Teknatool Customer Service - Exceptionally Terrible!

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Teknatool Customer Service - Exceptionally Terrible! No-picture-s No-picture-s Click the pictures to enlarge them

I am writing this to help others reconsider buying a large tool from Teknatool due to their poor support and also to vent. I purchased the Teknatool Voyager drill press in September due to the $200 mail in rebate. The press arrived about a week later and I got it out of the box and assembled. After running it once I immediately filled out the MIR form online for the $200 rebate and provided the invoice. Unknown to me (my fault) the invoice had the invoice date (October 1) and not the order date (September 28). I soon get a ticket email from Teknatool informing me my rebate is being processed and I should get something in 6-8 weeks. The next week I receive a drill press fence. I reply to the ticket telling Teknatool I received this fence I didn’t order and that I would be glad to send it back and to please confirm I will get my $200 rebate. I get no reply and put the fence on the shelf assuming something bad is going to happen and I will need to ship it back.

Well, 6 weeks later comes around and I don’t have my rebate. I reply to the ticket again and am informed I was not eligible for the ticket because I purcased the press on October 1. I pull up the invoice I sent and indeed it did not have the sales date. I reply with the correct receipt assuming I would get a reply like “sure we’ll get this processed.” Nope, they tell me they can’t do anything as they have to stick to the original paperwork and that I should have contacted them sooner and they could have helped. I did contact them earlier about the fence. Then I was informed I sent the rebate in too late on October 31. I verified the confirmation ticket to be October 15 from me submitting the rebate. Then the rep told me I filled out the wrong rebate form. I verified the URL on the $200 MIR form was different than the current URL for the fence, the page of which says “fence” at the top (they claimed the $200 form was removed September 30). I am further blown off, no apology, and no resolution. Almost like I didn’t buy a $1500 tool. This person called themselves a manager and claims to have discussed this issue with their colleagues. So instead of my $200 rebate I have a fence that I didn’t want in the first place. I contacted the vendor who I bought it from, hoping they can price match the current price which is $150 less than I paid (with the free fence). I am waiting to hear back on that. Unfortunately my credit card doesn’t do price matching or I would go that route. I am considering calling the credit card fraud line, but I think that would just stiff the distributor and not Teknatool.

I was considering buying some more Teknatool lathe stuff but not any more. Watch out for these guys and don’t expect any support. I hope I never need parts for this drill press. I realize I sent the invoice and not the receipt, but no one contacted me to request any additional documentaion or anything. Seems like they just wanted to run out the clock. This manager claimed that “lots” of people were sending in their rebate the date of purchase. This isn’t possible as you have to have the serial# of the tool for the rebate form. I count at least four lies from the representative during this interaction. Wow.

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#1 posted 12-19-2018 12:01 PM

I can understand your frustration but it seems to have started with you making a mistake providing the wrong paper work.

Your complaint seems to be with the sales group. The actual support that I have for my Voyager Drill Press has been excellent. I have talked to them several times. The drill press is a great piece of equipment and mine is one of my favorite tools.

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#2 posted 12-19-2018 04:11 PM

another tool made in China

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#3 posted 12-19-2018 04:12 PM

Unfortunately I think this is the norm with rebates and other such promotions. They are counting on a significant number of customer either forgetting to fill it out, filling it out incorrectly (both fall under the term “breakage”) or forgetting/losing/not spending the rebate amount that is usually placed on a prepaid card (known as “slippage”).

The redemption rate on these promotions is usually less than 25% if I recall correctly. So YES they are going to be sticklers about every single detail, and YES they make it intentionally difficult, and many times they outsource the administration of the rebate etc. The reason is that is how they make their money…. they convinced you to buy this tool because of a rebate they hope you either don’t apply for, apply for incorrectly, or don’t spend.

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#4 posted 12-19-2018 05:59 PM

That really sucks, I know when i purchased my saw stop, the dealer went to the warehouse got the serial numbers needed for the rebate and all was processed before i even received the saw, RJ

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#5 posted 12-19-2018 06:47 PM

Yeah, I’ll bet your beef is with the rebate administrator, which is likely outsourced from Teknatool. The fence thing would be their fault, but again there it could be the distributor, not Teknatool. Both of these issues suck, but I’m just not sure it’s the fault of the subject company.

