing and lining the frame

05-10-2014 09:43 AM by robscastle | 3 comments »

I sanded the frame and commenced fitting a base and then lining it. I cut a piece of 6mm MDF for the base and covered it with textile,Added a retaining strip on the bottom to hold it in place then made four sides from 4mm MDF to complete the lining job. The lining including the base can be removed and replaced without the use of tools if required to be changed. You may notice a small gap on the ends, I didn’t pay too much attention to it initially, silly move! as ...

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Part 26: PTLT constructing the top

05-11-2014 09:33 AM by robscastle | 1 comment »

Nice day today, great weather and Mothers Day as well. Managed to get some woodworking in without drawing the crabs noise wise on Sunday. The construction of the table top required some lengths of 19mm thick pine to be purchased. The quality left a lot to be desired and I think 30% ended up as scrap. Any way I chose to build it using a reverse glue joint, spent quite a bit of time setting up a perfect match up. The bit: Its a bit suitable for widths from14mm to 40 mm, yo...

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Part 27: Making tapered legs

05-11-2014 10:22 AM by robscastle | 3 comments »

Whilst waiting for glue to dry I decided to make some tapered legs, well 1 tapered leg to be exact. Step 1.Select your timber. I used a piece of pallet base again, cut off the rubbish and skimmed it with the table saw for uniform thickness then cut two identical lengths. Step 2.Set the table saw to 45 deg and cut each leg at 45 deg. Step 3.If all is OK use some glue on the cuts and its into the miter clamp jig. Step 4. Once the glue has set its then time for the ripping to sta...

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Part 28: PTLT The finishing coats commences. and some retro work completed

05-25-2014 11:40 AM by robscastle | 0 comments »

I did some more work on the Pallet Timber Low Table top.This work covers using Black Japan as a finish. While I was at it I also added some filler strips into the base where there was a mismatch between the legs and rails. It was fairly straightforward measure a piece of timber and rip a length 3.5mm off for the fillers. Apply some glue fit into place and clamp up I should have done this much earlier but I thought it would be OK so left it , however it was causing all so...

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Part 29: PTLT fitting hinges to the top

05-25-2014 12:04 PM by robscastle | 1 comment »

I wanted to conceal the opening joint as much as possible so I chose a pair of Blum Concealed Hinge Blind corner 95 deg hinges. First up I split the table top in tha area I wanted the hinges. Then following the installation template that was supplied I counterbored the round sunken sections and fitted them up. The instalation was fairly straight forward, however when I went to test the pivot the top would not swing up properly.It appears, (and there is nothing documented on the p...

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Part 30: PTLT I was ready to post as finished !!

06-03-2014 11:15 PM by robscastle | 1 comment »

I took photos of the “finished” Pallet Timber Low Table today and was going to post it as a finished project, but after seeing it in the bright sunlight I had second thoughts. The finish was not as expected, even after four coats sanding in between the finish was less than acceptable.That was after taking into consideration all the spots I had missed! The overall finish is poor even after I took just about every measure possible to prevent airborne particles. The ...

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Part 31: PTLT Hinge rework

06-04-2014 05:13 AM by robscastle | 3 comments »

I purchased a second set of Concealed Hinge Blind Corner 95 Degree to do hinge rework on.Firstly the hinges are only designed for 19mm timber in their present form.This deduced from a graphic on the template and my prototype evaluation.However you can use them on timber larger if you wish. Here is how I used them on 38mm timber Simply a matter of recessing them This is only a prototype to enable me to complete my PTLT top with no opening gap when closed It appears that the...

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Part 32: PTLT fixed section and hinge rework

06-08-2014 08:39 AM by robscastle | 3 comments »

I decided to get on with the rework on the Pallet Timber Low Table, this weekend so after dismantling everything and cutting off the ugly vee grove at the hinge joints I found I would have to re manufacture the fixed section of the table top due to so much material being removed. I replicated the fixed section as close as possile to the dimensions of the larger tilt up section. Here it is about to get the edges profiled. Due to the material being removed from the edge of original...

