LJ friends and gifts.

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Part 1: Andys fifty years birthday Praha goulash dish by MaFe. (From the Andy meets MaFe in Copenhagen blog)

04-15-2011 11:29 AM by mafe | 17 comments »

Andys fifty years birthday Praha goulash dish by MaFeFrom the Andy meets MaFe in Copenhagen blog Why:At the visit I had here in Copenhagen from our friend Andy, I made a Praha inspired goulash, and I could hear there were a wish for a recipe, since I made the goulash from my head and feelings, I can’t give you a copy of the recipe, but I have tried to write you a recipe from the memory.(If you think did he not write ragout in the last blog you are correct, and I was wrong, in Praha they call...

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Part 2: Sodabowski's revenge, a gift from a French LJ friend.

09-02-2011 03:27 PM by mafe | 42 comments »

Sodabowski’s revenge.A gift from a French LJ friend. A strange pack arrives with the postman…I didn’t order any keyboard…Was expecting a book…From UK… Ok it was not a book…What the ‘hack’ is this?Ahhh yes, it is Sodabowski’s revenge!!!Some time ago I gave our LJ buddy a challenge – I bought to him a old, really tired and rusty hand plane, because I knew he did not have one, the challenge was that he needed to fix it, and in this way become familiar with the plane, and how to...

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Part 3: Brit (Andy) meets MaFe (Mads) in Copenhagen

04-14-2011 10:03 AM by mafe | 27 comments »

Brit (Andy) meets MaFe (Mads) in Copenhagena LJ meeting in Copenhagen… Last night at the local station a little black Fiat Punto with plenty of recycle wood on the roof top came into the local station, the driver looked out the window in search of a man he had never meet. Out there in the street was a middle aged guy standing with his backpack and a smile. No doubt this was Andy, so I waved at him and in the car he went, hello, and as they say in England ‘nice to see you’...

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Part 4: LJ meeting in Luxemburg parc, Paris - Copenhagen.

01-16-2011 07:53 PM by mafe | 23 comments »

LJ meeting in Luxemburg parc, Paris – Copenhagen.The great Sodabowski meets MaFe the vintage architect Yes it sounds like a funny movie, but at the end of the day, it was a warm meeting amongst two fellow Lumber Jocks. I travel to Paris app. once a month to spend time with my fiancée Caroline, and it showed out Sodabowski lives just around the corner from Caroline there…So after Sodabowski and I have had some conversations on Lj, we agree that it would be fine to meet and sa...

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Part 5: A pack arrived from Canada - Thank you shipwright.

07-26-2012 10:42 AM by mafe | 16 comments »

A pack arrived from CanadaThank you shipwright. Sometimes life smiles at us in ways we would never imagine.Today was one of those days. Some time ago our friend Paul ‘shipwright’ was showing some old prototype models from his shipwright work, one of these was a wonderful shaft holder made of mahogany and I fell in love with it and told Paul. Paul is a man of action, so he offered me this model.After much writing, Paul scratching his head for shipping, making it less heavy...

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Part 6: Soviet USSR equal Stanley #5 1/2 gift from Ukranian LJ George

08-16-2012 08:19 PM by mafe | 29 comments »

Soviet USSR equal Stanley #5 1/2 gift from Ukrainian LJ GeorgeThank you George. Soviet equal Stanley #5 1/2 as it arrived in the box. I said it before – if we knew how amazing life can be we would not believe it!.This story is just one more prove that kindness really exists and that life can take magic turns. Old times:My grandfather Ole (photo) was a naval military man, high range, working in Washington for five years as a military attaché for the Danish government, but ev...

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Part 7: DK David visit my new work shop.

01-17-2013 09:38 PM by mafe | 30 comments »

I have to share this with you all! The other day I had a visitor in my new workshop, a special guy that contacted me here on LJ and it show out that he is living just around the corner here in Copenhagen.His name is David and his profile here is PaulsenbyHand I have asked him to post some of his wonderful projects soon and will try push him to do so (do you hear me David). So my life has been quite chaotic lately, but we managed to find room for a beer here and to look at and touch some...

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Part 8: The postwoman came to my workshop... with a pack from a dear friend.

05-22-2013 12:12 PM by mafe | 29 comments »

The postwoman came to my workshop…with a pack from a dear friend. I was in the workshop, looking out on the wonderful weather. When the postwoman knocked on the door… (Here a Danish postman). Normally I never get any post there, so I was a little surprised, especially when she stood there with a big brown pack in her arms.She asked me if I was me, and last time I looked in the mirror I was, so I answered yes.Then she handled me that pack and wished me a good day a...

