Baileigh and Elite Metal Tools Customer Service

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Review by Matt Przybylski posted 09-28-2018 09:50 PM 8640 views 0 times favorited 32 comments Add to Favorites Watch
Baileigh and Elite Metal Tools Customer Service Baileigh and Elite Metal Tools Customer Service Baileigh and Elite Metal Tools Customer Service Click the pictures to enlarge them

UPDATE: I’ve spent the last few days working with Shane from Baileigh (who is on this forum) and he’s gone above and beyond for me. Baileigh, after seeing all my photos and in speaking a few times, has agreed to completely replace the machine. I could not be happier with this outcome and I can’t speak any more highly of Shane and Baileigh in this whole situation. They stepped up and took care of me and I’m forever grateful for it.

5 stars for Baileigh, 0 stars for EMT

UPDATE 2 (10/18/2018): After I sent the machine back to receive the replacement, I decided to cut my losses and ask for a refund instead. Baileigh bowed out at this point and I worked with EMT directly (specifically Kurt) to get this accomplished. They were gracious enough to oblige and we’ve parted ways on this transaction.

Its also worth mentioning that when Baileigh was going to send me a replacement machine, EMT was going to pay the second half of what they originally proposed to me (split the cost of shipping with me) and Baileigh would pay for my half, so to that extent they were willing to work with Baileigh on getting me the replacement.

Ultimately I decided it was in my best interest to move on from this and take the refund instead.


It’s incredibly bothersome to me that I even have to write this and I’m going to try to make it as brief as possible, but I took delivery of the aforementioned Baileigh Industrial Long Bed Parallelogram Jointer With Spiral Cutter Head IJ-883P-HH, a long awaited purchase after I got tired of waiting on a Grizzly jointer that I ordered in April and kept getting pushed back.

In short, the crate the machine came in was damaged and in speaking with the shipping carrier, we marked it on my delivery receipt that the contents were “Subject to inspection” which I could not do at the time of delivery. In my eyes, this meant that I’m going to inspect the inside, and if anything is wrong, I would contact them to replace or take it back. In retrospect I was very naive to think that this is actually what would happen.

As you can see from the first photo, the part that holds the fence up came completely broken in half which I didn’t see until I uncrated the machine. This renders the machine useless as the fence can’t stay up and lays on the tables and without a fence a jointer is pretty useless itself. The tables are also all sorts of scratched up from the damage to the top of the crate (circled red).

I’ve had nothing but an absolute nightmare trying to get this issue resolved. Elite Metal Tools (EMT) has been atrocious throughout this whole process. I’ve had multiple talks with them through email (always unanswered), phone calls, and even on their website chat. I’ve mostly been dealing with a man named Kurt who is listed as their President. On multiple occasions I’ve been told things like “I can’t pay for the damage, I have employees that I need to pay”, “I’ve got a guy who refused a shipment for a $20,000 machine and now I’m eating the cost of that, its just sitting in my warehouse”, etc (you get the picture). When I’ve tried to explain that it was pending inspection and the inspection failed, I was told that by accepting the shipment at all I basically waived my rights to anything.

Things I’ve been offered is “splitting the cost of replacement parts which would be roughly $670 + shipping” and having to break down a brand new machine myself then re-install said parts, returning the machine (cost of shipping + 30% restocking fee), or purchasing the parts myself straight from Baileigh. You can imagine what my reactions to all of these things have been.

Baileigh apparently, according to Kurt at least, is unwilling to do anything about this, and any of the solutions are to be brokered through the shipping company as they are the ones liable for this (understandable, but you’d hope that conventional wisdom would win out and Baileigh would at least try and help out here to satisfy a first time customer…).

I’m at my wits end with this whole transaction and its left a VERY sour taste in my mouth. I’ve filed a claim with my credit card company, sent in the requisite paperwork for the dispute, but even then, the earliest they are thinking I’d be able to get the machine out of my garage is at least 2 months away. Its taking up almost the entire span of my double garage door because the crate for this thing is HUGE and i can’t get much in/out of the garage otherwise. I’ve been unable to work on anything with rough lumber because of this (since April, remember) and now I won’t have the ability to even buy a new machine because I don’t have the space to even take delivery of it. So much for that 10% Grizzly coupon I just got in my email that ends Sunday (I was going to actually buy a more expensive jointer of theirs since it is in stock and probably the one I should have just went ahead and bought in the first place, but can’t do that now).