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Part 33: The Poor Man's Joint...inhale and remember you are still alive

08-10-2014 03:28 AM by robscastle | 8 comments »

Picture this:Here you are as poor as, No jointing tools available, No morticer.No Tennoning Jig. No pocket hole gear.No Biscuit jointer.No finger or dovetail jigs, just a trusy table saw and a few clamps. You need to make a reasonably large cross section joint and all you have is a collection of recycled timber pallets. Now back to reality. Being Sunday and a nice day I was outside tidying up. I started to think while looking at some of my recycle clutter would it be possible t...

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Part 34: A Gate for No 1 Son

01-26-2015 05:43 AM by robscastle | 4 comments »

My Number one son, Adam and his family sold their home over Christmas New Year, and moved into a rental property pending finding a new abode. They have a family dog so the yard had to be dog proofed. The owners were OK with us making a gate and closing off under the house so we set to work. We saw a tile shop and out front was a stack of very good packing timber, they were happy for us to take as much as we wanted so a load went into the ute. It looked to be a pine gen...

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Part 35: 1800 x700 Work bench

02-16-2015 06:27 AM by robscastle | 3 comments »

I have an ongoing problem with too many wood working Project Creations too much WW materials and not enough room.There is very little I can do to improve the situation but dump “stuff” or work out a better storage system.Dumping is not an option as I may as well give away my beloved woodworking activities, so this is what I did. I had lots of recycled timber so I chose to convert them it into a work bench, thinking I could solve both problems at once so its really a storage ...

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Part 36: AKs ToolMakers Chest the begining Pt 1

03-02-2015 06:06 AM by robscastle | 2 comments »

A friend of mine asked me to make him a tool makers Chest. He sent me a few photos and in the intrim I accepted the task. A few months later about Dec 2014 he delivered a bundle of timber for the task.We spoke about it and I said that I would be able to do nothing with it until 2015, he was OK with that. A few days later I ran the metal detector over each piece checked everything visually and removed some foreign objects, marked it all up as mag tested and packed it away for the New...

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Part 37: AKs ToolMakers Chest Thicknessing Pt 2

03-02-2015 06:16 AM by robscastle | 2 comments »

Today I busted open the pack, consulted my drawings for the concept, selected some timber of a suitable size for the chest frame and ran the lengths through the thicknesser to clean them up and get some consistant thicknesses The timber came up a treat, I am not sure now that it is in fact pine, as I have never seen the dark streaks before The smaller sections most certainly are pine, and again cleaned up OK I intend to use the long piece for the top and sides the piece with the hole...

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Part 38: AKs ToolMakers Chest Drawer Making Pt 3

03-04-2015 08:07 AM by robscastle | 3 comments »

Today saw a full day designing and making the drawers for the toolMakers Chest. From the offcuts supplied I ripped and thicknessed lots of timber to make the frames for the nine drawers. 3 x full width and 6 x half width. This was the plan rip stock joint it and thicknesss it rebate the frames for the drawer bases and dovetail joint them all together. The plan worked but not completely, it did not work fully for a couple of reasons, firstly I should not have rebated the ti...

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Part 39: AKs ToolMakers Chest Tweeking the joints Pt 4

03-05-2015 07:29 AM by robscastle | 2 comments »

We left off the Chest yesterday after making the 6×30mm Drawers and me being unhappy with the results. Well today I revisited the joints and the mess I had made of them. Rather than scrap the lot and do finger joints I opted to attempt a workable repair. This took quite a lot of self encouragement as I didnt think it was at all achieavable however I was wrong. How I did it:-1 I examined all the six drawers and the missmatched sections and marked the sections of material needing ...

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Part 40: AKs ToolMakers Chest Filling Sanding and Routing 9 Drawers

03-05-2015 10:35 AM by robscastle | 3 comments »

Well here I am back again with the afternoons progress. I finished all the drawer bases using available MDF and Plywood 2x were MDF offcuts and 7 x were Plywood offcuts. I then dry fitted everything together to ensure it was ready to glue. I set to work glueing everything up using a paint brush to apply the Titebond III. Once they were glued on went the band clamps and a check for squareness done.As I didnt have enough band clamps the drawers were done in three secessions which ...