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Part 9: The budstikke arrived today, a LJ gift again today! Life is so much better than fairytales.

05-23-2013 01:29 PM by mafe | 17 comments »

The budstikke arrived with a LJ gift again today! Life is so much better than fairytales. I have been walking around with a smile on my lips since the post arrived at the workshop with a gift from my friend Jim in the US – thinking ‘life is a little miracle’. Guess what! Today I picked up a pack from the post office…I was expecting some cables from China for my tablet, so just the usual routine.But – the pack was from Norway and not only from Norway, but...

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Part 10: Mads meets Madts - LJ visit from Texas.

07-18-2013 10:46 PM by mafe | 33 comments »

Mads meets Madts – visit from Texas. And a really nice ash… Sometimes life for me is such a wonder.Like it never stops surprising me.Amaze me.I think I must have tried it all, seen it all – been there, did that.But.Then it tricks me.In the most wonderful way.Again! Yes today was one of those days. Our LJ friend Madts, had written me that he was coming to Denmark, in fact he has Danish roots and was here to visit Family.Yes and then me – Madts meets Mads. ;-) ...

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Part 11: A trip to Scotland, MaFe meets Jamie - visiting my friend Jamie Speirs.

09-07-2013 03:41 PM by mafe | 29 comments »

A trip to Scotland, MaFe meets JamieVisiting my friend Jamie Speirs. This is a short picture story of a wonderful travel I just ended last week.First a visit to Ireland and then Scotland.The blog will be followed up by blogs about projects I did as I was in Scotland. My sister is married to an American General Consul and they are stationed in Belfast, so when I decided to go and visit her, I contacted our LJ buddy Jamie and asked him what he thought about me coming for a visit on my way...

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Part 12: Spiers of Ayr infill smoother - restore

09-07-2013 09:43 PM by mafe | 15 comments »

Spiers of Ayr infill smoother – restoreA gift from my friend Jamie Speirs. So back again!I know I have not been so much around for a while, first I was sick for some months and then a long summer of travelling, in Denmark Jutland Thy, then Croatia, back to Denmark Sjælland Odden, kayaking and then finally Ireland and then Scotland to visit my friend Jamie. Then home to pack down the shop, that will be closed for house renovation until the new year (shit happens), so I will be without...

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Part 13: Jamies tool cabinet - a happy monkey in Jamies work shop

09-08-2013 09:04 PM by mafe | 23 comments »

Jamies tool cabineta happy monkey in Jamies work shop. As some of you read I spend ten wonderful days in Scotland.Ten days that filled my heart, opened my mind and gave me a deep inner peace.Yes I was with Buddhists, but no, I was not sitting on top of a mountain in Lotus.I was with the most wonderful people, especially Jamie and Shirley who had opened their doors for me.I was meditating and even listening to Zen sounds and smell of heaven.The meditation was done in the morning after break...

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Part 14: Bungee lathe spinning in Scotland - visiting Ronnie

09-15-2013 09:29 PM by mafe | 16 comments »

Visiting RonnieBungee lathe spinning in Scotland While I was visiting our LJ friend Jamie in Scotland, I had the luck to be invited to his friend Ronnie’s house.More exactly his wonderful little garden behind the house. This is the view from Ron’s house, beautiful surroundings in Scotland. Trust me, the grass really is greener there! Here we are Ron’s bungee lathe, in the little garden behind his house.How cool is that!Ronnie has a wonderful relaxed approach, KISS princi...

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Part 15: Look what the postman brought - a gift from my friend Jamie in Scotland

12-10-2013 12:25 AM by mafe | 15 comments »

Look what the postman broughta gift from my friend Jamie in Scotland Some people have all the luck!Or at least it feels like this.When I was in Scotland visiting my friend Jamie, I saw a new tool he had bought and thought it looked so cool.Look what then arrived with the post: Like Christmas, a pack from Scotland! And look what was inside; a spoon plane (pull shave) like the one Jamie have. Beautiful tool and a nice fit in the hand. Mr. sharpening of course needed to do a littl...

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Part 16: Smoking hot present from my buddy Brad - US, UK, DK...

12-17-2013 05:37 PM by mafe | 15 comments »

Smoking hot present from my buddy Brad US, UK, DK… This one I have been waiting for a wile to post.This because Brad should have the time to post his own story about his meeting with Andy first… You will soon understand. Some of you have seen this picture before.It was the day I got a present from Jamie.The same day another pack arrived, that I have kept secret. In this pack inside a foam pad a beautiful little wood tool was meeting me. Notice the difference to this pi...

