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Blog series by palaswood updated 07-07-2014 11:24 PM 15 parts 27106 reads 75 comments total

Part 1: Salvaged Mystery Wood

08-15-2013 05:48 PM by palaswood | 10 comments »

Hi Wood lovers – I came upon some “trash” wood with some casters attached (not sure what it once was) discarded in a dumpster behind a renovator’s shop destined for the landfill, but fate would have other plans for it. The wood seemed in great shape with some good character beneath, so I rescued it, bundled it up, and rode it home on my bicycle (yes, thats right). When I got it home and sanded it down, I was AMAZED at the figure of these boards. Problem is I couldn’t figur...

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Part 2: Reclaimed Construction Lumber Bench

08-16-2013 01:11 AM by palaswood | 4 comments »

So I’m working on another project: I have some various pieces of what I believe is Douglas Fir, some 4×4x4 posts, shorter 4×4 pieces and a nice Pine slab (I think, could be Fir as well) from a construction project nearby that was advertised as “free firewood” after they were done pouring the concrete, & why you would wanna burn such great wood, I’ll never know. I set the slab up on some 12 inch 4×4s to get a feel for how it might look. I&#...

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Part 3: Will found oak ladder lead to new heights of woodworking adventure? Lets find out

08-17-2013 07:48 AM by palaswood | 3 comments »

Riding home I came upon a discarded solid oak ladder from a nice bunk bed bed I’m sure. ( I love Orange County). I parked the the bike to inspect it closer It was super heavy but I managed to balance it on my handlebars and ride it home. (not my first rodeo) I got it onto my workbench and sanded down a section, put a lil oil on The posts and rungs are laminated but all in all, not too shabby. gonna think about how to use the lumber here. The possibilites are...

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Part 4: Workbench from reclaimed/salvaged lumber - mounting a face vise

08-21-2013 07:01 AM by palaswood | 4 comments »

I got started in woodworking about six months ago when I brought home a small log that was cut from a much bigger log off a black mulberry tree down the street that has fallen apart due to age, its own weight and who knows what else (but yields gobs of incredibly sweet fruit) As I stripped the bark and saw what was inside, I was mezmerized. This is a very old tree and yielded gorgeous wood. One thing led to another, and I began in earnest to amass a hoard of wood from anywhere I cou...

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Part 5: Hand Plane Madness (its a real thing)

08-22-2013 06:08 PM by palaswood | 2 comments »

My first hand plane(s) arrived yesterday. A Stanely no 4C t13, and a handyman. I quickly put them to a test on a discarded pine 4×4 covered in paint. Handyman took off the paint, and after a few strokes with the no4 the wood just glistened…

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Part 6: Breaking down a hardwood pallet - (Rubberwood?)

08-30-2013 09:29 PM by palaswood | 10 comments »

The other night I spied with my little wood-crazed eyes, a pallet with exceptional color and figure that is the same wood as I had salvaged from a disassembled dolly of sorts in topic: What species is this?? Wood Identification help Here is what i saw that piqued my interest: So I went shopping the following day on my lunch break to that big orange Home Center, and came away with some great tools for breaking down this pallet. (reviews forthcoming, they all performed awesomely) ...

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Part 7: Reclaimed pine strip panel made with hand tools

09-17-2013 06:09 PM by palaswood | 0 comments »

After coming across a glue up thread yesterday, I was inspired to glue up a panel.I didnt take any pics of the actual glue up last night (DOH), but here is a panel I threw together with some reclaimed pine scraps I’ve been picking up every so often at random. I ran the handyman H1205 over the edges on the really rough pieces, then the block plane took out some knots, and finished with the #4 Stanley T13, which is cutting like butter after some tuning and filing down a ding at the...

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Part 8: Salvaged pine 2x2s rescued

09-17-2013 09:45 PM by palaswood | 2 comments »

I have a serious problem with seeing great wood go to the dump (and a serious wood hoarding problem). I found these 2×2s in the trash behind my favorite property maintenance shop. Nineteen pieces all between 12 and 15 inches long. Some will have to be considerably planed down. They told me they want me to make them into a side table. No really. Sshhh, quiet for a second. What’s that? Now they’re telling me thanks for coming to their rescue. I think today is tr...