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Part 41: AKs ToolMakers Chest Carcass Assembly

03-19-2015 07:27 AM by robscastle | 2 comments »

Today saw some good results along with some not so good ones. Trying to work professional results using amateur skills I guess produces a result some where in between, anyway I had a great day learning how to overcome self inflicted errors. I had spent some previous hours attempting to determine how to mount the drawers in the chest, there was no “minature slides” around so I gave up on the slide idea. I chose to use plywood support separators for the drawers mainly to ke...

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Part 42: AKs ToolMakers Chest Making the Front Panel Door

03-25-2015 08:38 AM by robscastle | 4 comments »

The design of the front door is when its closed its vertical and upon unlocking and opening it it dissapears horizontally under the bottom drawer. This is what the original rough out looked like. It was a bit bland and heavy so I decided to cut it into rails and stile to make a four panel door. I didnt want a fancy profile and found I had a suitable shaper bit that would do the job Here is my test prototype. With a satisfactory fit production went ahead. First up I...

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Part 43: AKs ToolMakers Chest Door Panel Production and Final Assembly

03-26-2015 07:53 AM by robscastle | 2 comments »

The door panels were cut from the unusual featured timber supplied After selecting a section that I could get grain flow continuity across the panels I set to work profiling them. The rebate at the back was no real concern however the length of the front profile was I dont have a lot of small panel bits, in fact I have only one full size one which is scale wise way too big for a panel with the overall size about 320mm x 560mm.Its designed for front doors or kitchen cupboard doors a...

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Part 44: Removing Twist or wind from timber

08-02-2015 02:32 AM by robscastle | 2 comments »

Usually the best method to remove twist from a piece of timber is to cut it into smaller lengths, but what if you really needed the length effected to stay the same. As I had two pieces left over from my Tool Trolley project which were” badly” twisted this got me thinking as to how it could be done. Piece 1 Getting examinedSide 1 Side 2 Side 3 Side 4(must have lost the picture) Piece 2 Getting ExaminedSide 1 Side 2 Side 3 Side 4 So they all have ...

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Part 45: Smiths Industrial Bin raid

08-07-2015 10:05 AM by robscastle | 7 comments »

I am repairing more Potato Crates for Smiths Crisps, and while I was working away I spotted a large Industrial bin with some timber poking out.Upon inspection I found what looked to be a machine shipping crate of some sort, the dimensions were huge and what I considered to be “usefull” So I made some enquiries as to the possibility of being able to recover it. The reply was if I could use it and get it out it was mine, so I set to work attempting to haul it out, but it was way...

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Part 46: Smiths Crate has attracted quite a bit of attention

08-12-2015 08:30 AM by robscastle | 2 comments »

The crate I recovered has been annexed by family friends for various timber tasks So much for me getting to play with Maloof joints just yet The following requests have been made:1. Two appliance benchs for the kitchen 900×600mm from Aurora’s friend Edna2. A second step stool from Aurora, and 3. and our family friend Michael wanted small low non load bearing wall frame for his holiday house, along with a Duck box for their ducks to sleep and lay in. I think I will have to ...

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Part 47: Edna's Kitchen Work Benches Timber Planning and preparation

08-20-2015 10:26 AM by robscastle | 2 comments »

Aurora’s friend Edna requested two kitchen work benches. Dimensions required were:900mm high x 900mm long x 600mm wide.Also they had to be light enough to moved around by a lady. So I used some of my current pallet crate stash for all the work The usual jointing and thicknessing was undertaken to produce some useable timber. I used a router to cut the 20mm deep mortices to hold the frame sides and ends togetherand dry assembled the carcass frame. The top will ...

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Part 48: Edna's Workbenches Modified design and glue up of the frame

08-20-2015 08:02 PM by robscastle | 3 comments »

I thought the overall look was too chunky so I decided to improve on it. First up I rounded over the legs using a 2” roundover bit, it was smaller then the overall diameter so they ended up with rounded over as opposed to completely round This was the initial result on the test leg. Then the eight legs. As the results looked OK I then rounded over the side and end pieces. Still room for improvement so I used a cove bit on the legs and bull nosed the side ...