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Part 17: Visit in the shop from Italy - Actually also France and Denmark...

05-11-2014 12:28 AM by mafe | 17 comments »

Visit in the shop from Italy.Actually also France and Denmark…These days I have been a busy bee, life as such keeps me running and I had only little time to drop by LJ, so not to many comments from me those months. First things first. During the winter I had visits from two of my LJ friends, Ty kaerlighedsbamsen and David PaulsenbyHand .They have both visited my shop more than once and even once together, but I forgot to take photos, sorry guys.I also had the chance to visit Ty...

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Part 18: Visiting Jamie in Scotland again.

07-15-2014 01:16 PM by mafe | 19 comments »

Visiting Jamie in Scotland again.and loving it. Rumors say that a Dane has landed in Scotland, I think I heard it was; ‘the happy man with the white hat sleeping in the trees’, who ever that strange guy must be…The other day I did see a shadow, that could remind a wee bit of that here in Scotland. Do not believe all the rumors though, as you can see here, he travels light…What can I say – two hammocks, two sleeping bags, clothes, tools, a life vest and a ka...

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Part 19: Visiting my friend Jamie in Scotland - the show must go on.

07-20-2014 06:19 PM by mafe | 14 comments »

Visiting my friend Jamie in Scotlandthe show must go on Days are flying on wings of joy here.Tomorrow morning I am going back to Copenhagen, feel a wee bit sad, but also full of wonderful moments and a warm heart – looking forward to come home for three weeks of vacation with my sweet daughter Mathilde. Nights have been bright and beautiful here. Days in the workshop with Jamie and all the guys have brought many smiles and I have made a couple of meditation stools. Here the pro...

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Part 20: French hand plane review Darex 303 (the long waited review).

07-20-2014 07:26 PM by mafe | 12 comments »

French hand plane review Darex 303the long waited review…Mads has left his laptop sitting, Silly boy,J S I wonder if he will re read it LOL By the authors of unpopular wood wrecking magazine:Jamie the Scotsman & MaFe the Dane.Brothers with different mothers (and fathers). You know what they say about the French?We don’t…JS yes but Mads you Danes have not forgiven Napoleon This blog is in no way a nationalist attempt of promoting France, the authors have no intentio...

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Part 21: Jamies two face knife ;-)

08-20-2014 01:16 PM by mafe | 14 comments »

Jamies two face knifeperhaps the brother knife… Hi LJ’s, I have been offline for a while, had a wonderful summer, but ran out of energy at the end.As some of you know I have chronically pains and this combined with too much happening, kind of got me at the end (two sides).So I have been comfortably numb for a while (pale face)...Now I try to take little steps and let life run in the veins again and what is better than to share a little on LJ. As many of you know I visited my...

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Part 22: A dove has arrived - acually it was here but I just did not know...

11-05-2014 07:43 PM by mafe | 16 comments »

A dove has arrivedacually it was here but I just did not know… - and doves have tails… Outside my shop I have a bench and this little lantern.Why do I tell that?Because a while back I was supposed to meet up with LJ Nisker, but I was sick so I had to cancel.Nisker is also a Dane but live not so close, so when he was in Copenhagen he passed the shop and left me a little something under the lantern, he wrote me a message that I don’t remember getting, so I never discover...

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Part 23: Hurraaaaa for me... 5 years and 10.000 posts - thank you all.

03-26-2015 12:42 AM by mafe | 29 comments »

Hurraaaaa for me… 5 years and 10.000 poststhank you all. Before I get started I will post a couple of visits in the shop, this because my journey in woodworking stated out with me as a retired architect, looking for a hobby, trying to put life into an old dream of making furniture, ending up becoming a adventure of learning, meeting new people, online and in life, finding out that noting can’t be done, but the to do list grows the more we learn and do.But yes at the end what I...

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Part 24: Visit in the shop from Jutland in Denmark - Nisker came by with a couple of good beers.

04-02-2015 09:27 PM by mafe | 12 comments »

Visit in the shop from Jutland in Denmark.Nisker came by with a couple of good beers. First things first. The other day I had a visit from LJ Nisker .He was in town with the wife and kids, so in the evening when the kids were put to bed, he passed my shop with a couple of good beers, not a bad idea, thanks. ;-)Nice to meet face to face and to spend a couple of hours talking about …...................... wood’n tools, we are LJ nerds after all… Some of you might reme...

