What Delta says they are trying to improve, and will get it right.

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Review by Taigert posted 07-01-2009 07:55 AM 5531 views 0 times favorited 26 comments Add to Favorites Watch
What Delta says they are trying to improve, and will get it right. What Delta says they are trying to improve, and will get it right. What Delta says they are trying to improve, and will get it right. Click the pictures to enlarge them


Delta finally made contact with me!!!!!!!
I was suprised when I answered the phone and the caller said he was from Delta, seen as it was in the evening outside of normal business hours. He agreed that they have been having some problems, but they are trying to get everything ironed out.
He agreed that evrything shoild have been there as one shipment. I didn’t mean for it to sound like I figured the mobile base is part of the saw package. It was added as a option, my point is nothing was said about the base being about two months away from delivery to the dealers. It is still in the production stage.
He stated a package will be leaving Delta today, and that I should recieve it in a couple of days.

I have gone throught all the adjustments on the saw and all are where they should be, with the exception of the riving knife. The riving knife needed to be brought to 90 deg’s to the table. This is a minor adjustment, that is made at the holder for the riving knife.

After setting everything up to specs, we had to fire up the saw.
With 10/4 Hard Maple the sound of the hardly changed. The only change of sound was a soft hum coming from the blade. The saw has more than enough power to do anything you may ever need to do. I ran the stock through at a 90 crosscut, rip and then repeated the cuts at 45. I have to admit for a blade that came with the saw I am superised it cuts so well. It left a very clean,, smooth edge.

I will let you know when I recieve my care package from Delta


In all fairness to Delta, I am sure there was a rush to get this saw to market. As it turned out they had made some design changes to the final product.. This resulted in recieving a saw that is some what different from what was shown in the pre release hype.
The mobile base will be availeable for purchase in the very near future. Delta was kind enough to have one made for me. If the final product is any thing near to what I have you will be very pleased. As I said there were a few bugs in the begining.
The presentation prior to the saw hitting the streets, the saw is shown with a cross member between the legs of the table. This is one of the lasr minute changes that was made, prior to showing up in the retail show room. Delta felt it was no longer needed, due to the fact that each leg is connected to the table with 4 bolts thru the apron and leg. Delta was kind enough to send me this cross member, due to the fact that it was one of the design features that was strongly stated in the pre release video’s. I left the cross member off for the first monthbut found that the legs were to easky bumped, causing more movment in the leg than I was comfortable with.
I decided to try the extra support given by the cross member. So far I haven’t had the time to take the legs over to the drill press to drill the holes in the legs to arrach the cross member. So till I can get the time, I’m using a couple of F- clamps to attach the cross member to the legs. In my opinion, the legs really do benefit from the extra support. It will be even better once I have it bolted up properly.
After using the saw for a couple of hundred hour, it has all been worth it. Delta has provided fantastic support sine the initial hick-up. They have really proven to me that they really do care about relationship they have with us, the customer. Oter than the small proplem with the legs movin around when bumped I have no complaints about the saw.
I have rather large hands, and I find I have all the room I need to change blades, or adjust the riving knife. The blade lock is such a blessing when changing blades.. Placing the lock for the riving knive at front of the table is so easy to use. The power switch is one of those things that most machines in the shop are not designed for domfort or safety. It has been placed just far enough to the side that your not accidently bumping into, causing the saw to shut down while your still making your cut. But it is close enough that you are able to hit it with yiour left leg in a emergency. It is not important to hit straight on due to the way it is shaped, you can hit from any angle and shut it down. The placement of the poer switch was my only big peoblem I have with using a SawStop saw. I’m always bumping that big red paddle and turning the saw off.

-- Taigert - Milan, IN

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#1 posted 07-01-2009 10:42 AM

I’ve always considered the old Unisaw as being the penultimate of table saws. When I saw a short demo of this new one I was really excited to see what they’d come up with. They had to know there was a LOT of anticipation and that they had a lot riding on this, I’m really surprised that they would drop the ball. Would you mind posting a review on the performance of the saw if they ever give you the tools you need to use it?