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Part 49: OSB Ute Box

08-22-2015 03:39 AM by robscastle | 2 comments »

I had to get moving on this project due to my original box just about expiring. The OSB is part of the Smiths packing crate I hauled home, I have never worked with this material before so it was all a learning exercise for me as well! The markings on the OSB indicate Norbord Sterling OSB2 so it should be OK. The replacement box is slightly bigger due to maximising the OSB sheet dimensions I had. First up I cut all the sections needed I may not use the narrow strip...

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Part 50: Edna's Kitchen Work Benches making the tops

08-26-2015 08:30 AM by robscastle | 5 comments »

The tops are six sections of pine planks reverse glue jointed (RGJ) lengthwise and breadboarded ends. Additional lengths of timber were then added to increase the edge thickness. Here is a couple of shots of the RGJ glue up Then it was on to the breadboarded ends and thickness fillers.Initally I was going to add the fillers later but believe it or not I only had one pair of clamps long enough to do the job.So it was slow progress today Once the glue was dry the clamps ca...

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Part 51: Edna's Kitchen Benches Surface preparation

08-28-2015 07:45 AM by robscastle | 4 comments »

Today saw the tops profiled and sanded, however when I blew all the dust off I found the nail hole filler decided they need to leave as well, So yet another step required when working with recycled timber is introduced. I plugged all the nail holes again only this time glued in tooth picks! lets see these little critters get away ! And the second top While they were drying I turned my attention to the frames, The tops will be attached to the frames using pocket hole jo...

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Part 52: Edna's Kitchen Benches staining and sealing

09-02-2015 08:38 AM by robscastle | 4 comments »

Once I had all the glue dry on the plugs in the two bench tops they were sawn off then sanded and stained.I used an oil based Cedar stain on them which was a Cabots product. Its interesting how the different photo positions and light changes changed the overall apperance of how dark they are. Next it was then it was on with the sealer, again an oil based product, polyurethane thinned to get max penetration of the timber and seal it, I then hung the tops up to try and avoid c...

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Part 53: Flooring becomes a Table top...I hope

05-20-2016 10:21 PM by robscastle | 8 comments »

You may have seen the Kiefers KKO Box I made from some flooring offcuts.Well I collected a couple more tubs of Blackbutt offcuts at the next visit.They were all about 295 mm and smaller in length, and were going to be dumped/burnt. So setting to work. I resawed the ones which were about 295mm square and then reduced them to an overall length of 270mm each with the view to making a outdoor table top. The shorter ones less than 270mm became half sections at 135mm for the pattern. ...

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Part 54: Flooring Table top Making the Modules

05-21-2016 11:16 AM by robscastle | 1 comment »

Once I had all the pieces figured out it was time to glue them up. I made a jig to clamp them together T&G wise and a side clamp to apply pressure to close up the ends, which are simply just butt joints as I am relying on the T&G to provide a strong Joint. The Jig:- I used a section of laminated particle board bench top with a block secured a one end with a tongue, and a floaing Groove block at the other end to allow marr free clamping. I did them in four modules, so the...

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Part 55: Flooring Table Top Temporary Work Surface

05-21-2016 11:03 PM by robscastle | 1 comment »

I was already to glue up my Modules and realised that not only had I never made anything this big before my existing workbench was way too small for what I wanted to do.So I had to stop work on the project and make a temporary workbench to support the task. As the existing pipe frame table was going to be used for the finished product I decided to use it as a temporary work bench. I removed the rubbish top and went looking for more material. I found some old kitchen cupboards nearby ...

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Part 56: Flooring table top glueing the modules together and attaching the frame

05-22-2016 08:45 AM by robscastle | 2 comments »

I aligned the four modules on one of the long sides and and used wooden wedges fixed to the worktop to clamp everything together using Titebond III glue.How I did it, I laid paper where the modules join to prevent anything sticking to the mealmine and glued everything on the Tongue and Grooves and fitted them together face down on the workbench. I didnt take any photos as I was a bit nervous about getting everything square and forgot anout them.I left the top overnight to allow the glue to...