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#6 posted 12-20-2018 02:05 AM

Yeah, I ll bet your beef is with the rebate administrator, which is likely outsourced from Teknatool. The fence thing would be their fault, but again there it could be the distributor, not Teknatool. Both of these issues suck, but I m just not sure it s the fault of the subject company.

- jamsomito

The rep had a email address but this could be true. Maybe the rebate comapnies get compensated by the percentage of people that don’t get their check? By the smoke she was blowing in my direction it wouldn’t surprise me. I’ll give the distributor a call tomorrow (no ticket response there, either…not a good sign). I think I’ve gone through bargaining, denial, and acceptance here. Unfortunately I’ll be reminded of it every time I use the tool.

another tool made in China

- abie

And the sales support to match! Like most, I spend plenty (but never too much!) on tools. In the long run they lost money on this transaction.

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#7 posted 12-20-2018 03:33 AM

I have never dealt with the Teknatool CS, but I had serious buyers regret the minute I set the drill press up. There are couple of features which are cool, but nothing that couldn’t be done on any other drill press. My biggest problem is that below the motor it’s a regular drill press, the fence is the worst one I’ve ever used, everything about it is a PITA to use. The mechanism to lock the table in place is the same thing I had on my Harbor Freight drill press, and it’s works about as well. The table will move under pressure mo matter how hard you try to tighten it. It’s like they came up with a great motor and interface, then just gave up and never finished. The rest of the parts don’t match up with the high tech motor.

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#8 posted 12-20-2018 08:28 AM

Of course when you see companies offering you $200 they aren’t going to do it lightly.

They only consolation you have is that places Lumberjocks and other social a d specialist sites become a powerfully influential force in consumer rights and complaints. i wotked in QA before the internet and my boss said to me that I should treat EVERY complaint seriously and sympathetically because each complainant would tell ten friends and each of them ten more and so on, about theirbad experience.

Some companies as mentioned already run these fishing expeditions knowing, or even fixing it, that as few as possible will take it up and those that might have to jump through a hundred hoops to get it.

In the UK and EU consumer laws prevent a lot of this and some Papers like the Daily Mail have financial sections that champion consumers with complaints.

But companies like this will just peter out because of sites like lumberjocks. As you see several have had good experience with this company. But experience should NOT be a mixed but consistent thing. Each company shoulf make it so the 99% of their customers have a fantastic experience of their products and services and be prepared to pay the premium for it. Those who think they can just import or even drop ship the stuff from China and do nothing else will disappear. The ones that do will shine out in these pages because they take the trouble and understand the culture and the way things work in the countries of origin of the equipment they retail as well as the limitations of the engineering and make sure they put these things right.

Hope the Drill keeps going!

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#9 posted 12-20-2018 12:32 PM

The drill press is amazing. I built a table with a fence on it for me. In general, the tables on most drill presses are not very good for woodworking.

The variable speed function is great and easy to use. It is much better than changing belts. The digital depth gauge works well.

I guess some like it and others do not.

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#10 posted 12-20-2018 01:15 PM

In a similar vein, but without the mistreatment, I ordered a router table combo from Rockler yesterday. They are offering a $200 gift card with each router table purchase. I plan to purchase a router for use in the table, so as soon as I placed the order I started up a chat session with their customer service and asked for the gift card so that I could place another order, spend more money with them, and give them a chance to ship the items together a save a few bucks. Nope…

Cant do that. They have to ship me a physical gift card. Even though they are shipping the items for no charge, and will ship the next one no charge, they are going to pay to send me a physical card in the mail (the only rational reason being that there is a chance i will either lose it or forget it!). It would be too easy to do it the right way….

Whatever, I guess it will be a few weeks longer before I get the router table up and running.

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#11 posted 12-23-2018 12:56 AM

I too have had bad experiences with rebates. I’ve had them slap a sticker over the bar code that you must send in (Apple did this to me with a computer). And they have other tricks.

I lost faith in HD’s lifetime warranties on Ridgid tools. Again, it was a confusing bunch of hoops to jump through to get the tool registered, and no way to get it straightened out after the screw up. That’s after I followed their guidelines to the letter. Don’t remember what detail it was that caused the issue.