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Part 25: I will survive - a pack came from Australia…

05-26-2015 01:19 PM by mafe | 13 comments »

I will survivea pack came from Australia… Life moves in mysterious ways.Our LJ buddy Icemanhank Davids daughter was going to Denmark on business working with a Danish design company, so we agreed she would pass my shop for a quick hello since we have many interests in common.Life never acts just as planned and she never got the time to pass the shop, when she was here in Copenhagen… Never the less David had put present in her suitcase for me and this present then traveled ba...

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Part 26: Life seems to be sweet to me and luck shines.

06-03-2015 10:44 AM by mafe | 9 comments »

Live seems to be sweet to meand luck shines. Kind of like that postman, he always smiles at me, he always take a extra look if he have something for me and he always make me realize it’s a little big world.Yesterday he arrived again with a pack, I was expecting a hat from Germany, but this was not a hat box… View on YouTube This one is for all the post men and woman out there. Looked at the label and could see it was from my friend Madts, kind of fun to get a pack fo...

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Part 27: Japanese, Russian, Danish teapot lid, life is a miracle.

07-13-2015 08:52 PM by mafe | 19 comments »

Japanese, Russian, Danish teapot lidlife is a miracle Some time back I got a unexpected mail from Russia, a man wrote me that his wife’s teapot got a broken lid and that he would love if I could make her a new. I don’t know the man who wrote me, I don’t know his wife, I have never been to Russia, in fact my grandfather was a soldier, in command of a cold war base in Denmark, to keep us protected against the danger from Russia, during the cold war years. So yes nothi...

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Part 28: Memories of summer birthday and a few gifts that still make me smile

02-23-2016 06:25 PM by mafe | 11 comments »

Memories of summer birthdayand a few gifts that still make me smile This summer in the end of June I held my birthday at the workshop.As you can see I was spoiled by some of the guests. One of the guests were my friend Flemming, he is the reason I have a collection of pocket knifes now, yes it’s true he gave me so many during the last couple of years that I became a collector without even knowing it. ;-)This day was no different, Flemming brought several knifes and a bottle of Jac...

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Part 29: Visit by young cabinet maker apprentice

10-01-2016 03:05 PM by mafe | 11 comments »

Visit by young cabinet maker apprenticethe art of setting up and sharpening One of my neighbours here have a young friend who is a cabinet maker apprentice, he has once in a while looked by my shop here and since he was close to his final exam, he called me and asked if I would help him setting up and sharpening some old chisels, so he could go to his exam with a fully functioning set. He had collected some wonderful old E A Eskilstuna chisels, for some of you known as the shark / now Bach...

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Part 30: Thomas from Northern Zealand in Denmark came to visit my workshop

10-06-2016 10:49 PM by mafe | 10 comments »

Thomas from Northern Zealand in Denmark came to visit my workshop. wax and oak… Today I did not only go to the shop, I went there to meet up with a fellow wood nerd Thomas.Thomas wrote me last week and told me he have some trunks of wood that I was welcome to dive into, since he had seen I wrote somewhere that I did not have a wood supply here in the center of Copenhagen and he is living close in Northern Zealand.He had just joined LJ:’s ...

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Part 31: Pipes get new life, in memory of Madts' father

01-30-2017 12:39 AM by mafe | 17 comments »

Pipes get new lifein memory of Madts’ father I had the pleasure to meet up with our LJ friend Madts a few times when he visited Copenhagen, last time he was there the occasion was one of the tough facts of life, his father had left us and he came to say goodbye.Madts was so kind to think of me and one of the things he thought I should have was a handful of his fathers old pipes, pipe tools and some good tobacco. I am and was touched by this gesture, thanks Madts. The pipes were of...

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Part 32: MaFe goes to visit Thomas (iamtomkelvin)

05-04-2017 11:12 PM by mafe | 29 comments »

Shop visitMaFe meets Thomas (iamtomkelvin) I finally had the pleasure to go and visit our LJ friend iamtomkelvin Or as I call him Thomas. ;-)Thomas was so kind to offer me some wood for an anvil stand, after his visit in my shop, where he saw the one I had made from construction lumber and found it a wee flimsy after I got the new beautiful anvil. I had to agree! So we started out with cake and coffee, then a tour in his wonderful home, where the sweet dog followed us around, until it w...

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Part 33: Thomas (madts) dropped by the shop - again. ;-)

11-16-2017 04:45 PM by mafe | 12 comments »

Shop visitThomas (madts) dropped by the shop – again. ;-) Hi guys and girls.It’s been a while, but now I really had a few things I wanted to share with my LJ friends and this post is the first, so there are more to come! I have had the honour of having Thomas here before, for those who don’t know, Thomas lives in US and I live in Copenhagen (Denmark), so it is not ‘just’ dropping by.This time I was lucky that Thomas was in Denmark to visit his son who had h...