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Part 57: Flooring Table Top unclamped sanded and secondary edge fitted

05-23-2016 08:49 AM by robscastle | 3 comments »

I had a good day with the table top all progressed wellI removed the clamps with mixed feelings however all was well.That was refreshing so I decided to sand the paper off and have a good look at it There were a few gaps and holes that I will need to fill other wise I was very happy with the result The next step was to add the secondary edging, for this I had a piece of oak which was cupped beyond use in its present form so i decided to cut it up.It also had has a bit of twist a...

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Part 58: Flooring Table top secondary edges finished sanded and sealed

05-24-2016 05:13 AM by robscastle | 4 comments »

Once I freed up a few clamps it was simply a matter of adding the end edge, Screwed in a center strengthening strip and it was done for a while awaiting for the glue to dry. By afternoon I had it finished construction wise and just edge finishing required so I ran around the sides with a template router bit, filled the various holes then sanded to finish and applied sanding sealer. Filled a few holes but left the resin vein The other end Thats it for blog s...

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Part 59: Flooring Table top Finished Sanded and Sealed Not quite !!

05-27-2016 05:38 AM by robscastle | 5 comments »

The old commercial saying Wait there is more! comes to mind. Well I didnt like the look of the TGTT edges showing end grain and the join so I decided to add a finishing edge. I used Tassie Oak cut into strips mitered and rounded over to do the job. I started with the end and cut the timber to match the table rather than measure and cut. This activity took all day glueing sections in, applying clamps, allowing the glue to dry enough to remove the clamps then continue on with th...

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Part 60: Ben Clark Memorial

08-24-2016 10:16 AM by robscastle | 10 comments »

If you follow my many exploits with recycled timber you may have seen the Smiths Potato crates I repair and in the process make a variety of items rescued from the rubbish pile. Well I was approached to make something else this time.The Fork lift driver who delivered the Potato Crates for me to repair, Ben Clark passed away at age 45. He had been with Smiths for 20 Years and his mates wanted to make a memorial for him using some of the timber from one of the potato crates. This was m...

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Part 61: 2100 x 150 x150 Challenge

08-31-2016 06:40 AM by robscastle | 8 comments »

I was fortunate enough to obtain a heap of timber beams from under the house of my friend Wally. It was also fortunate I had No1 and No3 son staying for the weekend and they assisted in loading and unloading the material. There were ten beams overall, The 2 x grey chamfered ones being Oregon, and the remaining seven being a pine species, either Hoop Pine or Huon Pine, both species getting into the hard to find category and the Huon pine is a timber no longer allowed to be cut down and a...

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Part 62: Organic Bar Stool from Pine

09-07-2016 05:02 AM by robscastle | 2 comments »

Sound familiar? Well it should its a inspirational project by me from:- Michael Makarevich’s (CrazyRussianWorkshop) Post Organic Bar Stool from Cherry. Michael didnt post too much construction detail and I was curious how it was made, so rather than ask a heap of questions I thought it would be better to find out for myself by experiment.So I set to work today. From my pile of recycled wood came five suitable pieces to make the legs and braces A tidy up with the t...

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Part 63: Organic Bar Stool Frame work and rough out

09-08-2016 05:36 AM by robscastle | 5 comments »

I continued on the Organic Bar Stool this morning.First up made the seat top, I biscuit jointed some Oregon together and then laminated the two sections. The dimensions are about 350mm square at this stage Left it for the glue to set and continued on the stool framework Starting on the internal braces I used my biscuit jointer to butt join the braces to the four posts.I was a bit squeezy getting in there but all went well. Once I had them all in it was time to ...

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Part 64: Organic Bar Stool cross braces and seat work

09-11-2016 03:05 AM by robscastle | 2 comments »

I wanted to keep going with the stool so Sunday saw me making the perimeter cross braces and the seat I needed three cross braces at an angle of about 30 deg and the foot rest at 90 deg As I had lots of off cuts from the frame shaping I used them to widen the braces at points of attachment Trying to workout the correct angles to cut material for a 45 deg angle and incline of 30 deg then a taper for 5 deg for the braces saw me give up, so instead I just kept cuttng and fitting until ...

