Grandsons in the workshop:: Continued..

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Blog series by oldguy2 updated 08-17-2018 10:56 AM 14 parts 16961 reads 32 comments total

Part 1: more humor and old time tools and safety

12-09-2016 01:43 PM by oldguy2 | 4 comments »

I changed the profile photo. And the nickname ..oldguy2…is in reference to my good friend who also owned a Shopsmith and we went to 2 classes at the Factory in Dayton. Since I moved I don’t get to see him as much and poor fellow he moved to a condo and had to sell a 520 and accessories. Someone got a great buy, Not even 10 years old.I think I look more like my father in the photo, I am 64. Oooch. wisdom hairs the lady cutter calls them. BS.I think the nickname is right. O...

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Part 2: 2 Grandsons, 6 weeks, Workshop fun and learning (who?)

06-30-2018 12:37 PM by oldguy2 | 2 comments »

Hey , over a year ago..seems longer. I was able to have my oldest grandson in my shop to drill some holes with a brace.(in a blog) he loved it. I think he was 5. Now he is 8 and his brother ready to have some adventure is 5 and a half. My mind is rapidly going through the “what should I give them as safe and easy lessons for that age?” worse is as a retired teacher I keep thinking steps or safety and get bogged down. One at a time in the shop is my rule unless their Dad is th...

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Part 3: Grandsons. Day 2 Learning more..

06-30-2018 10:05 PM by oldguy2 | 2 comments »

And Day 1 the oldest was using the tail vise and wound the handle tight to great. breaking the 3/8 dowel. But he learned how hard and well the vise would hold any piece of wood and had drilled many holes in hardwood and softwood. Also had used the tailstock vise. Now a brace and bit is not easy work but he has improved. Today the younger 5 and a half boy was in for the first lesson…you might ask what do you show or teach. show some projects you did. Measure items. Name some ...

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Part 4: Grandsons in the Shop...Box Project

07-16-2018 12:24 AM by oldguy2 | 4 comments »

We have a Project. The boy wants to make a Bank box. With a hasp for his lock. Not a bad idea for an 8 year old. So what were the lessons of today. 1. choosing the boards. some 1/2 inch hardwood I had. 2. drawing on paper his idea of a rectangle , actually pretty good. 3. we planned a width from one board and he had to trace the width against the other 3 to get what I would rip the boards to size. 4. we sized the 2 short ends and I cut those. Then with the longer boards. we eyed a le...

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Part 5: build

07-17-2018 10:51 PM by oldguy2 | 0 comments »

And the steps continue. Wow trying to keep the steps short and easy. Today he had been so busy that our 10 minutes was all he could do. I know his favorite tools…wrenches and the tailstock vise. Yesterday the 4 sides had finished glueing and I had glued overnight 2 boards for the bottom and 3 boards for a top. getting ready for his time I drew the outline of the box on the boards, in our talk he wanted/ agreed that the top could be even with the box and the bottom could pr...

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Part 6: build #5

07-20-2018 12:46 AM by oldguy2 | 2 comments »

And the box is looking good. The top has beveled edges and we tried the block plane but the end grain went better with the belt sander. we did a little then checked progress. On the bottom we had drawn the box outline and allowed for an extra almost 3/16 projection. and I had him sand the extra to the line for the projection. Hardwood made this slow but that helped with not removing too much and checking the progress. We also did a practice piece. I keep telling him th...

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Part 7: Grandsons in the Shop...Box

07-21-2018 11:09 AM by oldguy2 | 1 comment »

Hey I am pleased to say not only was my grandson pleased. I am pleased that it came out as what he and I drew on the paper and the few details. I did ,after he left ,the glue up of the 2 bottom boards and the 3 boards for the top and so the next morning he got to see a larger board and then we drew the frame on those boards. and the projection on the base I did show him 3 samples of bottoms to choose from and he liked the projection idea. So that was a draw it and later I cut it dow...

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Part 8: 5year old Grandson Toy in Workshop

07-22-2018 01:26 PM by oldguy2 | 3 comments »

Lego ships Today. Star wars whatever kids can imagine it is. so we drew two types of platform boatlike ships, I added some strips of wood for holders and stands with wood glue. Checked with the boss before sanding and glueing. You know a 5 year old is more interested in outcome than work. so get the okey dokey before you just whip up a thing and it gets rejected. And these are lego figures standing or seated so that was the test of size for shape and parts. Now its down to imaginat...

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Part 9: Box is done..Grandsons build a box

07-26-2018 10:23 AM by oldguy2 | 2 comments »

So the Customer is always right. A hasp and hinges for his lock. What an adventure doing this in 1/2 inch hardwood.I started this when he wasn’t there so I test my drill bits and profanity on those pesky lightweight steel screws that have no heads on them at all. YUP three tries to get the right driver tip and I was using a hand driver with switch able heads. so past experience is Gold. I knew to look up on my favorite chart the pilot drill size for small screw 5/64 bit ...

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Part 10: New problem..Grandson #3, 5 year old project

07-28-2018 08:51 PM by oldguy2 | 5 comments »

Want to help.. comments appreciated.Since the big brother made a box, little brother wants a box. Now in my projects I made a bank box at Thanksgiving for grandson #2 and carried it out to him. He had no idea it was coming.And this 5 year old has some skill and a few minutes with me and we have about 2 weeks. So option 1 I just make a box with him nearby and ask or check his boss ideas. Option 2 make a box with some input and its done he gets a box either way sounds more...

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Part 11: Grandson 5 year

07-30-2018 12:31 AM by oldguy2 | 1 comment »

1. Thanks to all who read the Blog…help with comments for a 5 year old build a project. I was very pleased with the comments and today totally shocked with the number of reads in two days.2. So we were sorta ready this afternoon with ..he wanted a box because brother had a box. And I had strips of wood from a massive buy I bought in 2016.3. Off track here I am a man blessed with not only being a prostate cancer survivor….surgery in 2011, and great...

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Part 12: Grandsons..Learn Tools are cool

08-05-2018 01:17 AM by oldguy2 | 1 comment »

Its that moment. The kid picks up the drill and “bang” its got power. noise, can drill holes, drive drywall screws, this is great in the workshop. And magnets. Ear protectors yup make good belt holders yes they fit around the 5 year old waist. so ready to go. Now we did drill some holes. And drive some dry wall screws in and out and in and out. magnets…pick up washers, drill bit with magnets. So we did have a talk about the box and...

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Part 13: 5 yr. old finishes the box

08-10-2018 11:21 PM by oldguy2 | 0 comments »

Yipppeeee. I am so glad to say ” done” the hasp about drove me crazy. 2 broken #6 screws that come with the hasp. Lesson learned…get #8 screws they are wider and fit.. Next I did a double bevel to enhance the lid meeting the bottom…in one photo. It really brings out a connection, instead of a but joint lid to base. Now the lad is 5 and half so he did most of the measuring he could. found the center of the side. drilled a hole or ...

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Part 14: Grandsons Leaving..So here's What !

08-17-2018 10:56 AM by oldguy2 | 5 comments »

Today is not such a great day in the Shop. The boys leave their long vacation. Here are ideas and things to be aware of from 7 weeks here. Have more the one Vice..( I try not to use profanity anyways…its tough not to..) but they boys usually had a board in a vice and drilling or measuring and just doing. Hand planing was practiced to get a bevel on one box and it helped, it is a skill. we could all get fast at it. Drilling…look out the magic of a smal...

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