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#2 posted 07-01-2009 11:25 AM

sorry to read of your woes ,
it seems to be the new bussenes way !.
lots of new arogant college grads ,
making a name for themselves .
and messing with good systems and people .
there are so many new changes that are only
money oriented !
i hope this is resolved for you and others soon .

-- david - only thru kindness can this world be whole . If we don't succeed we run the risk of failure. Dan Quayle

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#3 posted 07-01-2009 12:32 PM

I don’t know what to say. This is a roller coaster of a review. Whining about a beveled edged that doesn’t line up from wing to wing? ... among other things. A 1 star review? I suppose if you are reviewing the magnitude of hassle to set up a new tool, but I read this review with interest on performance. There are always an array of issues setting up any tool I have owned. And you have chosen to be the Beta tester. Your hyped expectations have been brought back to earth, grow up.

Bait and switch? You’ve probably never purchased a new car. Every advertisement is loaded with options and you are only notified of this in a miniscule blurb at the bottom of the page (or screen) which is all but unreadable. Sounds like you are pissed off and have lost sight of reality. Every Manufacturer finds ways to load up with an offering of accessories as a long-term revenue stream. I think you need to look in those boxes a while, maybe Delta sent their corporate kitchen sink.

Better luck writing a worthwhile review next time.

-- Just 'cause a cat has kittens in the oven, it don't make 'em biscuits.

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Don K.

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#4 posted 07-01-2009 02:55 PM

Wow…sorry about all the problems you are having with the new saw. Their is nothing in the shop as bad as buying a new tool and things not working out. As far as the mobile base, I suggest making one your self, I have always made I really hope it turns around and gets better soon.

-- Don S.E. OK

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#5 posted 07-01-2009 03:49 PM

I’m with pitchnsplinters on this one…. this is a brand new product, and is expected to have some issues before things get ironed out. and from what it sounds from your own review- delta is working on it – however I wouldn’t expect this to happen yesterday.. some of those things take some time to balance out.

you complain that you didn’t get the outfeed table even though they show it in the DVD? I mean – come on … we are woodworkers… you should know what you paid for, and what should be in the boxes, and what shouldn’t. Delta just like any other manufacturer wants to show you the new product in all its glory – sure , with a couple of accessories to show you all they’ve got. I don’t see how’s that related to bait and switch – what more – you said that you got this DVD after ordering the saw – so it’s not like you made your purchase after watching it , hoping you’ll get everything in the presentation.

1 star ? wow, this saw must not even cut wood.hold on… sorry – I didn’t even see anything in the review that has to do with the saw’s operation.

Sorry – no mean to disrespect your stress of dealing with Delta, and I’m sorry you have to go through so much crap – but this just seemed more of a rant than a tool review to me.

I hope things clear out for you with this saw soon, and you could update it with some experience with the saw’s capabilities and operation. I really do.


-- ㊍ When in doubt - There is no doubt - Go the safer route.

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Don Newton

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#6 posted 07-01-2009 07:15 PM

Hey guys….let’s keep in mind that these reviews are SOMEONES OPINION! We don’t have to agree. Civility is free and should be given extravagently. I am not even in the market for a table saw but found the review interesting. Lets not discourage others from posting reviews as I think this is one of the most valuable features of Lumberjocks. No slight was intended by this comment….but….I have a thick skin and welcome ALL replies. Again, it is only MY OPINION.

-- Don, Pittsburgh

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Mike Gager

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#7 posted 07-01-2009 07:38 PM

did the saw come with a manual showing contents of what should be included?

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#8 posted 07-01-2009 09:39 PM

Looking on the Woodcraft website they give the specs and what comes with the machine, as well as listing the add ons you can buy like the outfeed table, dado inserts, featherboards, etc. They also list a mobile base for it. So some research might have been in order there. However…

All that aside, realize that you’ve bought a top of the line tablesaw and yeah we all want our new toys to be perfect whether for business or hobby, but woodworking requires patience and dealing with frustration when a project is giving you a problem, and the same goes with machines. Particularly when you are just itching to use it!!!

I’m sure that Delta and Woodcraft will want to ensure that you are happy with your purchase and indeed you should be already. Wing problems, mobile base are small issues in the grand scheme of things, and though it make take some time to ship and get everything right, try to enlist their help and be courteous and you may find that will ease the path.