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Part 65: Organic Bar Stool Sanding the fitted Cross Braces

09-13-2016 06:44 AM by robscastle | 9 comments »

Progress I made up to today I fitted all the perimeter braces to the stool, the three diagonal ones went on the two sides and back and the Foot rest went on the front. The three diagonal ones I bandsawed to shape first, as per the footrest shown previously. I could only do rough bandsawing but at least it removed most of the bulk material from the curves prior to glue up. done Mon night. The glue up:- This proved to be quite tricky as clamping was almost impossible, every time...

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Part 66: Organic Bar Stool Some mods and seat fittment

09-16-2016 11:39 PM by robscastle | 6 comments »

This Bar stool is proving to be a little bit more than a job spanning a “cuppla days”.In fact the work required is quite a learning aspect for me.Just when you think all the work is done more comes to light. Like the top leg Mods, I was looking at the original post and noticed the top of the legs had radiuses on all four sides but not the bottom, something I completely misses at the design stage. The Leg Modifications:- To achieve the required finished curve I needed ...

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Part 67: Organic Bar Stool Profiling the seat to the frame and staining (end of blog)

09-17-2016 02:57 AM by robscastle | 3 comments »

Ok I got busy making wood snow all through the driveway and grass area today.I used the rotary micro planner and sander to get the final sanding done. Profiling View From the front:- View Right side:- View From the Rear:- View Left Side:- Staining view Front left:- View Rear Left:- View Right top:- After I prepared all these I was in two minds as to post them realising they would be of little interest as everyone just loves sanding an...

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Part 68: Cable Drum Table preparing the materials.

03-07-2017 08:07 AM by robscastle | 3 comments »

I got a message from my wife Aurora she said a friend of hers Edna, wanted a rustic outdoor table for her backyard and asked could I do it for her. Couldnt really say no so I set to work The pieces of a huge cable drum I had would be used for the top and I scrounged around and russeled up some more timber suitable for the table frame. I set to work jointing everthing then rolled out the thicknesser and strangely enough then thicknessed everything The Table top ti...

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Part 69: Cable Drum Table Making the legs Frame and preparing the Top

03-08-2017 08:04 AM by robscastle | 7 comments »

I was up and away early this morning as I wanted to see how bad the twist in the table top was going to be. So I unclamped everything and had a look, its a bit raggedy up on one end and down on the other Just workable for an outside table but certainly not a feature you would want on the dining room floor. The legs:Fairly simple process here cut them square to 750mm length. The frame: Again I applied the KISS principle and butt jointed a rectangular frame and then used 100mm d...

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Part 70: MC Fish Tank Stand the begining Pt 1

07-15-2017 08:57 AM by robscastle | 6 comments »

One of my family friends asked if I could make them a stand for their fish tank.Considering my son and I had made one just recently I agreed. They supplied a picture of what was needed and some dimensions. Basicly the structure has a cupboard in the center and two open shelves on the ends.Height 800mm width about 1450 for a top 1500 mm x 500mm. The tank holds 375 L so its effectively the same in mass or Kgs. So I checked out what timber I had and there was enough recycled timb...

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Part 71: TAG fish tank stand

07-16-2017 12:49 AM by robscastle | 6 comments »

I went looking for the fish tank stand my son Toby and I made in Aprill, (acknowledging assistance from his partner Gemma too), and could not find it so I thought I had better do a quick post before other LJs ask where it is. (see conclusion at the bottom as to why)The actual tank had a access cover and light fitted which he wanted replicated. He had a stand he wanted to rebuild, it was part MDF which had seen better days due to moisture damage. The old Stand The old cover We reus...

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Part 72: MC Fish Tank Stand Leg Work Pt 2

07-16-2017 09:58 PM by robscastle | 3 comments »

I prepared all the timber for the legs cut them to length and began to dry assemble everything for checking of dimensions and overall workability. Because it recycled timber I had to select each piece so any defects and man made holes etc were not visible The two white scraps are the actual size of the horizontal spacers appearing at the top middle and base for the shelves.T = top F = Front # =Leg position No Arrow = next leg # then last lext leg No (just in case I cannot count) ...

