small workshop ideas

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Blog series by oldguy2 updated 09-01-2021 02:42 PM 23 parts 30623 reads 46 comments total

Part 1: Miter Saw and...

03-09-2017 01:38 PM by oldguy2 | 5 comments »

I recently sold the Sears miter saw stand I bought last spring ( I got greedy and thought it would be great $90) but the 4 ft. of floor space just did not work out even with shop vac and stuff under it. Before this in shop #4 I had a portamate and knew about the sliding supports and the open design. But in the large 2 car shop the one I liked best was on an old grill stand with a 1×12 and 2 boxes screwed down the height of the miter saw bed. one on each side. At the end I leve...

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Part 2: Shopsmith, Miter Saw and Wood buy

04-14-2017 11:40 AM by oldguy2 | 6 comments »

My Worshop Number 5 is the one car garage 13 by 21 and space is like everyone …use every inch. I have found a $15 nice deal on scrap from a furniture company that sells strips and I bought the load finally. It took three trips to get it to my home/ driveway. 3 inch wide, 2 inch wide all hardwood and then the too small except for fires pile. So for 3 days I have been with the miter saw cutting lengths and prepping everything and storing. My plan was to cut most to 4 ft. len...

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Part 3: Small workshop layout planning

06-26-2017 11:58 AM by oldguy2 | 1 comment »

Hi. This is a boring title so I am a Man who is in workshop number 5 due to many reasons. This planning method has helped me see the walk space and extra room and should I or should I not change this in all the shops I have had. Accidently I started using this after reading an article on make models of your tool pieces in 3D …oh yeah. but I could make them in scale and the floor to a scale map. So that has been easy Look at the room. Not all rooms are square, mark for doors and outl...

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Part 4: Hey What's in your.... SMALL Workshop ?

09-23-2017 11:32 PM by oldguy2 | 0 comments »

Sept. 23,2017 This is a current workshop tour and comments. My home page tells some so here is a picture update..somehow I can’t get the pics to change there. This is a one car garage in the basement. Featured is a classic workbench 27 wide by 52 long 1.5 thick hardwood. It has built many projects and only 31 inch high just good for my 5’5” height. Next is the pegboard wall that is 12 feet long.holds most simple hand tools. more hand tools are in the tool chests b...

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Part 5: HELP !! Look ahead to my next workshop

12-06-2017 02:21 PM by oldguy2 | 4 comments »

Soo in blogs we get to tell our story. Mine is about moving since my wife is a Presbyterian Minister. Now at 65 we are looking ahead to a home in Arizona. And this will be my Workshop Number 6. So in a recap I have been in homes with 2 basement shops, that’s when I bought the Shopsmith. A third home with my first garage, later took that down to get my best shop, Half of a 24 by 28 Modular I had a 12 by 28 shop open to the other half for my use. With fans, wood stove, whit...

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Part 6: Tool Money for Frugal People 2018

12-30-2017 01:15 PM by oldguy2 | 1 comment »

Hi this is both my story and a plan for getting money in your pocket to shop for tools. Please do not tell me you make $50,000 or more and don’t have money. That’s part of my story and read on. Also part of Planning. When I used to work ( I am at 65 self employed ,ha ha ) and commute and the car broke down ( before cell phones , hence the name Oldguy2 ) I had to wait for AAA and found I had little money on me for even coffee and snacks for the wait. That led to a home discuss...

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Part 7: New one wall workshop ideas from part 5

01-03-2018 01:33 PM by oldguy2 | 1 comment »

This is a continuation of Part 5. 32 feet of reachable shelves and 16 feet of underneath the shelf storage for mobile tools and tool chests. Do you have this much shelf in your shop ? When I plan ahead for a one wall workshop. Rethinking this set of Shelves in a positive light. When I took a new look at these shelves and said take out the bottom row, now the 2nd row up is 43 inches up—- about mid chest and the 3rd row up is about 63 inches up——about nose height . ...

