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I went into work with my list of emanate scientists. Before I offered to hire them I thought I'd better check and see if I had the money to do it. Kate had provided me with a list of twenty banks that she said all had the same password - "theFuckcat$". I thought that was hilarious at the time, that Kate had me pegged. I checked each off-shore and foreign bank accounts and each had at least fifty million dollar balances. I called my head of HR into my office. Christine was a Harvard MBA graduate and keeping with my particulars was a knockout. Christine was well put together. She had long dark brown hair with caramel and red highlights. She had such a pretty face and vibrant personality men have had shouting matches over her in bars. Her shape was athletic as one of the perks working for me was a gym and spa paid membership. Her breasts were nice to look at maybe B-C cups that sat firm because of her workouts. She had long strong legs that started at her feet and ended in heaven. At company events and after-hour celebrations we had flirt but she never let me take her home, I was her boss after all. She came around and sat on the edge of my desk. She took in a deep breath and kinda shimmied and her eyes got a dreamy look to them. I've started to notice that my female employees all do that when they are in close proximity to me. Christine's skirt slipped apart showing me the lace tops of her thigh highs. She looked at her open skirt and gave me a bright smile and asked me, "What's Up?" I gave her the list and told her to contact each of the females on this list and offer them a salary they could not refuse. Tell them they could either move to corporate or stay where they lived or relocate to the city of their choice. But if off-site they would be expected to set up an independent lab but could only hire female assistants. I told Christine she had full authorization to run this hiring project and full discretion on salary and benefits. But the most important thing was if they were to be off-site they had to be hired by one of these corporations and I gave her the list. I asked her to check back with me over the next weeks and let me know how things were going. "Oh and by the way if you pull this off there will be a six figure bonus for you and a paid month vacation to anywhere you want to go. If you need to hire an assistant get her in here quick and get the best so she hits the ground running. You know the type I want," I said. Christine smiled when I said that last part and moved slightly and I was looking up her skirt at baby blue panties - I can't help myself! Christine took in a deep breath and hopped onto my lap legs outside my thighs and kissed me deeply. In a soft voice she told me, "I know the kind of woman you like to hire Michael. After all I am one of them. Your hire offer was outrageously generous. I almost didn't take the job because I thought foolishly I would have to put out for you. I could not have been more wrong in my thoughts. I now fucking love working for you Michael. And if I pull this off I'm gonna give you a reward for trusting me and challenging me to do my best!" Then she shocked me a little by taking my hand and cupping one of her breast. "That's just a hint of your reward," she smiled and kissed me again. My hand on its own wound up on Christine's inner thigh and I let its warming feeling run up the nerves in her thigh and find their way to her vulva and make that wonderful whole area tingle. Her skirt slid fully open across her thighs and I got a front row seat to lacy baby blue panties. We sat there looking deeply at it each other wondering if this would go further. Using my thoughts and physical contact I pulled some moistness down into her panties and she took in a deep breath. I watched as the gusset darkened from her inner honey leaking out. Her eyes challenged me to touch her panties and massage her pussy. She took in a deep breath and closed her eyes but then stood breaking the spell. She looked around checking for Angie then lifted her skirt. She let me look at her baby blue panties for a while longer. The gusset was much darker from her dripping juices and I could just detect her female scent. She bit the hem of her skirt to keep it up then pushed her panties down her legs and slid them off her heels. Her vulva has decorated with short brunette down and a half moon on her mons. She had a blood red tattoo that looked like this, " )O( " in the center of her half moon pubic hair. "That's your other reward you're looking at Michael. Fuck the concerns of boss - employee relationship. And since the rumors in this company are usually true I won't be your first conquest. I thought I'd be fighting harassment charges when I saw the flock of female scientists and engineers you had already