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Part 73: MC Fish tank Stand Door Work Pt 3

07-17-2017 06:26 AM by robscastle | 2 comments »

After my crook leg episode I directed my activities to replicating the door for the center cupboard. I set up the shaper to cut the profiles and did heaps of test runs before being satisfied that I could pass off a reasonable copy. The trim bits A lot off bench fiddling about went on until I was happy to go at the assembly If found to get the best accuracy for both the bullnose and raised panel part I needed to cut the profile on a larger piece of timber and then trim it down....

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Part 74: MC Fish Tank Stand frame work Pt 4

07-19-2017 06:22 PM by robscastle | 4 comments »

I commenced making the frame horizontal sections for the frame.I needed 380mm ones for the cupboard section and 400mm ones for the open shelf endsI will use pocket holes to attach the pieces to the legs and then 4 mm Ply to panel in sections and 13 mm ply for the shelves. First up I needed to make a Jig for my Ozito saw so I could cut everything accurately.Its just pieces of melamine which will be possibly be just discarded upon completion. I clamped it on temporarly then drilled fi...

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Part 75: MC Fish tank Stand Shelf trim work and staining Pt 5

07-25-2017 09:10 AM by robscastle | 2 comments »

I had the opportunity to continue with the stand today We did a run to the hardware and bought stain and materials for the stand top and tank access top I then set to work cutting Quad to trim in all the shelves.To get these to have the fit I wanted involved using two saws and the disk sander for each part. A most fiddly and time comsuming task I must say, however I worked through the 6 shelves and the task was eventually finished. Almost all day consumed with the trim, there ...

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Part 76: Treasure hunting in timber

08-05-2017 08:46 AM by robscastle | 5 comments »

I have a huge piece of Cypress Pine about 3m x 195mm x 50mm painted white and removed fron a construction somewhere.I wanted to remove the paint with my thicknesser so in making this possible I had to go treasure hunting with my metal detector. I found quite a few pieces of buried treasure and marked the area with the traditional X.Next I needed to flap disk the area to identify the exact position.Once the treasure was uncovered it was time to dig. I used my battery drill and a small pl...

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Part 77: AKs ToolMakers Chest Widening the overall frame

08-12-2017 02:37 AM by robscastle | 8 comments »

Its been 2 years since I did any work on this toolmakers chest for a friend, it ran aground due to me not having enough skills to built it so it would actually work. The problem I introduced was the lack of space at the front when the drawer fronts and handles were fitted, the front door would not fit. We discussed the problem and looked at getting recessed handles and all that sort of variations to overcome the problem. One line of thought was to add material at the back and move ev...

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Part 78: AKs ToolMakers Chest drawer fronts and start of the top case compartment

10-14-2017 04:22 AM by robscastle | 6 comments »

I left off working on the front extension in August, the extension of the front is to accomodate the drawer handles.So its now October and I am motivated to get this project finished. (started 2015!) I selected some of the timber with the dark grain effect in it for the drawer fronts. By cutting the pieces required as a sort of book match I was able to have the grain run continously from the bottom drawer to the top drawer. I still do not know what the timber is, but it looks nice! ...

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Part 79: My Model Contribution

12-15-2017 06:43 AM by robscastle | 16 comments »

I have been watching all the great toy model constructions posted, Roadsters, Trucks, Cranes, Bulldozers, and Cars for really little kids, Marble machines an the list goes on. All sorts of members contribute Ducks, Crows, Masters of the bush, Clog people, Romans in boots and members with just about every letter of the alphabet LBD HTL and as the name list again just goes on and on.Then there is all the wheely good Jigs that go along to get everything rolling along to support it all. Now...

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Part 80: Model Raw materials prep

12-16-2017 02:43 AM by robscastle | 8 comments »

I started work early this morning trying to beat the heat. I ran my metal detector loop over the timber to ensure it had no metalic FO in it.Next was a good wire brushing to remove crud build up.Satisfied all was good to go I fed them into the thicknesser and followed up by edging them with the table saw.I then ripped the damaged pieces with splits in them and ended up with a material stock list looking like this Unfortunately there was only about six pieces of any practical use. ...

