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10-20-2018 01:15 AM

Bit for a router plane???? - 13 replies

What is everyone’s favorite bit for using a router plane? Any one out there try one of those Amana bits with the indexable inserts? I currently have a couple bits that have carbide cutting edges but it seems like they go dull. Do any of you folks use high speed steel so you can easily sharpen it or is that a waste? Thanks in advance for an...

10-19-2018 01:06 AM

Dust mask that wont fog eye glasses???? - 11 replies

What do you guys and gals use for dust protection that does not fog up your eye glasses??? I have tried paint respirators, but it seems like they just clog up with wood dust quickly and it gets hard to breathe. Those little dust masks work pretty good, but when I breathe out it fogs up my glasses. Thanks in advance for any info!!!!

10-16-2018 01:07 AM

Leyland Cypress???? - 4 replies

Anyone out there ever mill a Leyland cypress log? Can it even be used for lumber? I have several logs that are big enough to mill. If useable, is there anything special I should know? Thanks in advance for any info!!!!

05-14-2018 02:29 AM

Finish for cedar????? - 5 replies

Is there a specific finish that can be applied to eastern red cedar that will maintain the color of freshly planed or sanded wood? Or will just about any finish do it? I would like to be able to keep the red/purple color of freshly worked cedar and not have it go brown like it does if it sits around unfinished for a while. I have to admit to nev...

04-26-2018 02:30 PM

Kiln for drying lumber????? - 6 replies

Does anyone out there use/own a kiln for drying lumber? Did you make it yourself and if you have/use one how much time does it save in the drying process? I.e., if it takes the typical one year for one inch thick rough cut boards, how long will it take in the kiln to dry the same wood to the same moisture content? I have been told that you can &...

04-19-2018 09:11 AM

Finishing ideas for live edge "wormy" walnut????? - 6 replies

I just lucked onto an entire truck load of American black walnut that has been cut with all live edges and the edge is wormy. Need some ideas on how to finish the edge itself. I intend to make some live edge stuff and would like to show off and/or enhance the the wormy edges as much as possible. Right now the wood is nice and dry and ready to go...

04-11-2018 01:16 AM

Recommend a good "all around" plane???? - 28 replies

If there is such thing….I would like to acquire a hand plane. Looking for a decent quality nice working plane. Not really looking to go on a hunt for an old antique one and then have to “restore” it unless for specific or obvious reasons that really is the best way to go. I just would like to get a good plane that I can use for...

04-09-2018 02:24 AM

Problem removing old nails????? - 20 replies

I have some 120 year old cypress beams that were given to me. It is my intent to re-saw them into more usable lumber and make some things out of it. The problem comes in with old nails in the beams. Not too many, but they are there. For the most part the nails are basically rotted away to the surface. The few that did stick up immediately broke ...

03-10-2018 12:30 AM

Angle gauge, protractor??? - 7 replies

I would like to find an angle gauge/protractor {?} not sure exactly what to call it…a device to measure the angle of a miter. Something I could place on a mitered piece of wood and set it to the angle and it would have a scale to read the exact given measured angle. Maybe another way of saying it {and this is not the full intended purpose}...

02-12-2018 02:13 AM

Homemade wood filler??? - 25 replies

Many moons ago, when I was a kid in high school we used to make our own walnut wood filler by mixing fine walnut dust collected in the shop with “some liquid that I don’t remember what it was”.....anyone out there kind enough to please share how you make your own wood filler out of real wood sawdust? To throw a curve into it, ...

02-06-2018 12:51 AM

Best eye protection for installing fiberglass insulation???? - 4 replies

I am soon going to be dropping the ceiling down in my steel building for a new workshop. I intend to install a ceiling {it currently has none} of white metal panels. I also intend to install R-38 bats above that for insulation. My question is who makes the best safety googles or glasses that completely protect your eyes from all those glistening...

01-24-2018 11:50 PM

Another planer question????? - 31 replies

I currently have a 735 with the wings, a depth gauge and the wheeled table. It works fine and I like it. For the money I have absolutely zero complaints at all. I am lucky enough to own a forest of trees at my disposal {once got accused on here of “log rustling”!!!} and ten miles away there’s a saw mill that does excellent work...

01-11-2018 01:08 AM

Picture frame miters???? - 26 replies

Would like to hear from you folks regarding your method to cut, for example 2” wide by 1/2” thick say maple or oak or whatever solid hard wood molding to use for picture frames. I have a nice home made tabletop style glue jig that works great. I would like to discover a method to positively cut good, usable, accurate miters that are ...

01-04-2018 02:38 AM

Persimmon????? - 14 replies

While out running my dogs today I found two of the biggest persimmon trees I have ever seen. Well, at least they are the biggest ones around here. Big enough to mill into lumber. My question is; does persimmon make decent lumber and if so what does it look like or what is it close to? Are there any peculiarities in regards to working it? I am go...

12-13-2017 02:38 AM

Problem with DeWalt planer - 5 replies

Hello, I have a DeWalt 735 13” planer. I have planed several hardwood {black cherry} boards with it. It worked perfectly and I am always amazed at how smooth it will make a board, even set on the higher speed. Last time I used it every board would stop feeding. I had to repeatedly give the boards a shove to get them through. It still plane...

09-25-2017 03:49 PM

What do they call those little metal things that help secure picture frame corners? - 7 replies

The ones I am referring to are the little thin sheet metal “S” shaped ones that have a sharpened edge and I believe {could be wrong, usually am} they are shot flush in place with a gun of some type. They get installed on the back of a thin picture frame and help secure the corner. Sometimes the frame moulding is held together with no...

08-02-2017 11:04 PM

How to treat green wood????? - 11 replies

.......or at least wood that is not quite completely dry??? I had a section of peach tree trunk that was cut down and laid around for 2 years. I finally got around to cutting it to length and putting it on the lathe and making it round. What should I do with it to help keep it from cracking?? It is not slopping wet, but it isn’t exactly dr...

07-07-2017 07:41 PM

Is some feather crotch wood "stained in" and how do you do it??????? - 3 replies

I ask this question because in the ceremonial court room in Greenbelt, Maryland the entire walls and all the wood work for the judges bench and witness stand appears to all be huge feather crotch walnut. It looks good and it looks real, but there is no possible way they have all that huge feather crotch or flame pattern walnut. I know our federa...

06-18-2017 10:50 PM

Best filler/sealer for open grain wood????? - 6 replies

This has no doubt been covered before, but there might be a newer, better product out there. I have a bunch of royal paulownia wood that I intend to make a few things out of. I really like the grain and color of this wood and I do not intend to stain it. I would like to use some kind of filler sealer to help fill in the very porous grain of this...

03-17-2017 02:23 AM

Need a wood lathe, have a question?????? - 51 replies

I am soon going to be purchasing a wood lathe. I have a new Powermatic bandsaw and also drill press. I really like Powermatic tools. My question is {as if you folks couldn’t guess at this point} is the Powermatic lathe really worth the extra money? if so, why do you feel this way? It seems like I can buy a pretty decent lathe for $1000-$1...

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