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I am writing my review in order to help people with their decision on a purchase of this unit. Before I begin I had some reservations about this and was unsure about making this investment, Even though it is an economical unit, 350 to 400 bucks is a lot to throw away on a piece of garbage that doesn;t work correctly Anyways I am more than pleased with this purchase. I never give 5 stars because when we write these posts we have no way of determining on how long something will last. I may write this and as soon as I do the unit may crash. But from using this for about a week now I am confident that this will last a while as long as you dont try to cut too much at one time.. I give it a solid 4 because there are a few short coming’s which I hope that Jet would address in the future These are really simple fixes that would take nothing for them to do. All in all I think it is a solid machine that does the job very well. It does take time for th blade to be adjusted and the tool that they provide (a aluminum block) is useless and much better ways of getting a reasonable blade setup. I YouTube and found many good ways of adjusting and was able after several hours of doing it over a few days( my first alignment was wacky) got a pretty accurate alignment, between 1/100 th and 1/50th of an inch, I have purchased a magnetic dial indicator but that is on back order, so when that comes in I will aim for a more accurate alignment, but right now I am happy. I do suspect that the table is slightly out of co-planer. Right now it doesnt seem like much of a problem, and I probably will do worse by trying to adjust the out feed table as many have stated that they needed to do. Once again when I get the proper gauges to see how much it is, I will just leave it as is. But it dosesnt seem to be out much. The motor seems strong enough to do what this tool is intended to do, I just take very light cuts about 1/32 of an inch, and plane less than 1/16 at a time. The blades seem thin but I have ordered 2 additional sets to have in hand, as you should with this tool. I havent noticed any chips in the blade or any tiny ridges when I plane, so maybe the blades are better than I think. They do the job that’s for sure. My biggest reservation that I had was how much of a pain it would be when changing from jointer to planer. It is a breeze which takes less than 3 minutes. Hardly a hassle, and makes this a 2 in one space saver a must for small shops. Recently I purchased some Cypress which was very twisted. I will never purchase lumber from the place that I got it because I was charged for S2S and I have seen rough lumber in better shape than this. Anyways I was able to straighten out the boards with this tool. My wife would have thought I was drunk when making the entertainment center because of the warpping of the boards, and there was no way that these boards would have jointer correctly had I not had this cool tool. I did have to shave off nearly of a 1/4 of an inch to do so. Sp now with my few short comings.

1. The manual needs to be updated. I spent quite a bit trying to find pan head screws which weren’t included and had changed the to the hex bolts. Many others had this issue also. The tool is easy enough to put together that laying things out, you will soon or later realize that the manual is out dated.

2. one of the long bolts that holds the face plate on they need to make the part that goes into the back of th machine a little shorter. When you tighten this bolt it protrudes in the back and prevents the planer to get any thinner than 1 1/2 inches. I have just left this not tightened all the way, but am thinking of putting a washer or something to make this a better fix. Jet should address this problem because I had thought that something was wrong with the planer mechanism until I looked deeper into the problem.

3. The spring was not connected in a good spot on the blade guard and as I put it on the first time the spring popped out. It was easy enough to reconnect and there are 4 holes where you can attach the spring to. I just had to figure from trial and error which one would work without the spring popping out again.

All in all it is a decent tool. A must have if you are into wood working, it will save you money in the long run. I am saving 3 buck a BF by purchasing rough cut lumber, so in the end this tool will pay for itself. I love this tool. I have many uses for it, and cant believe I went without it for this long.

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#1 posted 02-20-2015 12:12 AM

I have the 10 inch version and I am less enthusiastic. The tables are far too short. The guard was hard to adjust and ultimately failed. The motor is incredibly loud. I agree the switching to planning is pretty easy; however with 12-13 inch planers being so cheap I found little reason to use that feature. In the end I had an inadequate 10 inch jointer albeit for a very low price.

-- chemist by day, woodworker time permitting

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#2 posted 02-20-2015 07:27 AM

I had the 8” version and found it to be useless. All table surfaces are way too small making control of anything but very small work error prone and dangerous. The fence and its adjustment are a joke. Terrible snipe. Factory blades dulled really quickly, and the thing is crazy loud. Sold it and bought an old Rigid jointer and Dewault planer on craigslist for not much more money. The pair are better than the Jet in every way.

