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Blog series by patron updated 11-23-2019 01:10 AM 20 parts 60003 reads 781 comments total

Part 1: new shop floor

08-29-2011 01:29 AM by patron | 49 comments »

LATER EDIT – HERE IS A LINK TO THE FIRST START-UP : THE POSTS – last time we left off here and since i got back from that trip here is the progress and the build first the wood arrived tuesday30 2 1/4”x11 7/8”x30’ TGI’sand 35 sheets of 3/4”x4×8 T&G OSBand 3 3/4”x4’x8’ cdx ply for the skirting and this much got done by dark that nig...

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Part 2: what a wallup i got this week

05-03-2013 10:41 PM by patron | 62 comments »

satuday – covered the rest of the side of the house end with sheet insulationand took the trailer to santa fe and bought 40- 2×6x12’ and 6- 2×6x20’ and 15- 4’x8’x7/16” osb waferwood panels sunday – framed up a 12’x40’ wall and toe nailed the base to the new shop floor on the chalk line monday – i spent the time thinking about how to raise the wall alonewhen i got it ready designing lifts and looking at wall jacks ...

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Part 3: after the angels left

05-26-2013 12:32 AM by patron | 55 comments »

the excitement having the first shop wall up and stable was so much of a lift for mei went out and started the spray booththinking 12’x16’ to be a good sizebut laying out the plates for the wallsshowed how much real estate that would take from the new shopi scaled back to 10’x12’ and went to work things were moving along at a daily pace that i could handle ok it was while paneling these walls ‘outside’that the DETOUR arrivedwhile happily working su...

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Part 4: odyssey - some up some down

08-24-2013 02:51 AM by patron | 28 comments »

Tell me, O muse, of that ingenious hero who travelled far and wide …... oh wait, that was homers tale this is mine applied for food stamps and medicaid and energy help got $32 in food stamps …...........buddy came home for a month so he got it all in food + -got a card for medicaid, supposed to pay for medicare but nothing this month yet, same old SS +got $160 onetime energy help $56 to electric, waiting for propane my computer had a meltdown -put in the disks it came ...

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Part 5: moving on and up

09-27-2013 11:40 PM by patron | 48 comments »

since my last post about the shop wallsi managed to get an end wall up + then got a call we all don’t want to hearmy daughter saida had passed away here she is as a young girl and in high school and what she became known for in portland oregon where she livedone of the first real goth peopleshe loved to find old victorian clothesand dress the part in her everyday lifewith hats and full make-uplike a silent movie queen she is the only girl i hadi will miss talking ...

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Part 6: just sheeting around the shop

10-06-2013 12:23 AM by patron | 46 comments »

well the other day i went out and did some sheeting on the end of the shopbut came in and passed out on the bed when the wind almost blew me off the ladder got up to go clean up and put the tools awayand got back to it after all as the wind had shiftedmanaged to put up 3 panelsby then it was dark and i fought the panels to get them rightas the light disappearedclamps levers and brute forcei couldn’t really see how it came outbut trusted things were OK from the flash picture th...

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Part 7: hey kids - its howdedodit time

10-14-2013 01:09 AM by patron | 32 comments »

in our last episodewe left off here the sunday turned windy and coldso all i got done was some temp stagingto see about working up highand a couple of evening home early got some panels up the next weekend was a wash toowind and no work on the wallsi don’t mind some windbut when it is up to speedthe panels can fly quickly while i am raising themso i wait went to work that weekand took wed and thur offto continue panelingwed. was howling windthurs was one of the worst storms in ...

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Part 8: mas or menos (very high up)

10-19-2013 01:35 AM by patron | 35 comments »

on the last time i got as far as this since then i finished the long wall and took the scaffolding down to be ready for the endwhere it is the highest part of the buildthe floor of the shop is almost 8’ off the groundsloping away from the walli had one course of paneling therefrom floor upand some rips from where i needed to catch the beamand span the floor and catch the lower sections of the studsso the top panel would catch the top of the studsand tie them into the truss ends...

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Part 9: holiday odyssey - grading time

01-11-2014 02:31 AM by patron | 31 comments »

since we were last here on the shop build the end wall was going up things were moseying along pretty goodi even got the drop end peak donewith the cutouts for the overhang lookoutsand the scaffolding taken down – A+ so i made a ‘drawing board’ to start the trusseswith stop blocks and templates for all the web cuts -A+ and made one from it 30’ long i had looked on the net for all the info i could findand came across this picture of trusses of different type...

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Part 10: scotty, beam me down a skyhook, please

01-17-2014 10:56 PM by patron | 49 comments »

.... or even a tractor beam …. and of course he said …. ‘not now we have all the shields upand no power to spareyou are on your own’ oh wellguess i’ll see what i can do myselfthe last blog we were herei fixed the broken trussand then made 2 new ones had to wait for a block and tackle i orderedgot it finally but it had a very thin rope on itso i got some 3/8” line for itanyway here is what i did with it make a 20’ tall ‘mast’...