hired. But again I was so wrong to think that. The women in the lunchroom swoon with the thoughts of you taking them for your pleasure. There is not a one that would say no. Even more so since your accident and return from the hospital. I'll get back to you with progress." She picked up her panties then laughing held them to my nose then swished out of my office. Later at the end of the day an interoffice envelope was delivered by our pretty eighteen year old just out of high school female intern. She dressed to impress and stood next to my desk and waited. "Thank you sweetheart," I said smiling. "I've heard you're doing a wonderful job!" She smiled brightly and took in a deep breath and blushed deep red. I couldn't believe it but she curtsied. "It's my job to check your mail for any possible threats or problems. I did that Sir. Mine are the green ones," she said blushing again. She swished her short skirt when she turned and pulled up the back. She showed me her bare ass then almost skipped out of my office. I opened the interoffice envelope and turned it over and a pair of fragrant baby blue and green panties dropped into my palm. I took each to my chin and each had a distinct female scent. I breathed in deeply and ran my fingers over the soaked gussets. Two notes dropped out. "Here I don't need these pretty baby blue panties for the ride home. And besides they appear to be all wet for some reason," was written by Christine. "If you ever want what was behind these green panties it's all yours. I rubbed one out in the ladies room while wearing them. I think I got them all wet." It was signed, 'Mary Anne'. I think I better get my lawyer to draft up a 'Non Disclosure & Harassment Agreement' and have these female employees sign one before they drop their panties in my presence. I'm beginning to think the gift from my coma might be a curse. Oh well I'll just have to learn to live with it. Anyway back to the present. Angie stood in the doorway. "How was the weekend with your husband?" I asked. "I have a donut on my chair. I can barely sit down. He fucked me in both places down there over and over. I didn't know he had such wild ideas rolling around in his head. Once I told him I was his slut for the weekend as long as he came in my pussy all bets were off. So he should be happy when I tell him I'm pregnant in about two weeks. Thank you Michael. Now do you want to do any real business?" she said laughing. "Yes get my CFO on the phone and have her come to my office now." Louise showed up about ten minutes later and sat in the chair facing me. I watched as she took in a deep breath and blushed red down her cleavage. She reached up and fanned her blouse and another button popped open. Her skirt just happened to slide a little up and she left her upper thighs exposed. It seems all the women in my company on their own adopted a skirt and blouse with thigh high stockings as the dress code. They apparently don't mind flirting with me and don't mind me looking. But Louise being married with young kids I held in respect. She was a Wharton Business School graduate and was about to earn her large salary. "I want you to work closely with Christine on an aggressive hiring plan I've put in motion. All hiring expenses are to come out of these legal offshore accounts - relocation, salary, benefits and the cost for off-site labs. After all your financial work on this project there will be a seven figure bonus and a month paid vacation for you, your husband and your kids. I'll even cover the cost of an au pair to mind your girls so your husband and you can have some alone time," I laughed. "Ok Michael, consider it done. But my husband and I have separated over my wishes to have another child, several maybe. If he doesn't wanna go on the trip I'll take the kids and the au pair and go fucking relax. I'm already off birth control so when I get back we can discuss the rumor of another benefit you can provide," she said softly as she lowered her eyes blushing. I watched as the skirt slid fully back and her thighs opened. Yellow see through lace panties were now on display. I watched her mommy breasts rise and fall with her excitement. I heard she made use of the 'quiet room' so was still breastfeeding her girls. She followed my eyes from under her skirt to her breasts which rose and pushed out when she arched her back. I came around the desk with the list of banks and stood just outside her open thighs. Standing this close I could now smell her aroma. She took in another breath and her eyes closed. "I don't know if its proper protocol to say this Michael but you put out a scent that makes all the women that work here go weak knees. From the conversation in the breakroom all you have to do is give us a little push over your desk or conference room and we'll willingly wind up on our backs. Just saying so