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#3 posted 02-20-2015 05:21 PM

I have used some industrial jointers and found this unit to be less loud than any others that I have used. Yes there will be noise, you are slicing up wood, but I do not find the sound ear piercing. Its about the level of my shop vac. Yes the fence is a little small, the table is small, but I have set up some rollers which work quite well. Eventually am going to build extensions into the cabinet that I made in order to extend the surface of the table. Like I said I take small bites at a time, but I have gotten the wood to be between 1/1000 and 1/100th of an inch difference I can see the blades dulling quickly possibly I can find some carbide blades for this unit. I need to call Jet and ask them few questions. For me I have limited space. I am working out of my garage and cant afford any more space for wood prep, maybe sometime down the road I will go with a better unit, but for now this unit is definitely worth the price. I know I have limitations with this, which is ok, I dont need to work with 8 ft boards at a time. I can cut them down to sizes that are more appropriate for my work. Usually under 2 ft. I used it yesterday on 8 inch wide boards, the past week I have worked with 6 inch boards, and yes I could tell it was a little harder on the motor, and yes it was a little louder, so I could see the 10 inch on 10 inch wide boards would be hard on the motor. Possibly under rated for that. I also do wish that you could adjust the fence in and out, and there should be a notch cut where the blade is also because in adjusting the blade there was a time that it was touching the fence underneath. I dont see any damage to the blade from it, but i am sure if I held it up under a magnifying glass I would see some. It has not affected the cut but I am hoping to get the new blades soon and throwing this first set out if there is any damage to them.

As long as people know its limitations, and you are not going to plane 100’s of board feet a day, this unit does a pretty good job of what its intended to do. You just have to be patient and not take too big of bites at a time. It does take me some time to get rough lumber to be fit for further work. But with my budget right now, I will gladly put in an extra hour of prep verses paying almost twice as much for 2S2 lumber that isn’t perfectly flat and straight anyways, Even with finished lumber the boards begin getting out of shape as it takes on or releases moisture from the atmosphere. I would not suggest this unit for a professional shop doing a lot of business, but for us hobbyist the unit is a fair price and I really love it.

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#4 posted 02-20-2015 05:44 PM

This tool has a universal motor, which is much louder than an induction motor. Benchtop tools are generally louder than larger, heavier tools for this reason. But, universal motors pack a lot of power into a small, light package.

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Mike Throckmorton

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#5 posted 02-20-2015 06:27 PM

Yeah, I bought this machine a few years back and it has been a stern teacher of technique, expectations and noise.

Once I figured out there was no real way to dial it in perfectly (if you get things lined up perfectly for the jointing surfaces, you may find yourself unlined up for the planing surfaces) and just learned how to use the tool as is, I got acceptable results. Is it ideal? Uh no.

One of my goals (goals are important to establish) in woodworking was to go from log to, well, something. Hopefully something that looks unlike firewood.

You can go the hand-tool route with that, which if you look at the investment there, is not negligible. There’s also the consideration that if you’re a person of yearage, your body may not tolerate taking wood from tree to trestle table by hand for long.

For the money, this device is a good entry point. 8” may be enough for most (hush, I’m being serious).

Once I figured out that getting the surface planing part set up pretty good, then treating the jointing bit as an upside down motorized handplane (that is, make a pass, mark your areas to resolve, make another, repeat til acceptible), I could get work done.

Eventually, once I proved that my commitment was worth further investment, I bought the Dewalt 735 for planing, set up the jointing surfaces of the Jet to be as precise as I could and worked with that. That’s where I’m at now.

The noise is a huge issue, but I figure if there’s a zombie apocalypse and the zombies come knocking at my garage door, I can fire up the Jet and the noise should cause them to reconsider.

“Jeeze, this guy is noisy” “Yeah, lets shamble over next door, that guy is not only chubby, well marbled and tender, but has the 8” Powermatic long bed heliical head jointer which is MUCH quieter”

-- You are never complete, you just draw a line where done is and stop at that line.

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