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Part 8: Think Like a Business..Making and Buying

05-17-2018 07:57 PM by oldguy2 | 2 comments »

As I retired in 2009, I got ready with a few more tools to be Hals Wood Shop. Making crafts and selling furniture like products. I had the plans and had made many projects over the years. Since then my Business has become a hobby and I make gifts for friends and grandsons. Thinking like a business, I had bought one more tool at a time as a sale came up or having 5 routers made sense. Finally 2 died from age and now with 3 its great. How do you get 4 drills, and why??? I ad...

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Part 9: Christmas Gift Treat Yourself to a Gallon

12-05-2018 01:59 PM by oldguy2 | 4 comments »

This is my mini rant on economics and lessons learned. Buy the Gallon it is worth it.l. I was gluing together another cutting board and had thrown out the old gallon from 2014…clearly not so good at 4 years old. talk about being frugal..oh my.2. So I had bought a new 16 oz Titebond II for about $6 and found after some steps it was half empty. Now in my mind , I am old but seriously , it was half empty. 20 wood strips of gluing had used half the bottle. 3. So I proceeded to ...

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Part 10: Folding workbench with next to nothing.

04-27-2019 01:51 PM by oldguy2 | 1 comment »

So next to Nothing is I am starting new in AZ with a Black and Decker 20 vt kit from Lowes I bought last Christmas—-drill, 2 saws and light and 2 batteries for $129—-and some few hand tools I borrowed from my son. I had to even go buy boxes of screws….now that really bites since in my PA shop you walk over to many many boxes of screws, not even a second thought. Glue. what no glue here. So I had to remove two old particle board base units from a laundry room, each about 2...

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Part 11: Selling and moving to Shed Shop in Arizona

08-18-2019 11:40 AM by oldguy2 | 1 comment »

Do you love Yard Sales and looking for Tools? Well you missed my sales! in 4 saturdays I have sold many basic tools and some furniture and made over $250, and not selling some of the real good stuff yet. The lumber and the Shopsmith are still there and more dressers and tables are heading out. But I have some regulars who know we are moving and check on my sales. But the simple shelf was one of my first projects back when we lived in a mobile home and I recall barely havin...

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Part 12: More than you think in a Shed Shop..ccnt.AZ

03-17-2020 03:42 PM by oldguy2 | 1 comment »

Spring Break and Thanks for the Extra Shop time. So more to unpack from our move here at New Years. How much can an 8×16 Shop take? I am enjoying every minute of get all i use into this space. Only some extra in the garage. I raised the 8 ft. wall shelf up, 5 inches its 12 in wide to get boxes inside it. and still not used well the space underneath. I added shelves 8 inch wide above the workbench…its on not losing bench workspace but most proj...

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Part 13: Arizona..or April in somewhere USA...

04-28-2020 01:30 PM by oldguy2 | 0 comments »

Its April 27th here.. I used to live in PA. So this is now what you need outside of Phoenix. A 10×10 canopy. A misting Fan and hose line. I start this as I get ready to work in my shop. The breeze is cool and wonderful. The cost was nominal. As I watch some utube show that I regularly see, its April in Minnesota or Tennessee they are in Jeans and a hoodie.. not the case here . I have been wearing shorts and t shirt or sport shirt for a month. My shop is insulated as ...

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Part 14: Change a little, Gain a little..Shed Space

05-08-2020 12:28 AM by oldguy2 | 1 comment »

Well 4 months in my small shop shed and another idea to work on storage and space. I had added a tool well to the bench top and it looked good but the 5 inches of space was just catching junk. the top was 24 by 48 with vise underneath. So I removed the tool well. Put the benchtop on the Red tool chest….first gain or loss ..the work top is now 35 inch high and I am 5’6” and about 32 hi is ideal for me. Now that was on the small wood bench that had 4 swivel c...

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Part 15: More than you think in a Shed Shop..ccnt.AZ

05-12-2020 08:43 PM by oldguy2 | 1 comment »

Once again I was looking for that hidden space and change A and then Change B. this wall shelf with tools was in my original sketch before I moved in here in January. The shelf is 16 in wide and 6 feet long. the height works for those tools..miter saw and belt sander and drill press. If I need to I can remove them and work on a stand or the workbench. So I put the main workbench back on the mobile stand…I am happier. I changed the router table onto a metal base I had and no...