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Part 11: no joke, you can truss me on this

04-01-2014 05:25 PM by patron | 36 comments »

since my last blogi spent some time up in colorado again working with my bud daniel on his sauna room the weather here has been on and off like for many this winterso not as fast as i would have liked itbut this monday i made the last of 19 trussesand took the ‘drawing board/truss jig’ downthen as it was cold and windy i took a nap instead at dawn today i went out bundledand raised more trusses i had to stack both ends as there just wasn’t enough room for thatthis s...

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04-26-2014 12:07 AM by patron | 34 comments »

since the last ‘shop along’ blogwe were here my neighbor Te helped with the first halfof the truss placementthen my LJ buddy eddie came for a visitthis is my eddie blogand we got the trusses all moved to their respective ‘notches’on a ‘catwalk’ i had on either sidelong enough to pick them from their stack at the end walls and move them both ends over into their places eddie and my neighbor Te had taken down the tin roof i had over the ‘spray boo...

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Part 13: goodness gracious

05-11-2014 08:30 PM by patron | 40 comments »

last we were here with the shop buildi had raised and nailed 4 sheets to the roof my friend daniel was coming down to help the following sunday/mondayi got a call from another bud to go sheetrock their outhouseand show him how to tape itsince work involving wood and mud is a thrilli went and did that and came home with some cash to proceed here another old friend lucy also came by from californiaand proceeded to clean the living room and help get me ready for the breakfast table finisha...

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Part 14: just go for it

06-20-2014 06:08 PM by patron | 32 comments »

last we talked went to eddies for the memorial and the crawdad boil and i stayed on with my bud eddieand we did some shop stuff with him here we left off before the room dry inside finally got some windows (2) and one door and covered the rest of the openingswith either clear plastic or 7/16” OSB before i left for louisiana once i got back home it’s been a flurry of various thingsto move forwards with the shop and the houseand making sense of the accumulated mess i hav...

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Part 15: shop roof done - bittersweet

08-08-2014 05:49 PM by patron | 40 comments »

well the roof is finally metal clad a friend helped purchase itit has been here for over a month waiting the wind and rain was as steady as everthis spring so when to do it was the question my bud daniel was going to come at different weekendsbut his own stuff blocked that till this last weekend he showed up about 2 saturdayand i was ready with the ‘ramp’ me below and him on the roofi clamped a rope halfway along the edge(they are 17’ long so 8 1/2’ to ...

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Part 16: memorial and gifts

08-27-2014 01:24 AM by patron | 27 comments »

been busy here getting ready for my departed daughter saida’s memorial tree plantingwhich was a year ago todayi got a navajo globe willow for this it will grow to be like this one i praythey are true willowsbut grow up instead of downand seem to be ‘self trimming’they are circular with no branches randomly sticking out here and therealso the first to green in the spring i spent days digging in the hard ground heremaking a rain runoff channel to water it when she passed...

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Part 17: moving up thru blessings

09-28-2014 08:20 PM by patron | 44 comments »

last time we left off herewith a new electric panel got some 220 hooked up to some of the floor boxesand vacuum there tooit is all still ‘in the works’ however the table saw and jointer are working off the new systemnot extension cords and vac hoses i was fortunate to get a couple outside jobsand got 4 cords of firewood so i can mellow for coming winterso went and got a chimney box and pipesand hooked up the shop stove while working off a ladder thereit became appa...

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Part 18: the beat goes on

11-16-2014 02:46 PM by patron | 35 comments »

hi there neigbors been awhile here more computer problemslost i-photo on the macbookgot a new chromebook for that thank you that wrote me and pointed me in the direction of using and learning new computer geek stuff (mac is much different from windows or chrome))i was about ready to go to the local kindergarten class to learn how to use it(i did get a windows 8.1 for a bit but took it backway more and harder than i could ever needlike buying an 18 wheeler to go down the streetto buy a l...

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Part 19: and along came jones ....

07-04-2015 12:08 AM by patron | 29 comments »

hi folks it’s been a while since i have posted some shop workbits and pieces here and therethen one day things changed for me here is what happened (please watch and listen i can’t seem to get it to take) i was installing a shelving unit for a long time friend and clienthe saw my rickety ride i use to work with (and the only running one i got) he (i will call him ‘jones’)took me to an old gas station that sold cars nowand looking out the window said‘t...

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Part 20: ongoing still

11-23-2019 01:10 AM by patron | 29 comments »

hi there folks: seems it has been years since i did another post to this blog. i have gotten some PM’s asking about the shop build, and have wanted to do another, but as life dictates our actions at times, never did get around to it. so i will give some ongoing work not only to the shop, but the house as well. last blog i had just gotten a new (to me) suv. something i finally paid off thru the last 4 years. so let’s see if i can highlight whats been ongoing in that time s...

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