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Part 9: Oak railing scored - now what on Earth am I going to do with it....

09-20-2013 08:37 PM by palaswood | 7 comments »

I recovered some oak just now on my lunch break, from a railing like you see at the top of a stairway (not along the stairs itself). Solid oak with holes for the balusters, which I removed. Im curious how to use it. I rounded the corner back behind some of the buildings in the business park, and to my surprise, there is a trash truck about to dump a full dumpster with this on top. I rushed over and grabbed it off before he did. I also got some small scraps of oak and hardwood (cherry I...

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Part 10: Rescued a lonely solid Oak side table with a broken leg - Patch him up? or Cannabalize?

09-24-2013 04:11 AM by palaswood | 5 comments »

Made my rounds today after work, and came up short on all fronts, until I decided to hit a spot that usually yields nothing but a few nuts n bolts, although those are nice (but I have so many now). But alas, someone threw out this solid oak side table with one leg broken off about 8 inches up. Its a shame I didnt find the leg piece… So whats the plan LJs? Do I try to repair this little guy, it would make a solid little table – its all oak construction. And I did bring ...

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Part 11: Hardwood score - Poplar & Cherry galore

09-25-2013 05:34 PM by palaswood | 12 comments »

I hit the jackpot last night on my salvage rounds. I’ve been frequently checking the discarded cutoffs behind an office furniture maker near my workplace, where I have found small, scrap pieces of cherry (some long, skinny pieces too, but nothing spectacular). Well last night I hit the mother lode (as far as I’m concerned anyway). Mostly poplar and american cherry, some clear pine and a flat, thin piece of mahogany (i think). I bound it up really well with twisted wire...

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Part 12: This Oak Pallet is rough around the edges, like me!

09-30-2013 07:27 PM by palaswood | 3 comments »

This pallet caught my eye, as it had a bit of a different color to it than the other pallets you see so often. After a quick spot sanding (I now keep 80 through 320 grit in my backpack for times such as these), I confirmed it was indeed solid freakin oak. Sad that it was getting tossed… Since it was going to the landfill, I carried it instead back to behind our companies parking lot until I can bring my pallet demolition tools to bear upon it. I would like to find ...

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Part 13: From cabinetry cut-offs to Simple box and Cutting board (in progress)

10-15-2013 10:06 PM by palaswood | 2 comments »

I have a bunch of cut-offs from a local cabinet shop that deals mainly with Cherry but I also get a good amount of Poplar from there. From the medium sized pieces (all 3/4”), I selected some nice poplar front and back, some cherry for the sides and I had one long board of Cherry that had a knot in the middle (so was discarded), and I simply cut the knot out and used each end for the top and bottom. It’s 9×4 x 3” high. I just set them up, and eyeballed it ...

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Part 14: An Ode to Power Carving & Sculpting Reclaimed Furniture

04-17-2014 10:34 PM by palaswood | 1 comment »

I have been dragging home interesting logs I come across in the woods from time to time over this past year, and I have amassed a sizeable little pile (ok not little at all!). Thing is, without a huge bandsaw or a chainsaw mill, processing the wood into lumber is a task hardly worth the enormous effort. I know, I’ve tried. I recently looked into power carving for the first time as a quick and creative way to make use of my …inventory, lets call it.With an investment of onl...

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Part 15: Reclaimed Mahogany & Finger Joints: A Welcome Distraction from Pressing Concerns

07-07-2014 11:24 PM by palaswood | 10 comments »

First of all. What the hell are people doing throwing away solid mahogany… That just irks me… THIS STUFF DOESN”T GROW ON TREES PEOPLE!... well, OK, OK… but you get my point. Second of all, what in the WORLD were they thinking PAINTING this mahogany an opaque BROWN!.... Sometimes there is simply no justice in this world. Not that I mind coming up on 30+ bf of some old genuine mahogany. Cause I’m all about it. In fact, I get pretty much all my wood from my li...

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