Post some pics for us when you get it set up. I run a smaller saw than the one you have, but I saw the new Unisaw at my local Woodcraft last week, and it surely will be the shining star of your workshop when you get it together.

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#9 posted 07-01-2009 10:25 PM

One star for a saw you haven’t used yet might be a little pessimistic. Give it a little time, who knows, it may eventually not even rate one star. It sounds a though Delta CS has gone the way of so many of the manufacturers. Today’s DELTA is just not the DELTA of old. Better quality control and customer service, equals less profit. Thanks for the review and I would be very interested in an update a some future time.

-- Mike

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#10 posted 07-01-2009 10:50 PM

I understand your frustration believe me I do, but these things have a habit of working them selves out in the end.Please remember Delta is not a two bit firm you’ll likely as not come out good on this one.After that good review you deserve it Alistair

-- excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease

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#11 posted 07-02-2009 12:45 AM

my opinion is that all reviews are someones opinion, and for that reason, i will read them as such. reviews include things that may or not matter to me and i will read them objectively and openmindedly, not putting down the reviews of others, because without the experiences, positive or negative, of the members of this site, there would be no reviews to read. in other words, if your intent when replying to a review is to say how bad it was, do us all a favor and dont reply at all. we are here to read a review of someones experience, not a negative comment made by someone who puts another down for the review they took time to share with us.

-- wm, brandon,ms

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#12 posted 07-02-2009 02:15 AM

Hey RoadRunner I’m with ya there . Reviews are one of the reasons I visit this site , good or bad , it’s the only reviewers opinion of the product . Your expectation’s of a saw costing $35 dollars and one costing $3500 dollars are totally different . I would demand much more from the latter. If you bought a Dodge Neon expecting the fit,finish and performance of a Bentley you are gonna be one disappointed pup.

Thanks for the review and keep us updated .

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Scott Oldre

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#13 posted 07-02-2009 03:50 AM

I wholeheartedly agree with the idea that this is a forum that is used to state your opinion on a piece of equipment. I would also agree that when spending that kind of money, I know I’d want to know specifically what was coming in that package(s) because I’d spent a lot of money on it. Lastly I know I”d be as PO’d as you are if when it got delivered it had missing parts, wrong parts, broken parts. This is what a lot of us live for…that day arrives when you’ve finally made the decision, saved the money, and your new “got to have it” piece of equipment shows up, and we surely don’t want it to show up unuseable, for Any period of time.

Thanks for the actually fun, informative, amusing, and thought provoking review. And I do honestly hope it does prove to be the flagship of your shop and your faith, all our faith, is once again bestowed on some of those great names of woodworking equipment.

-- Scott, Irmo SC

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#14 posted 07-02-2009 04:57 AM

Wow, I had hi expectations for this saw. I was thinking that this would be compalrable to the Saw Stop or Powermatic in quality. When you read those reviews they come in color coded boxes and are very easily assembled (per say) with all parts recived.

Sounds like the Made in America bit needs a bit of Demmings quality management.

Missing or upgrades bothers and boggles my mind. $3500 and the riving knives are extra? Dado and Outfeed I understand.

Wow 2 weeks with nothing back from CS and still no joy. Looks like Saw Stop or Powermatic go back to the top of my list for a Cabinet Saw. My local Woodcraft had one of these in several weeks ago and I asked about ease of assembly and they had no problems. I didn’t look super close but fit and finish was great.

Needless to say I am greatly dissapointed.

-- //FC - Round Rock, TX - "Experience is what you get just after you need it"

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#15 posted 07-02-2009 05:51 AM

Who’s review should I trust more? The guy who paid $3K for the saw or the guy who gets paid $30K to tell me I should spend my $3K?

Here’s a plug for Spagnolo, AKA The Wood Whisperer, that guy tells it like it is.

It is true customers should really check the details before making the purchase. It is also true that sellers often blur the lines between what is available and what is included. These truths are not mutually exclusive.

BTW I have a Unisaw.

So at this point Delta gets one star? That is generous when you consider he can’t even use the thing yet. Maybe Delta will earn a couple more stars with some great service? Perhaps another when he fires it up. Then again, maybe not. I sure hope so.

-- tim hill

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