Red IronBark Adventures

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Blog series by robscastle updated 10-20-2020 01:10 PM 12 parts 17559 reads 117 comments total

Part 1: Cutting off some ends

09-07-2017 01:09 AM by robscastle | 9 comments »

I hauled one of the Red Ironbark posts onto a pallet and cut off the ends with the mortices and rot in them. The main reason for doing this was to have a complete length without any rot or previous work in them. What I found has changed my mind in regarding to ripping them into planks. Another view They are the effective center of the original log and any material I rip off will be subject to cupping be the grain structure, as I wanted to maintain the maximum width. ...

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Part 2: Ripping Red Ironbark on the table saw

09-05-2017 10:19 AM by robscastle | 5 comments »

OK I skoffed a few cans of spinach and musceled the red Iron bark post onto my table saw. Did a cut reversed it and did another cut and that was enough until my son arrives. What I got: First up I fitted a new blade, as I knew my saw was going to be “workin” chewing through that monster. The saw actually performed very well, pity I am not as strong as I used to be. So that was enough. It reminded me of when I tried to mill a log on my bandsaw! I didnt take a ...

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Part 3: Red ironbark I assume?

08-26-2017 09:31 PM by robscastle | 8 comments »

I saw these posts sitting next to a skip bin this week. As I have been working I didnt have the opportunity to enquire about their disposition, and each day as I drove by I wondered about them some more. So I rang the number on the house raising sign on Friday arvo and they gave me to OK to remove them. The are all about 150mm x 150mm and range from 1.6m to 1.8m or 6” x 6” and were used to stump the existing house, from what I saw they had cut them out and rep...

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Part 4: Working some Red Ironbark off cuts

09-07-2017 05:27 AM by robscastle | 6 comments »

I was really supposed to be cleaning leaves out of the roof gutters but after the first bin load I pulled the piece of rotten Red Ironbark off cut I put there earlier and decided to amuse mysellf with it. I took to the end with a die grinder bit then sanded it to 320 Grit and applied some shellawax All pretty good I thought too nice for the bin anyway. Now back up the ladder !!

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Part 5: Wrestled another Red Ironbark post today Pt 1

09-30-2018 09:57 AM by robscastle | 26 comments »

I decided to prep another Red Ironbark post today but the rain called an early halt to proceedingsSo this is the only progress I made. Introduction:I am not sure just how much these post weigh but they are right on my max weight I am able to manage on my own. Inital preparation before sawing: I cleaned to post down with a 200mm rotary sander with 2 x discs at 40 G.This removed the bulk of nasties and paint allowing me to find any surprises.Sure enough there were two hidden treasu...

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Part 6: Finishing the post the rain halted work on Pt2

10-02-2018 12:39 AM by robscastle | 7 comments »

OK not a lot to show and tell there just the finishing process after milling the post into five boards. All I did was to joint and thickness the faces, no real dimensioning at this stage as I am unsure just what exactly the timber will become in its final project role.No edge trueing or dressing the ends was done just yet. What I have now is five pieces about 1.8m long x 150mm x 25 to 28 mm thick and a thin sheet of veneer or some such about 4mm to play with. The sun is maki...

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Part 7: Molly's Memorial Cross Pt 1

12-20-2019 08:53 PM by robscastle | 13 comments »

I have actually been doing something worthwhile.No 2 son and the family’s little dog expired so I suggested I make a memorial I uncovered my stash of Red IronBark and set to work. This is my basic concept idea and a tech drawing to support. I got to this stage but thought it all looked a bit too chunky So I stopped for a head scratch, as they will all be here in a few days so it will be a combined effort to complete it. No 1 is an area for date etc ...

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Part 8: Molly's Memorial Cross Pt 2

12-21-2019 03:21 AM by robscastle | 14 comments »

well after plodding away with all the great comments I decide to redo the cross piece. I had thoughts of turning the first one into a bone as suggested, but I put is aside for the time being and and tried an another approach. I used my3D carver system along with my Milescraft letter routing system to produce the result A bit slower and more clumsy than a CNC but there you go. And the final result Next it was off to the silversmiths OfficeLBD would have been proud o...

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Part 9: Red iron Bark Block becomes a Box day 1

10-17-2020 03:50 AM by robscastle | 3 comments »

I was getting bored looking at LBD’s “nuts ” so I decided to amuse myself in other ways. Wandering about the yard I found a Red Iron Bark block I thought I could give a second life to. Here it is retired from what was a house stump role offcut. Now this timber is an Australia hardwood of the real sense. Its very dense, has a deep red appearance and is also very deceptive in regards to attempting to make “Fine Furniture” from it. As the na...

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Part 10: Day 2 work ...Sunday so not much to report

10-18-2020 10:34 PM by robscastle | 12 comments »

I continued with the construction today but didn’t achieve much being Sunday and lack of brilliant ideas. This is the basic design all held together with vertical posts holding the sides in place. The concept is screw the verticals from underneath to attach them to the base There is a bit of filler needed here and there to close the base, I am not sure if it was termites or a natural defect.I radiused the edges trying to get something a bit more atractive than just ...

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Part 11: Day 3 lots to report now.

10-20-2020 12:52 PM by robscastle | 5 comments »

OK after attaching the onlays it was time for some repair fixes profiling and sanding followed by more sanding The Base It had a split that needed fixing so I watered down some glue and clamped it up. the put it aside to set. The sides the four sides had onlays of tools I traced and cut out with the band jig saw then radiused on my disc sander.The were then glued onto respective sides and left to set. Bolt/nail cutters Glue bottle adjustable spanner and a ring op...

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Part 12: Day 4 Final assembly to completion

10-20-2020 01:10 PM by robscastle | 9 comments »

OK on the home run now. First up. Forgot to mention a process step, ... all the edges were rounded over How is the polishing achieved A small portable grinder converted to accept polishing wheels and my KA tools lady Guineverea stick of white polishing compound and a couple of specific wheels to do the job. All working together to produce the final result. Final assembly Out with my trusty Kreg base Used a rep band to hold the frame and sides toget...

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