The best set up I ever saw was when Best Buy was giving the rebate at the point of purchase. Then it was their problem to go after the company to get the rebate. I doubt if many companies tried to stiff Best Buy. But I don’t know whether they still do this. Any retailer that wants to attract my business would do well to emulate this policy, but of course most of them don’t.

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#12 posted 12-24-2018 02:13 PM

Retailers worship at the altar of breakage: their fervent hope is that customers fail to file, but if they/we do they double down on the hope that they/we never redeem. The rules are plain, sure, but human psychology is on their side and we screw up by failing to hit deadlines, include the proper boxtop, and plain forget that the gift card or check is our wallets or stored in a cupboard. Damn them all, and in time I personally shy away from doing business with those smug serial-abusers. Lesson learned…

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#13 posted 12-28-2018 10:46 PM

When I bought my Tablesaw and drill press from Delta a few years ago they had a rebate on each it took awhile but both rebates arrived. It probably took 3 to 4 months.

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#14 posted 12-29-2018 02:51 PM

Companies that are primarily technology driven often fail to give adequate attention to marketing. There are exceptions, of course. I also suspect that there is a high degree of correlation between the quality of a companies service and the quality of the web site. Again, of course there are exceptions. On large purchases I often try to contact the company with a question before I make a final decision. That often tips the scale.


-- michael

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#15 posted 12-29-2018 04:41 PM

I actually contacted Teknatool a little while back about getting the correct threaded insert for my Jet1221vs Lathe. The website shows the incorrect image and description for that model. The first email below is actually from the second time I contacted them after the first did not answer my questions. Sorry for the long post, but I thought others might be interested in seeing another example of Tekna’s customer service.

Note: Teknatools did finally update the website, but still no picture of a insert with an “R” stamped on it and I have not sourced one online other than Tekna.

Email to Tekna:
Message : I have been searching both locally and on the internet for an IRNS model insert to fit my new SUPERNOVA II chuck to my JET 1221vs lathe and I can not find one anywhere. I did purchase an IDNS which seems to fit other than lacking the set screw. However, I do not want to use an insert that is not recommended by the manufacturer (Teknatool) and risk damage to my lathe by using it.
Could I possibly send my IDNS to you for an exchange if one can not be sourced locally or online?
I also find it odd that every image I have found online for the IRNS insert incorrect. I have not been able to find a single image of an insert with a “R” stamped on it. Not even on Teknatool’s website. Do a quick internet search and see if your results differ from mine.

Response from Tekna:

Good morning Rob,

You may purchase the IRNS ( direct from us. Retails US$26.99 + s/h. If you would like to place in order, please let us known the following information:

Phone number:
Email (shipping purposes only):
Product: IRNS
CC# information: please advise if you would prefer a phone call.

Once we receive this information, we will be able to create a sales order straightaway.

My response to Tekna:

The one you linked ( ( will not fit my lathe. According to your fit chart, the 5/8” plain bore is for a Shopsmith lathe. The Jet 1221vs takes a 1” 8TPI insert with a set screw.

Please look at your site. The product title states as quoted from the website: “NOVA CHUCK INSERT/ADAPTOR 5/8″ PLAIN BORE (SKU IRNS) Allows you to adapt your Insert Type NOVA Chuck to a 1″x 8TPI RH for Jet 1221 Lathe. Allows you to keep the same chuck and accessories if you change your lathe – you only need to change the insert/adapter. Precisely machined from 1045 High Tensile Steel.”

Do you see the problem? The quote above is taken directly from your website. the link states “5/8” plain bore” and the description says “1”x8TPI” and the picture matches the heading. I already submitted an email detailing this error and received a reply stating that it was being looked into.

I’m beginning to regret purchasing a SuperNova II chuck. For company regarded as highly as “Nova”, I’d thought this would be an easy fix, but apparently even the manufacturer is confused on specifications of there own products. If this can’t be resolved, I have no other choice than to return what I purchased and move on to another manufacturer.

Please Advise.

Final response from Tekna:


All I can do (and have done) is advise the marketing department of the online mistake, and move on to helping our customers. The IRNS is 1”x8tpi for Jet 1221 lathes. If you would like to place an order…please supply your address/phone number, and I will reach out tomorrow for payment.

Kind regards,

-- Rob - Indianapolis IN - Learning... one mistake at a time...

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