Just needed to get this out there, I’ve just had such a rough go of it with this transaction that I wanted to vent a bit. bottom line is this:

STAY AWAY FROM ELITE METAL TOOLS and take your chances with Baileigh at your own risk. The crate they put this tool in is like paper as you can see from the pictures.

-- Matt, Arizona

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Matt Przybylski

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#1 posted 09-28-2018 10:33 PM

Sorry, Matt. That treatment boils my blood too. Hope you can get it resolved quickly and to your satisfaction.

-- Matt - Phoenix, AZ

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#2 posted 09-29-2018 02:23 AM

Sorry to hear of this. I also think the 2 months is a little long for the Credit Card Company to resolve this.

-- Norman - I never never make a mistake, I just change the design.

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#3 posted 09-29-2018 03:28 AM

I’d take their offer, get the part at 1/2 price, and get on with life. Next time be there for delivery, you take possession you take ownership. Ever since I was a youngin at work, we inspected the machine we got on delivery. That’s where the delivery company get off from responsibility, if it’s signed for without claim of damages.

-- Al,Midwest -To thine own self be true

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Matt Przybylski

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#4 posted 09-29-2018 03:21 PM

Al, I understand, but I was under the impression that “Subject to inspection” did not waive the claim of damage, that it meant what you’d think it actually does mean, in any other situation in life. This was my first time dealing with an issue like this with a shipper and I was not aware of the unethical nature of what this apparently means in their world.

-- Matt, Arizona

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#5 posted 09-29-2018 04:42 PM

I disagree with Al. Matt bought the machine in good faith. He is in NO WAY responsible for the damage incurred. It’s only because he bought it from a place that ships rather than in person, the company thinks they can ignore it and pass it on to someone else. They think it is less likely a customer will return it at their own expense and will just eat the cost themselves. I never buy any item on line that can possibly be subject to damage in shipping; I just don’t want the hassle of having to return it. I’ll bet the packaging of the tool is the same as when it left the factory in China and had been sitting on the Baileigh warehouse floor before being shipped to you. I’m sorry for your situation, but if it was me, I would fight them tooth and nail until they settle. We work hard for our money and don’t want others to get rich at our expense. I would go as far as hiring a lawyer.

Check EMT with the better business bureau and register a complaint.

I’m guessing you paid $2695 for this machine + free shipping. When a company advertises “free shipping”, you can bet they are going to use the cheapest shipper they can find. I don’t know if the damage to the crate occurred at Baileigh, EMT or the shipper, so it looks like they are trying to pass it off to someone else relieving themselves of responsibility. Sorry , but this riles me as much as it does you.

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#6 posted 09-30-2018 01:46 PM

What a nightmare! Hope you get this resolved, I know that your post will influence a lot of purchases in the future so at least you have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped the rest of us avoid this fiasco.
Maybe you could post the problem to some of the social media websites also. I tend to avoid them but there are a lot of people who use them to research products before purchase.

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#7 posted 09-30-2018 03:03 PM

I had a similar situation when I purchased my Delta Unisaw. When I contacted Delta, they acted like I was another moron customer that they have to talk to (blowing me off in the process). You would think a company would at least be nice to you when you just purchased the nicest table saw they make.

No more new Delta/Porter Cable purchases in my shop!

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#8 posted 09-30-2018 03:12 PM

“Baileigh apparently, according to Kurt at least, is unwilling to do anything about this”

Have you yourself tried to contact Baileigh?

Shane is a Baileigh Representative
and also a Lumberjock.
He hasn’t been around for a while but maybe you could contact him for help
If you have any questions for me, shoot me a PM or give me a call. 920-482-3220

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Matt Przybylski

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#9 posted 09-30-2018 03:15 PM

@jbay, I’m going to give Baileigh a call tomorrow and see if they can do anything, but if I’m being honest I’m not optimistic. Worth a shot, though.