Boss!" and she laughed embarrassed. I held out a hand and helped Louise stand. I handed her the list of banks and told that I'm sure we could work something out. She came into my personal space and kissed me softly on my lips. She said she would have something special for me later today and kissed me softly again then a little stronger. When she turned I swatted her butt and told her to get to work. She yelped then laughed on the way out. After lunch I came back to a small glass of milk on ice and realized Louise had given me the outtake of her pumping today. I drank the mother's milk down and savored the sweet taste. The rest of that week I received my little present. Some days there were more some days less but each gift tasted sweet and I pondered the chance for some directly from the source. On Thursday Latisha was ready to show Fiona and myself the results of a test firing of one of the formula the feline ETs had provided. This time I took all precautions. The firing took place in a control lab so we could review the test results. We were in close quarters and both women were finding ways to rub up against me or lean in closely and I'd feel side boob against my arms. Finally Latisha set the computer sensors on and filled the fuel box with only a small amount of liquid. She was so excited she yelled "Fire in the hold." NASA uses 'fire in the hole' when talking about igniting multi-stage rockets so we were in good company. The fuel was ignited and a safety glass shaking explosion occurred. Latisha was jumping with excitement. Sorry I did watch her breast bobble up and down. The computer spit out the results. The thrust-to-weight ratio numbers were staggeringly high and extremely efficient! I whooped and hollered and threw the printout up in the air. I crushed Latisha against me in a bear hug and losing control caused my feeling to pour into her giving her a mini climax. I turned to Fiona and did exactly the same. I was so excited over the results and potential for this formula. I pulled Latisha in for a big mouth to mouth kiss, another hug and I'm sorry to say another stronger climax. When I let go she had to sit down and try to compose herself. I picked up the printout and looked over the various analyses and got even more excited. This formula had the potential to revolutionize space travel and the ability to build a huge space station. The thrust-to-Earth-weight ratio of a rocket or rocket-propelled vehicle would now be hugely cost effective and my company would dominate that market. I calmed enough to tell Latisha to work with our patent attorney and get herself registered on the patent. She was to be identified as the inventor and my Company will be the applicant. I want it to state that all continuing applications stemming from the original will also belong to the Corporation. "However I will have my lawyer assign you and Fiona with a direct one percent and all the employees a two percent profit share on all net revenues generated from the sale of this fuel formula. You're gonna be independently wealthy Latisha as long as you stay with my Company until you retire," I said laughing and kissed her again. I went back to my office happy like a young boy at Christmas morning. Angie asked, "What the hell are you so happy about? Just win the Lottery?" she laughed. I motioned her to come in and close the door. I put my hand on her belly and told her, "If we can successfully mass produce a fuel formula we just tested, this child will have a bright future and a guaranteed place to work and its mother will be set for life!" I then pulled her in tight and kissed her long and hard. "Now go back to work!" I said and spanked her ass. She yelped and kissed me back. At the end of the day I got a phone call from the lab and Fiona asked if I could come to the test lab after everyone went home. She said she and Latisha had something very important to show me. So after everyone left for the day I made my way down to the lab. The windows had the blinds drawn so I entered the lab not knowing what to expect. Fiona and Latisha had their lab coats on and directed me to sit in the lab chair. When I did I asked them what it was they wanted to show me. They looked at each other and dropped their lab coat and they were naked as the day they were born. I already knew what Fiona looked and felt like so I shifted my focus onto Latisha. Her body was a beautiful chocolate brown. She was a perfect hour glass shape starting with firm large breasts. Her large aureoles were dark chocolate and took up most of the swell of her breasts. Her nipples were dark almost black. They were swelled with her excitement and were the size of a finger tip. I watched her breasts rise and fall as she knew I was taking in their beauty. She shifted her thighs open and drew my attention to her mons. She had dark kinky