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Part 16: Workbenches...At it again..Here's old and NEW

09-04-2020 12:41 PM by oldguy2 | 1 comment »

Look at this collection of Benches and I have had them all. The first is my newest for the Shed Shop trying to get back to what works for me after moving and selling…get ready for Stupid…the Norm Abrams Bench. Yup I had that and critics may not like all its features but it came with a quick release vise at the left end, not in Norm’s plans, and I was lucky enough to get it at a yard sale…NO BS…for $40. Then I realized the price of the metal v...

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Part 17: Finish a Traditional Workbench

09-04-2020 08:47 PM by oldguy2 | 2 comments »

I have had numerous workbenches to realize that I like the traditional workbench. In my last blog I showed 2 past benches from my shops and those features helped me learn what I liked and did not like. Learn the height you need, tool rest or not. Clamping or how to clamp on it. Tool well or not. What do you usually make? that helps with how wide and how long, also castors or not. I used plastic lids under one bench for just pushing and sliding it as needed instead of castors an...

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Part 18: Tribute to The MasterWoodworker Bob Chase

11-09-2020 02:23 PM by oldguy2 | 5 comments »

If you watch Utube to LEARN then you may have come across The Master Woodworker Bob Chase. If not then please take a long look at a Professional Cabinet Maker at Age 86 showing a New Workbench—-actually good ideas and practical to make—, door making, panels, safety hints, router table cuts, chairs. I hope I caught your interest.Bob Chase passed away Oct.16,2020 at age 90 the family posted 2 Eulogy services short and very good about his life and interests.Age 86 and rel...

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Part 19: workmate rotating stand for benchtools

01-01-2021 06:24 PM by oldguy2 | 1 comment »

Another idea copied from Shop Notes Rotating Tool Stand..Just my CHEAP version. I had already made a base and castors for my workmate. Mine is a model 400 and it can move the rear board to a wider span, great buy when I saw it on Craigs list. So I had been trying, just llke everybody how to get some more floor space and still use these benchtop tools in my space. My 8 by 16 shed shop. 128 sq. ft. I was about to build a tower shelf and then each would pull off and go to...

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Part 20: Tour another guys workshop and self Check on mine

04-30-2021 07:54 PM by oldguy2 | 1 comment »

Catchy title. And I stopped at an Estate Sale, always shop for tool buys. Behind the house the man had had a nice Shed Shop about 14 by 16 with outside a 2 stage dust collector, that was my clue I knew right away what was there.So the family had removed his table saw but the accessories and extras told me a big story of the owner. I wonder what someone would say touring my shop in the same light. In his the 3 drill holders in pvc were on the ceiling, there were 3 roller stands and a wor...

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Part 21: The Cheap guy and his does he do it?

07-03-2021 06:15 PM by oldguy2 | 6 comments »

Workshop tips. Wouldn’t you like to share yours?So this is about doing mine on the cheap and not ordering because things are out there just I am old and practical and lets face it CHEAP. It’s getting to grit my teeth when I see some utube and they ” ordered this from …” and it was already invented by someone. Here goes.l. Clean and reuse any plastic yogurt or margarine or left over container you can for stains and poly. I mean soap and water clean it. drip...

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Part 22: Cheap Workshop ideas Part 2

07-04-2021 12:47 PM by oldguy2 | 0 comments »

l. Silica Packs for moisture and no rust. I have had 2 basement and 3 garage shops. These are free in many clothes or box items. Save em. just put them in the tool drawer or in a nylon hose as a group. Maybe once a year if they need to be dried out, just a brief microwave time and they are good to go. I never had any rusty tools in 20 plus years in my PA shops.2. Cardboard Patterns…rarely spent a dime or dollar. Last year in desperate times I used a cereal box. wow what great ...

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Part 23: Its Bulk Trash Day, So What?

09-01-2021 02:42 PM by oldguy2 | 1 comment »

Oh my, Get up and Clean out the Shop over the last month. Good Excuse we should all do some get rid of the crap.I certainly needed to do just that.Now the real Joy of this is not just MY Shop but this is here in Phoenix area…at least my part…every 3 months. a few weeks of put it by the curb and then the City comes and its gone.Now any Cheapo like me would also keep their eyes open for Trash and Treasures as you would think that might just suit your needs….better than t...

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