-- Matt, Arizona

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#10 posted 09-30-2018 04:52 PM

I wounder if this fall under the warranty, since its a brand new jointer Also was the part loose in the container or was it still packed in the Styrofoam. I bought my floor standing mortiser directly from Baileigh which was shipped via Fed EX and had no problems. I am sure Baileigh will take care of you when you call the next day, let us know what happens Good luck and It sucks when you look forward towards something and this is what happens.

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#11 posted 09-30-2018 10:26 PM

One question. Did the shipper initial your “Subject to inspection” note. If not, your note is not a valid change to the shipping contract, because your change has not been agreed to by the other party. I assume the contract like most shipping contracts states “upon delivery” with regards to damage claims.

I know how you feel, but that’s how it works. Good luck!

-- Al,Midwest -To thine own self be true

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#12 posted 09-30-2018 10:33 PM

Man that’s a rough story. I was thinking of getting the bailiegh floor standing mortiser and definitely this is giving me second thoughts. At least I know a company not to deal with if I do get one.

Thanks for the heads up. I have that 10% coupon as well…

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#13 posted 10-01-2018 12:44 AM

I have purchased several items from Grizzly and i swear they said to write “subject to inspection” on the receipt.
(Note: Grizzly has been great to deal with regarding freight damage)

Looking at the pictures of your boxes i would have definitely noted damage, but that’s water over the dam.

I looked at several sites and the best i could find is that “subject to inspection may or may not be honored by the freight company, company dependent. Several places recommended that the damaged containers be kept.

From this site:

NOTE: NEVER WRITE: “SUBJECT TO INSPECTION”, “NO VISIBLE DAMAGE”, or “DAMAGE TO CRATE/PACKAGING”, “POSSIBLE DAMAGE” ON THE P.O.D. The freight company will not accept a damage claim, if any of these phrases are written on the P.O.D. form. If you see that any part of the shipment is damaged, please simply write “DAMAGED,” then give more detailed information. For example: “DAMAGED – HOLE IN CARDBOARD BOX, CAN HEAR BROKEN GLASS RATTLING.”

They imply that under certain circumstances they would accept responsibility. ( i haven’t been able to find the pages 11-14,referenced on this site… they may provide the definitive answer as to responsibility)

“…Concealed Loss or Damage

Concealed loss or damage means that the loss or damage was not noticeable at delivery. The National Motor Freight Classification lists consignee and carrier obligations related to determining liability (see pp. 11-14).

Reporting Concealed Loss or Damage

If you discover concealed loss or damage after you have given YRC Freight a clear delivery receipt, you must:

Notify YRC Freight immediately in writing. You can notify us by telephone, but the telephone call must be followed up by written notification.
Keep the shipment (containers and contents) in the same condition that they were in when the damage was discovered.

YRC Inspection

YRC must inspect the shipment within five working days and give you a copy of the Inspection Report (ISC-219) for claim support.

Include a copy of the Inspection Report when you file your claim….”

[omitted info here for brevity]

Burden of Proof

In a concealed damage claim, you have the burden of proof. You must prove that YRC Freight caused the damage, not other parties who handled the goods….”

Good luck

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Matt Przybylski

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#14 posted 10-01-2018 02:31 PM

Pixxture, yeah, so what it says to NEVER WRITE is exactly what they wrote, but as this was my first time dealing with something like this and because they took pictures, sent to the dispatcher, and I even spoke to the dispatch center on the phone, I figured that was a strong showing of the fact that they’ll take care of me if inspection “failed” when I did inspect the items inside the crate. Again, very unethical.

BigAl, yes, it says subject to inspection on the carrier receipt as well as mine.

-- Matt, Arizona

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Baileigh Inc

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#15 posted 10-01-2018 03:09 PM

“Baileigh apparently, according to Kurt at least, is unwilling to do anything about this”

Have you yourself tried to contact Baileigh?

Shane is a Baileigh Representative
and also a Lumberjock.
He hasn t been around for a while but maybe you could contact him for help
If you have any questions for me, shoot me a PM or give me a call. 920-482-3220

- jbay

I’m here guys, just saw this for the first time. I’m on it


-- 920-684-4990

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