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Part 81: Model potato Crate Making the sides

12-17-2017 12:32 AM by robscastle | 2 comments »

Hello again, well here I am busy working away and get stopped to put up Christmas lights. So a late start and no doubt an early finish due to heat. O boy the joys of getting old. Anyway back to itTo make the four sides, it involves a bit of planning as two opposite sides are the same, a uniform spacing all round, however the other two have a bottom board which overlaps the pallet base. I made a simple jig to set them out in and I used some window spacers to maintain the final sp...

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Part 82: The model Potato Crate gets assembled

12-17-2017 08:24 PM by robscastle | 14 comments »

Some “interesting” progress for a change.After making 2 sets of sides I realised I could speed progress up some what by implementing an alternative assembly method while waiting for the jig lots glue to dry. As I had made enough of of the opposing sides I decided to use assembly method No 2 in an attempt to speed things up. So Method 1. Was to assemble the four prefabricated sides to the base all in one go, with only one jig I was getting bored watching glue dry. As I had fo...

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Part 83: The Model Potato Crate Surface finishing

12-18-2017 09:29 AM by robscastle | 2 comments »

Almost done, once all the glue was set it was time to commence surface finishing I started off on the disc Sander getting all the board edges level and then commenced sanding all the saw blade burn marks out.I used my 1/2 sheet orbital sander and a ROS started with 80 grit and finished with 400 grit. I burned up heaps of sheets sanding this tough as timber I think each crate devoured a single sheet of each grade but it was worth it all. Sanding:-This was the result I obtained.The...

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Part 84: Pallet Table 2012 to 2018

04-17-2018 11:40 PM by robscastle | 3 comments »

Back in Jul 2012 I made a pine Pallet table and stained it Cedar. I am not sure why I never posted it, possibly because using recycled pallet timber for “fine’ furniture is not really the done thing, and it was actually not completed or finished. Regardless here is a short story about it. Apart from the shop bought turned legs all the rest is recycled pallet wood. The top is a typical breadboard end construction. I dont remember what method I used to edg...

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Part 85: Finishing the Potato Crate models

05-05-2018 03:42 AM by robscastle | 7 comments »

Well after a delay due to not knowing how to proceed with the metal retaining angles I had to put the job on hold. After searching high and low for suitable material I by chance found some material close to what I wanted in my local ALDI store. I brought it home and set about finding somebody that could cut the metal to the size I needed.I had no such luck in finding anybody so the project got shelved for some time. Well its now May and I have decided that I could cut the angle on my...

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Part 86: MushroomSeat Mk III secretly underway.

11-12-2018 07:37 AM by robscastle | 8 comments »

After having my wife bless my work at the finish post I have secretly started No 3 in a hope I dont get busted and loose yet another Work seat/step stool. After seven years I could not remember how I made the original one so it was all re discovery work. I had no worries about making the base sections from recycled pine this time as the previous one lasted 7 years outside so that will do me. I used the same incorrect process to cut them as per the Mk II seat and did the biscuit cut...

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Part 87: Mushroom seat Mk III continunes or Pt2

11-14-2018 07:11 AM by robscastle | 7 comments »

OK, so has anybody got any of these pieces of kit still ? Its a 3D router carver I have had it for years, (and it cost a fortune over time) and now its used it less than my Hollow Chisel Mortiser!So it got dragged out dusted off today then set to work.Remember I said I was going to route a few features on the Mushroom Seat Mk III? Well I got stuck into it today. Now as usual I made life hard for myself as this work should have been done before cutting tapering edges, however it’...

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Part 88: Mower shed repair work

12-13-2018 12:43 AM by robscastle | 15 comments »

In Dec 2013 and again in Aug 2014 I built two “Mower Sheds” from recycled materials.They all faired reasonably well and considering my construction skills at the time most of the weathering was attributed to poor design on my behalf in the first place. The first shed that had plain butt jointed roofing was rectified by covering with a rubber mat. It needs a complete rebuild, but to simply weatherproof in the short term that was the temporary fix. The second shed had a p...

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