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Part 34: The postman left a note... - life is magic, or at least it feels like it!

11-18-2017 01:14 PM by mafe | 13 comments »

The postman left a note…life is magic, or at least it feels like it! Yep, another unexpected thing happening.Life is magic, or at least it feels like it! This is how the Copenhagen lakes look like, at this time of year, it’s winter now, had a cold summer, so everyone seems a wee low on energy at this time. So when I got a notice, that a pack arrived and I did not expect any… Well… I went fast to the post office, full of curiosity.Here I got this long slim pack...

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Part 35: A visit from Greek Yannis - and me trying to find his feet

02-24-2018 09:52 PM by mafe | 24 comments »

A visit from Greek Yannis.- and me trying to find his feet Magic is creatable! Today some one stood in front of the door of my workshop, looking in through the window; that some one was Yannis from Greece, he showed up out of the blue, just to say hello and so I invited him inside. We shared a good hour or so, had coffee, Crema di Limoncello and a wee cake. I don’t think I have to say; Yannis is a really nice guy, I could see that, when I was looking out the window. ...

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Part 36: Another trip to Scotland, brothers with different mothers

03-08-2018 11:15 AM by mafe | 14 comments »

Another trip to ScotlandBrothers with different mothers. Hi LJ’s, just realized I never shared my last travel to Scotland, with you all.As some of you know, Jamie and I are brothers with different mothers (and fathers), so yes to visit Jamie, his wife Shirley and all the wonderful people and friends, that lives in or visit the house, is me coming home – thank you. It was so wonderful, to come back to Jamies wonderful house in Scotland – home. Always a pleasure to ge...

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Part 37: A gift becomes a gift... Thanks Madts.

05-17-2019 03:08 PM by mafe | 3 comments »

A gift becomes a gift… Thanks Madts. Hi LJ’s, I will like to share a wee story with you. A Danish – American story you might say… A few years back, our LJ buddy Madts’ father sadly passed away of old age, so Madts had to go to Denmark to meet up with his family and sorting out his fathers things.He was so kind, to think of me and gave me some of his fathers smoking stuff, a bunch of pipes (I smoke some of them) and tobacco. We had a good time in my workshop...

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Part 38: Visit from wonderful friends - on their Europe tour

05-18-2019 12:18 PM by mafe | 6 comments »

Visit from wonderful friendson their Europe tour I never stop to be amazed, how many friendships that has come out of my almost ten years here on LJ. Here a little story, that bring back smiles and makes me wonder, why I did not post these pictures, but this summer I were busy beeing in love, so that was perhaps why… At the end, it’s just wonderful, because now I get the chance to live it again, smile from the wonderful memories and read Marcial’s blog about his tr...

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Part 39: Old Mora sloyd knife got a new life - a gift from a friend

05-19-2019 01:19 PM by mafe | 9 comments »

Old Mora knife got a new lifegift from a friend I have a really special friend here in Copenhagen, Flemming is his name, he is a painter and a collector of stuff, one of his many passions are knifes, he collects all kinds of knifes, but mostly pocket knifes and old knifes with a soul. Besides this and what is much more interesting, he carves artistic knife and tool handles, he have made hundreds over the years and once in a while he combines the two, giving an old knife one of his carvings...

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Part 40: Friendship and Knifes travelling the oceans - the SPRAD knifes

08-12-2019 09:27 AM by mafe | 27 comments »

Friendship and Knifes travelling the oceansthe SPRAD knifes Once upon a time there were a man called Dave in the wild wild West, he originally came all the way from Poland, Dave imported wonderful laminated carving knife blades from Sweden and Birch bark from Russia, that came over land and over oceans to his workshop in America, where he with his bare hands and teeth’s created two knifes (not sure if he used his teeth’s, but I liked the sound of it). Well once he was finished ...

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Part 41: Amazing wood carving

11-17-2020 11:39 PM by mafe | 7 comments »

Amazing wood carvinggift from a dear friend A gift that needed a proper post, in my gift from friend blog series. (Don’t really know why I did not post it here in the first place). This summer my dear friend Andy (LJ Brit), were supposed to come and visit me in Copenhagen, we had a plan about spending time in my workshop and take a road trip to my allotment house also, but Covid-19 stopped our plans for now. I’m hoping the vaccines will soon make it possible to travel again,...

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