hair covering her mons and her labia were shaved bare. She had smooth labia and a narrow cleft between her pussy lips. But shockingly at the apex of her pussy lips a thumb sized clitoris poked its way out. All I could think was to suck on her walnut and make her cum all over my face. "Latisha, you're gorgeous, you're so beautiful. I feel unworthy," I whispered. A huge smile spread across her face as she moved towards me. She made me stand then dropped to her knees and unzipped and removed my pants and boxers. My long thick cock pointed at her chin. Her lips formed an "O" and captured my cockhead. She slowly slid her lips down my cock letting it slide across her warm wet tongue. She kept moving forward and soon her nose touched my groin. My cock is almost eight inches, groin to mushroom tip and thick around but she took it all. I felt my cockhead get squeezed as it entered her throat and Latisha held it in deep until she had to breathe. She pulled back just a bit, took a deep breath then slid my cock back into her throat. Her pink tongue slipped out and licked my balls driving up my excitement. Latisha then started the softest, warmest, tightest blow job on my cock I have ever received. Her dark eyes looked directly up at me as my white cock slid in and out of her chocolate oven. From time to time she would pull back and lick my balls with her long pink tongue. She pushed my cock against my shirt and her tongue went under my balls and licked my taint and anus. Damn this woman could suck cock! She captured my cockhead and circled my helmet with her wet tongue teasing my sensitive knot under the head. My legs started to tremble so she slid off my cock and pushed me to sit. Latisha pushed my thighs open and knelt in between and took my cock deep into her mouth again. I could feel my balls getting tight and started moaning, "I'm gonna cum Latisha, I'm gonna cum!" She moved her tight wet lips to just my cockhead then put a hand on my cockshaft and began jerking off my cock. She moved her mouth just to the tip of my fat mushroom then to just behind the crown licking the male clit, the frenum, causing my excitement to build. Her hand on my cockshaft picked up speed as she sucked and licked my cockhead. She reached under my balls and rubbed across my anus. "Too much, too much Latisha, I'm cumming, I'm cumming," I moaned. Latisha didn't change her pleasuring my cock. She locked her lips around my cockhead and used her tongue to drive me over the edge. I grunted and pulse after pulse of hot cum shot out my cockhead. With each pulse Latisha would suck around my crown. I didn't count but it felt like my cock kept shooting globs of cum. My cock stopped pulsing as Latisha ran her wet tongue around my cockhead. She sucked my fat crown out from between her lips and sat back on her legs. While looking directly into my eyes she opened her mouth and showed me the white reservoir under her tongue holding all my white cum. She tipped her mouth down and some of my cum dribbled down onto her chocolate breasts. My cum drizzled across her full breasts some even finding their way to her fat nipples. She stood up and walked to Fiona and grabbing the back of her head kissed her hard. I watched as a light and dark tongue snowballed my cum back and forth. When the kissing stopped Latisha pulled Fiona's mouth down to the cum covered breasts. Fiona's tongue came out and proceeded to lick and suck my cum off Latisha's tits. Fiona spent some time sucking Latisha fat nipple but made sure all my white sauce was cleaned of those luscious dark tits. Latisha came back to me and removed my tie and shirt. I now sat naked in the test lab. "Latisha you didn't have to do that! You don't owe me thanks. I reward my scientist and engineers for their knowledge and skills and results. I don't expect something like this," I tried to defend myself. "Mr. Michael there is something about being close to you that makes us women wanna drop our panties. We all talk about you, how being close to you makes us wet and horny for your cock. In your excitement today in the lab you made both me and Fiona cum and soak our panties. I'm not doing this to thank you for your encouragement and generosity, I'm doing this so I'll enjoy getting fucked by you!" she said and moved onto my lap. My cock was still as hard and straight as the Washington Monument. Latisha rose up and pulled her pussy lips apart and her coral wet opening to her pussy captured my cockhead. Her hot pussy juice dripped down my cockhead coating the shaft in lubricating honey. My fat mushroom cockhead breached the vestibule of her vagina and was absorbed into a hot wet oven as Latisha slowly descended her pussy onto my cock. I felt my cockhead tap the end of her pussy but she shimmed her hips until she sat on my thighs.

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